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I'm 20, updating my age before the year starts this time around. I am a human person who lives life even though it sucks sometimes. I post on internet websites because I can act even stupider than I do in real life.
Sleeping, breathing, existing, being, raving, striving for positivity
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Foodfight! and Happiness
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Posted on: November 11, 2016, at 03:18:32pm   [0 comments]
i am tree enough to remember this and im bored

i played etude for a dragon on index and failed at the jumpstream
then i played some 10, dot death i think? and passed with a full combo then i played etude for a dragon again and failed at the jumpstream

trump needs to climb the highest mountain on each continent
Posted on: May 26, 2016, at 08:16:24pm   [3 comments]
I have officially spent approximately half my life on this website.

I'm graduating high school now.

Posted on: October 8, 2014, at 10:02:18pm   [0 comments]
this is my 5th tournament

round 1 - who gives a fuck about song names (5-0-0-0)

first round stupid easy to pass through cause most of yall bitches dont even effort nowamean?

round 2 - a yodeler in texas (1-0-0-0)

again wheres your effort man also this song is gorgeous and sexy

round 3 - rolljackroll (3-0-0-0)

dude i fucking love rolls fun file

round 4 - something (0-0-0-0)

ugh why

round 5 tiebreaker - horribly stupid dubstepcore (3-0-0-0)

bad song good file

round 5 - not stupid song (3-0-0-0)

oh the drain

round 6 - pianostream (2-0-0-0)

fuck you cornman

round 7 - hey my name is nathan too (2-0-0-0)

this song is a joke compared to past round 7 tourneys im glad i dont have to pandora v2

round 8 - good file (not done yet)

i must study polymorphism and inheritance
Posted on: November 17, 2013, at 10:09:52pm   [1 comment]
I had an epic dream last night

and I woke up and thought "Goddamn this is some life-changing shit"

Then my memory of the dream started to fade away so I was like "fuck, I gotta write this down"

Then, my mom called me down for breakfast

After breakfast, I wrote down what I remembered until I got interrupted by a text by my boss then did my history homework and now I have no recollection of the dream so I guess it wasn't life-changing in the end.
Posted on: October 24, 2013, at 12:34:37am   [2 comments]
The people I beat in D3 two years ago are all now D6.

I can't even AAA 10s anymore and I haven't been placed what is life.

1st song: Some techno song

I passed bitch blackflag or something

2nd song: another paraoka-puzzle-whatever song

2 goods, this song suck dicks

3rd song: some fake seashanty orchestra bull

this reminds me too much of solros fuck this song

4th song: dumbass song title

this song is like colorgay course easy up until those last 100 colorfucked notes

fuck this

5th song: lounge music

hurrhurr orange notes and framers

not a 78, now a 76, still kinda easy compared to Mermaid Island/Kono Spoon/Silly Symphony

tiebreaker: yoshl

i already have vrofl and i know im gonna lose so fuck this song
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Aquellex writes at 1:42:41am on 7/29/18
is it bad that I think INAFBTKLI is a better album than ITAOTS
Aquellex writes at 11:17:31am on 6/27/18
I'm not a fan, but the kids like it!
mrpreggers writes at 8:38:49pm on 1/13/18
hell yeah
TheSaxRunner05 writes at 11:12:09pm on 6/26/17
Funny thing is, I found the site in 05, but couldn't make an account until a year later. The name still didn't derive from that though - 2005 was the year I started running.
MixMasterLar writes at 8:08:57pm on 5/2/17
Glad you liked it! I actually was just thinking about that CD the other day XD
Nothing comes to mind offhand as far as follow up recommendations. I've been going back to the Garbage albums though (Garbage, Beautiful Garbage, Garbage 2.0) and that's like my current thing. 2.0 has some good stuff and Parade from Beautiful is lowkey one of my favorite songs.
You can always try Sleeping with Ghost by Placebo for something that' a little closer to feel to Sneaker Pimps, though.
mrpreggers writes at 12:50:34pm on 3/3/17
nowhere near as bad as i expected i know i can bounce back in a few weeks if i choose to
i am a pretty boring person so i don't really do much online besides discord, reddit and youtube but feel free to recommend some communities you think i should be a part of or something
mrpreggers writes at 7:08:31am on 3/2/17
You better believe it, bucko.
Travis_Flesher writes at 8:01:12pm on 8/6/16
ight i was waiting on your response to begin. i'm eating some food right now and workin on some stuff but i'll give you a link shortly.
Travis_Flesher writes at 5:19:13pm on 8/6/16
u want that youtube song to be hard or easy
MikeShinoda12345 writes at 3:06:02pm on 8/1/16
yeah, on wednesday! wanna come?
Will be with mellonxcollie and her boyfriend