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Corgi-obsessed, Pikachu card collector (3rd largest unique Pikachu card collection in the world), Rocket League addict (low GC2), programmer, and long-time FFR resident. Now on FFR Event staff and making an attempt to pass my old FFR skill level. Have questions? Just ask!
FFR, Rocket League, music
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Current favorite bands are: MISSIO, Omri, Follies & Vices. So many good songs from so many artists.
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Posted on: February 13, 2022, at 07:55:57am   [1 comment]
I've recently rejoined FFR more actively than I've been in a long time - I've even joined the FFR Event staff team!

With this active rejoin I've decided to officially make the move to my 'justin' account from 'justin_ator'. I have a lot of rust to shake off, but I'll be playing again trying to get back to my previous skill level (and hopefully beyond).

Until the team (aka Velocity) can merge scores between my two accounts, I'm tracking the combined progress here below.


0800 AAA's (4/28/19)
0900 AAA's (7/17/21)
1000 AAA's (4/28/23 - 1065)
1100 AAA's
1200 AAA's
1300 AAA's
1400 AAA's
1500 AAA's

Non-Legacy Songs AAA Completion Difficulty: <= 30
Legacy Songs AAA Completion Difficulty: <= 13

Tier 2 (0500 Tier Points) (idk lol)
Tier 3 (0750 Tier Points) (7/10/20)
Tier 4 (1000 Tier Points)
Tier 5 (1250 Tier Points)
Tier 6 (1450 Tier Points)

1700 FC's (4/28/23 - 1752)
1800 FC's
1900 FC's
2000 FC's
2100 FC's

<400 Rank
<350 Rank
<300 Rank
<250 Rank
<200 Rank

<150 AvRank Rank (idk lol)
<125 AvRank Rank
<100 AvRank Rank
< 75 AvRank Rank

FFR's Spring Showdown Tournament - Division 4: 1st Place (4/28/23)
OT16 De-Rust-A-Thon Bingo: Full board minus one (6/16/23)
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