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About me:
Taken since [2/2/13<3] by Mistah Austen Parker :3. Omnomnom. My Name is Megan, Meezy, Emopants, whatever. I'm 22, 23 January 5th. I try to be as nice as possible, and I'm incredibly shy at first. So when people talk to me I'm either reserved or outgoing and silly x.x (although I'm pretty damn good at striking up conversation in person) ^///^. I like being who I am, quirks and all. It makes life interesting and not so monochromatic. Especially when my friends and acquaintances are just as eccentric. I'm ridiculously stubborn when it comes to who I am and what I choose to do (and not do) in life. I usually end up doing things on more complicated levels, so I might not make too much sense on occasion XD, but that's just one of my characteristics. I hold friends close, maybe even closer than family at times, and I'm never one to ignore a person in need. I've learned that sometimes all it takes is a listening passerby to make all the difference in the world for someone else.
Going to the airport in preparation for adventures :D! Pillow Fortresses/ Thrones, singing covers of songs, making artwork, evening beach hangouts with my crew :p, driving around aimlessly, Night time, cold weather,playing the guitar (rarely if at all lately) Hot Topic and Broadway At The Beach (Great memories, weirdest stories, best adventures). Hoodies,Cuddling, Classic Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network shows (Best part about being a 90s kid :D), Reading, MUSIC KEEPS ME SANE. Video games :3,Being front row and center at concert venues, photography when the mood strikes, Traveling, going out with my crowd, DDR[Heavy], Writing, Poetry, Drawing in ridiculous amounts xD, Gir, and Many more :3
Fav Music:
Anything that drowns out my heartbeat: DEFTONES<3, He Is Legend, Volumes, The Neighbourhood, Periphery, BMTH, Dance Gavin Dance, Purity Ring, Alt-J, Currents, Tetra Splendour, UnderOath, Closure in Moscow, Sleepwave, Must Be the Holy Ghost, Nosaj Thing, A Perfect Circle, Incubus, The Orwells, Idiot Pilot, Radiohead, Björk, How to Dress Well, Foo Fighters, Bonobo, Flying Lotus, In Flames, Gold Panda, Pinback, Arms&Legs, Grouplove, Shaolin Park, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus,Dead Confederate, Saosin, Silversun Pickups,XXYYXX,NIN,Toro Y Moi,Fleet Foxes,Yuck,DFA1979,Harvey Danger,Team Sleep, Animal Collective, Tool,Two Door Cinema Club,Best Coast,The Smiths,MSI, Andrew Bird, Crash Kings,Civil Twilight,Guidance Counselor,Neon Indian,Avey Tare, Neutral Milk Hotel,Shing02,Deltron 3030, Jamie's Elsewhere, Of Montreal, Panda Bear,Birds of Tokyo, Miss May I, Evans Blue,Silverchair,Alice in Chains, grunge,Toadies,Cracker,Pierce The Veil, Nirvana (not the cliches),People In Planes,Circa Survive,Plus 44, Yellowcard, Trophy Scars,Red Car Wire, Late Of The Pier, InnerPartySystem,Sky Eats Airplane,Times New Viking,The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, The Maine, Lydia,The Verve, Attack! Attack!, Apocalyptica, Black Tide,The Beverly Secret,Evita,Taking Back Sunday,Elysia,Trivium, The Classic Crime, MeWithoutYou,Ill Castle,A Day To Remember, Protest the Hero, Chiodos, Kill Hannah,Rammstein,From Autumn To Ashes, Shiny Toy Guns,Hawthorne Heights,A Skylit Drive,Bless The Fall,Alexisonfire, Scatric,August Burns Red,From First To Last (the old days), Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Dishwalla,Everclear,Dinosaur Jr.,Wallflowers,Cursive,Sonny Moore,Driver Side Impact, The Klaxons, The Strokes,Louis the XlV,Sunday Night Scene,The White Stripes...Screamo,Alt,Punk,Indie, hardcore, most things from APMag,..Heavy, eclectic mixes, deep bass, etc.
Fav Movies:
[Anime: Samurai Champloo, Cowboy Bebop, Paranoia Agent, Cromartie High School] Tekkonkinkreet, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Scenes From the Suburbs, Cool World, Some Guy Who Kills People, Dead Snow, Little Nicky, Velvet Goldmine, Requiem for a Dream, Crime and Punishment in Suburbia, Se7en, La Cage aux Folles, Life is Hot in Cracktown, The Fox and the Hound, Explicit Ills, American History-X (CurbStomp!), Lost Highway, Silence of the Lambs, Shaun of the Dead, Pulp Fiction, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Acolytes,Dark House, (I love Horror :D) Waking life, Fight Club, Repo! The Genetic Opera, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Delirious, Seven Pounds, Persepolis, Escaflowne, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (My favorite kid's book c:),The Shining, American Beauty, Girl Interrupted, Dante's Inferno, Fast Food Nation, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Benny and Joon, Tropic Thunder, Angel-A, Across The Universe, Don't Throw Momma From The Train, Little Miss Sunshine, The Royal Tenenbaums,Running With Scissors, Chocolat,The Fountain, Appleseed,The Professional ^_^, anything horror..Nightmare Before Christmas, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Mirrors, Fear.com, Love and Other Disasters, Wall-e, Ratatouille<3..Donnie Darko...Queen Of The Damned<33..Silent Hill..almost whatever my friends watch..Depends on who's with me :p
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Posted on: May 28, 2016, at 05:41:34pm   [1 comment]

I've officially been on FFR for ten years :). So much has changed since those first days.

Posted on: May 6, 2016, at 10:52:29pm   [0 comments]

-I've almost been on here for a decade
-I got into grad school and start in the Fall
-Yesterday was my official end to undergraduate classes
-Graduation is tomorrow! .____.

Almost halfway done with college :D


Posted on: May 29, 2015, at 05:08:30pm   [3 comments]
I can't believe I started FFR nine years ago today.

Things have changed so much, but it's amazing to see how far this site has come. I can't even put in to words the influence this place has had on my life. I can only thank the creators for such an experience.

Cheers to a decade ^___^.


Posted on: September 29, 2014, at 07:51:08pm   [0 comments]

You're breathing life into brown paper bags.
You sat one down, so I took a drag;
I can feel you in my lungs, think my heart might jump the gun.

<3 One of my favorite songs ever
Posted on: September 25, 2014, at 09:07:20pm   [0 comments]

Comment wall
sweet2kill210 writes...
at 11:47:50pm on 12/9/15
Niiiice, what a long list of artists I'll have to check out. I see we like a lot of the same music (including some of the lesser known bands). ^-^
RosyDimples writes...
at 10:48:55am on 9/30/15
It's all good! Hopefully I can get it fixed soon! If not, oh well ;w;
GIRLLL college be stressful. it's fun until you see that tuition and loan statement Cx xD
I'M PROUD OF YOU! I'll be celebrating in May for you!!! :") Enjoy your last few moments there while you can! ♥
RosyDimples writes...
at 1:23:15am on 9/30/15
HAI BEST FRANNN it's mells! (mellybear!)
I had to get a new account- my old one is acting up Cx just wanted to let you know :DD
Im_Broken writes...
at 10:11:55pm on 8/10/15
it hasn't changed too much from when i left o.o subtle things here and there but nothing major anyway HIIIIIIIIIIIIII :D
austen parker writes...
at 4:37:52pm on 1/14/15
im onlineon Skype
austen parker writes...
at 4:30:43pm on 1/14/15
my phone got shut off again
I am trying to get on Skype but I don't know my username, or password XD
helpppppppp meeeeeee
Cholleypocket writes...
at 12:11:53am on 11/8/14
holy shit, someone else that likes melanie martinez. loved that hoe ever since i saw her on the voice
Iglly writes...
at 8:12:55pm on 11/4/14
Busted my phone D':
mellybear! writes...
at 11:14:15pm on 10/23/14
hope you're doing well.
zelle_ writes...
at 1:34:21pm on 10/7/14
Of course ! & I'll text you my new number, I believe I still have your number on my old phone.
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