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About me:
Hi, name is AJ. I'm 23 years old, an avid keysmasher, and really easy to get along with as long as you're nice to me.
ITG/PIU/Pop'n/DDR/IIDX/[insert rhythm game here]. I love getting to know people who share the same interests with me as well. Other things: I occasionally create music, play poker, and like to watch YouTube Poops because I like avant-garde art. :p
Fav Music:
I'm into techno and trance, but I like taking a step away from that and listening to rock music as well. I don't pay attention to specific bands, I just like the sounds that come out.
Fav Movies:
I'm not a big movie person to be honest. I'm not going to put a movie that I somewhat liked only for you to think that it was a stupid movie. ;)
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TC_Halogen's Music on FFR
Song NamesSong StyleDate
Faint BreathTrance19-05-12
CutthroatDrum'n Bass07-03-13
TC_Halogen's Stepped Songs
Song NamesSong StyleDate
CoactiveBreak Trance26-01-07
Toxiferous DystopiaDark Breakbeats18-12-08
TageriSiberian Breakbeats29-11-09
DownDrum'n Bass Screamo22-12-10
The Crow's NewspaperProgressive Rock12-05-11
Beware the Purple WaterGame Remix20-10-11
Mermaid IslandLatin Samba20-12-11
Scrap SyndromeTechstep03-01-12
Big DogIndie Dance26-01-12
Faint BreathTrance19-05-12
Still Blastin [Heavy]Chiptune Breakbeats29-10-12
Undiscovered ColorsAmbient IDM05-02-13
Into Your Eyes (Boyinaband Remix)Drumstep19-02-13
Fractured SunshineBroken Tek28-02-13
Move It Groove It [Heavy]Hip Hop28-02-13
Unconnected.Touhou Breakcore14-03-13
Fast Rap BattleFreestyle Rap13-07-13
Clouds from the EastElectronica24-10-13
to luv me i *** for u (Reprise)Terrorcore21-11-13
Sonic the Hedgehog (Dubstep)Dubstep Rap28-11-13
Bits and Bytes (Original Mix)Techno05-12-13
Queen of BootlegsSpeedcore26-08-14
Rainbow Road [nanobii]Happy Hardcore01-10-14
PolargeistDrum'n Bass01-10-14
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Epicman9001 writes at 3:25:56pm on 10/23/14
round 4 2 difficult 4 me
Zageron writes at 1:05:58pm on 10/23/14
Eranegera writes at 1:05:45pm on 10/23/14
so fast
xAlphaWolf writes at 12:54:38pm on 10/22/14
sry bad english
xAlphaWolf writes at 12:49:25pm on 10/22/14
I didnt known my post would be so.... bleh.. anyways i posted it initially as a joke(see first post), but some DS friends agreed with me, but as everyone said you dont need to do it if you dont want to.... if we want to understand previews we can simply alt+down
Sorry for stressing you if i did. I like the previws a lot!
klimtkiller writes at 8:31:49am on 10/20/14
R3 replays aren't loading
CDCan writes at 9:38:30pm on 10/19/14
Tim Allen writes at 10:50:51am on 10/18/14
thanks ;)
klimtkiller writes at 9:20:46am on 10/18/14
thanks for correcting my unrecorded scores :)
SuperNOVA Gian writes at 8:47:04am on 10/17/14
Thanks!, I already uploaded the 11g run to the unrecorded scores form but I think its still waiting for approval, thanks again :)