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Corgi-obsessed, Pikachu card collector (3rd largest unique Pikachu card collection in the world), Rocket League addict (low GC2), programmer, and long-time FFR resident. Now on FFR Event staff and making an attempt to pass my old FFR skill level. Have questions? Just ask!
FFR, Rocket League, music
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Current favorite bands are: MISSIO, Omri, Follies & Vices. So many good songs from so many artists.
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Posted on: February 13, 2022, at 07:55:57am   [1 comment]
I've recently rejoined FFR more actively than I've been in a long time - I've even joined the FFR Event staff team!

With this active rejoin I've decided to officially make the move to my 'justin' account from 'justin_ator'. I have a lot of rust to shake off, but I'll be playing again trying to get back to my previous skill level (and hopefully beyond).


0800 AAA's (4/28/19)
0900 AAA's (7/17/21)
1000 AAA's
1100 AAA's
1200 AAA's

Non-Legacy Songs AAA Completion Difficulty: <= 30
Legacy Songs AAA Completion Difficulty: <= 13

Tier 2 (0500 Tier Points) (idk lol)
Tier 3 (0750 Tier Points) (7/10/20)
Tier 4 (1000 Tier Points)
Tier 5 (1250 Tier Points)
Tier 6 (1450 Tier Points)

1400 FC's (9/1/19)
1500 FC's (7/15/21)
1600 FC's
1700 FC's
1800 FC's

<400 Rank
<350 Rank
<300 Rank
<250 Rank
<200 Rank

<150 AvRank Rank (idk lol)
<125 AvRank Rank
<100 AvRank Rank
< 75 AvRank Rank
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congrats on 20 years get
razzaarak writes at 6:51:29am on 10/29/22
hey I have tried downloading it and it is telling me tht the file is zipped. I do have an AsusVivobook and it is amazing laptop. Is there another way of me playing the game without adobe flash player?
euphoriakisses writes at 5:12:12pm on 9/12/22
Yessss I'm alive haha. Hope you've been doing well! <3
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