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Hi, my name is Max. If you have any questions about the site, feel free to leave a comment on my wall. I'll gladly get back to you as soon as possible!
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Posted on: October 18, 2019, at 07:57:22pm   [2 comments]


#1 - [18] [188] Radiation 239, 03/21
#2 - [18] [190] Trails of Cold Stream FC Pt.4, 06/21
#3 - [18] [190] Trails of Cold Stream FC Pt.2, 06/21

18s worth of difficulty

[16] [160] Eurobeat Is Fantasic Pt.2 (1.18x Rate @189 Fail), 04/21
[19] [190] Trails of Cold Stream FC Pt.1 (Fail), 05/21


None yet!


#119 / 363 - Stamina RPG 3, 2019
#89 / 554 - Stamina RPG 4, 2020
In progress - Stamina RPG 5, 2021

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rhimjob92 writes at 2:03:45pm on 6/16/21
How can I delete my account?
superguyoffa writes at 4:45:45pm on 5/2/21
I need help, I am unable to send replies or make any threads in the Forum at all. No Idea why.
Wartime writes at 5:19:34pm on 4/30/21
yeah i know its not really a problem more of a in the moment thing idk lol, he's 7 and just starting out and at most will only try it a few times anyway but he's trying to hit them xD also idk if its the same but playing a low dif with a bad score would mess some stats up, normally i didn't think to guest log him, or make a acc till he keeps playing, but Ok Thanks man.
Wartime writes at 1:54:25pm on 4/30/21
Hey can you tell velo or someone to bring back no fail in r3 air so my nephew can mess with some hard songs? its alright if not
FilthyWarumono writes at 3:57:12pm on 4/28/21
Hi, how do I delete my account?
M0nkeyz writes at 5:06:14pm on 4/18/21
Thanks! Some of Mekuso's songs are absolute gems. I was about to ask for permission a while back only to find out you had already gotten it. :o
DN_PoeTa writes at 11:36:41am on 4/15/21
k-popisthebest writes at 7:14:37am on 4/4/21
Hi. I would like to have my account deleted due to security reasons. What steps do I need to do to proceed with this?
FlynnMac writes at 11:13:04pm on 2/24/21
Thanks!! I can probably keep it up I just need a break after that lmfao
REDfloweyXz writes at 9:12:56am on 2/14/21
Hello! :)