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Just a guy who likes to smash some arrows to some music. I've loved playing rhythm games for a large portion of my life, playing off and on for ages now. Trying to get back into FFR a bit, but my main game currently is Etterna (same kind of game).
Rhythm games such as FFR and StepMania, Computers and hardware, playing my keyboard, and the occasional Dreamcast or N64 game with my little brother.
Fav Music:
I enjoy most genres, and my favorite music is a bit scattered across the spectrum. I would have to say overall though, my favorite bands are Trivium, Incubus, and Protest the Hero.
Fav Movies:
Man On Fire, Enthiran, Birdemic (it's hilarious), Django Unchained, and Cabin in the Woods.
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There we go, it took some time, but I've put together a more proper profile! My last iteration was far too ridden with memes and other people's images in general. This time around I drew up everything from shapes and pen tooling! Hopefully it looks pleasing to you as well!
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TheSaxRunner05 writes at 11:29:03pm on 6/15/19
Just wanted to say I was bringing the TCG back if you're interested
gold stinger writes at 3:49:02am on 10/15/18
hey my dude congrats on 1700 AAA's
DDRNSTPMGMX writes at 12:54:37am on 8/4/18
im better at being worse than you xd
xXOpkillerXx writes at 3:47:26pm on 7/1/18
Nicely passive agressive, I like that lmao
m3t4kn1ght writes at 8:17:22pm on 3/16/18
Haha I remember your old banner, you gave out creds then aswell. This one is just as brilliant mate, love it.
Sanjixcon writes at 1:00:54am on 3/9/18
home run derby monstsa
AutotelicBrown writes at 10:45:23pm on 3/8/18
Nice derby unlock!
Hakulyte writes at 8:02:32pm on 3/8/18
gratz on derby! :)
drizzleRomanceGirl writes at 1:43:14am on 3/3/18
i love your avatar :D
FirstMaple8 writes at 6:43:19pm on 2/15/18
wish i could have stopped by ur stream, my internet isn't fast enough for twitch