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Posted on: October 11, 2020, at 12:02:30am   [1 comment]
Gonna post noteskins I make here. First one was Tech and was mainly used as a test for the process. If someone wants the JSON for any of these, let me know. (I'll provide a pastebin link here if there's a request.) Otherwise feel free to use the noteskin sheet to set it up yourself.


Mario Mushroom (use 0 rotation):

Zelda Rupee (use 0 rotation):
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Rivaloo writes at 6:32:59am on 2/25/21
Nice tier 3, Jenny Wakeman is mad 2003 vibe for me
badman7772 writes at 6:40:03pm on 12/16/20
Dropping by to say good luck in top 3! Seems like you're flexing on em this round so far.
SubaruPoptart writes at 2:51:21pm on 11/9/20
AYYY gg on Division 6!!!
badman7772 writes at 12:27:45pm on 11/9/20
Welcome to low D6, aka FFRoids.
Lights writes at 12:57:14pm on 10/13/20
Bruhmomentos writes at 12:28:31pm on 9/19/20
so many AAA's, or am i just a dumb noob with bad acc?
Pizza69 writes at 1:39:22am on 9/14/20
that bloody tears blackflag for tourney is kinda nutty tbh, i struggled a lot trying to aaa that one, nice job and gl with the aaa~
Botnet writes at 1:37:01am on 9/14/20
Seoulslayer writes at 7:47:01am on 9/9/20
Nice public AAAs, definitely must be getting a lot harder that high up.
danredge writes at 1:16:38pm on 9/8/20
Thanks. Have a good Tournament to n_n