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Posted on: January 3, 2014, at 08:35:42pm   [0 comments]
Posted on: February 13, 2008, at 11:44:10am   [3 comments]
Framers suck, Glitch rules haha, Hi hi Colt ^_^
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123kappa3 writes at 12:42:08am on 7/24/21
If you are ever looking for someone to play league with my ign on NA is Mr Kapap. I just play arams atm.
Reach writes at 9:10:20am on 4/3/21
It has. Life is great, no complaints from me.
Hope you are doing well!
revolutionomega writes at 4:25:44pm on 3/29/21
Doing well yo! Came back a couple years ago and have been playing on and off between married life and work and whatnot. How about you?
Phynx writes at 11:00:48am on 3/28/21
Glad to see you're still around! Most of us old dogs are still around and it's pretty amazing to see how everyone has changed and matured. This community has aged well :)
WirryWoo writes at 1:56:18pm on 3/27/21
Welcome back!
choof writes at 12:20:24pm on 3/27/21
Hakulyte writes at 11:54:10am on 3/27/21
Oh, welcome back! \o Everything is alright here as usual.
The5thMoon writes at 6:23:57am on 4/22/16
Reach writes at 7:06:53am on 1/17/16
Oh yeah, big zelda fan. Looking forward to the TP rerelease on the wii-u and zeldau of course.
League is so time consuming, but fun. Don't have time to play it anymore with work, I play Dota2 every once in awhile.
I workout like 4-5 times a week now, fitness is definitely a big part of my life. Big contrast with before (lol). Join in the fitness forum sometime if you want to post about your progress.
Reach writes at 7:27:58am on 1/12/16
Hey. How you been? Yeah, it has been forever. lol