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diddleysquin's Gameplay Stats Today
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Hey, I'm 26 and although my scores are appalling I've actually been playing pretty much every day of my 11-12 years here. I found this place after several Google searches for "DDR for your hands" and, after a little while playing SAGMD (and later the sequels) I ended up here; the rest is history.
I spend a lot of time on Twitch, streaming with soggyTissu3. I knit, I play rhythm games, I love delving into unfiction projects. I also really enjoy a good otome game...
Fav Music:
Varied and misc... I listen to a lot of YouTube artists, because I'm more likely to leave YouTube on in the background than the radio. I love visual K and follow artists such as The Gazette and Miura Ayme.
Fav Movies:
Lilo & Stitch, Mulan, Rocky Horror Picture Show. There's quite a few others I could do word for word and you I still don't think I'd consider them favourites, more like scraps left over from my childhood.
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My first AAA of OT14
Posted on: July 24, 2021, at 05:47:03am   [2 comments]
you'd have thought that after 554 attempts it would have been Asgore but no, after just 282 plays I finally AAA cleared Mercy. Finally feel like I'm waking up in the tournament. I might not be able to beat you Fireo but I'm sure as hell gonna chase you as hard as I can :) Good luck in the tournament everyone!

Comment wall
Fireo writes...
at 8:49:28pm on 7/27/21
Thanks for the luck. Ima definitely need it for this next round
T-Force writes...
at 8:56:07pm on 7/25/21
"after just 282 plays"
You utter madlad. Congratulations on the AAA!
Fireo writes...
at 6:46:24pm on 7/25/21
Congrats on that AAA
Fireo writes...
at 4:12:10pm on 7/7/21
Good Luck in the tourney! Its gonna be fun to go against you ^w^
Deathserpent2 writes...
at 5:29:28pm on 7/6/21
Good luck in the tourney! I got bumped up to D2 but thanks for the gl wish on the wal. :)
allen carrol writes...
at 11:46:45am on 7/6/21
Thanks, good luck to you too.
Frans813 writes...
at 11:56:27am on 7/5/21
Goodluck in the D1 Tournament ^_^
The_Popo writes...
at 10:13:35pm on 7/3/21
Thank you! Good luck to you as well!
Zeldagurlfan1 writes...
at 2:34:19pm on 7/2/21
Good Luck Have fun!!!!
D1 2021 Tourney Hype!!!!1
123kappa3 writes...
at 2:57:41pm on 6/4/21
Thanks :) gl in your game tomorrow
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