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kjw. 28. My official tournament profile badges all say "participant" but I came in 9th place during the 5th OT, you know!! 9th!!!
Rhythm gaming in general, translation/interpretation, mindless mobile gaming, behavioral economics, Discord chats, anime, pretending I can sing weeaboo music, making inside jokes and references, comedy that makes use of said jokes and references, tuna sashimi.
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I started Vocaloid phase part 2 electric boogaloo thanks to Project Sekai. Other than that, some artists I like are HoneyWorks, Chata, fhana, and Mafumafu. Tanaka Hidekazu is one genius of a composer.
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Inside Out
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Stark Raving Mad22-06-13
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Posted on: July 7, 2022, at 12:46:25pm   [1 comment]
I'm retired

Division: D7
Placement: 57/60

Round 1
D1/2: Space Doggity (AAA) | cutoff: (34.8)
D3: Decadence (1) | cutoff: N/A
D4: A Tiny Spaceship's Final Mission (AAA) | cutoff: (2)
D5: Walking the Streets of a Former Hell (6) | cutoff: (N/A)
D6: NOW'S YOUR CHANCE TO BE A [[BIG SHOT]] (gomotion RMX) (13.6) | cutoff: (29.8)
D7: The Lady is a Trump (85.2) | cutoff: (9.2)
D8: Excuse My Rudeness, but Could You Please RIP? (t+pazolite Remix) [Explicit] (DNP)

Thoughts: Everything about the D1/D2 song made me almost fall asleep -- the music, the guy's voice, the guitar solo, the chart, I'm sorry


Round 2
D1/2: Last Summer (AAA) | cutoff: (5)
D3: Dummy! (AAA) | cutoff: (268)
D4: One Big Beautiful Sound [Explicit] (1.2) | cutoff: (4)
D5: GLAZ (AAA) | cutoff: (36.2)
D6: Janus (15.8) | cutoff: (25)
D7: safe_state (DNP)
D8: UR+ MusicEater LV99 (DNP)

Thoughts: The D4 chart is probably what my anime song charts feel like to people who don't like anime songs
D5 file was fun, good use of hands and jacks where appropriate. So was D6 chart but that anchorjack section at around 1100 is so mean lol


Round 3
D1/2: Kadinchey (AAA) | cutoff: (18.4)
D3: Rumors Of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated (0.2) | cutoff: (1,257.6)
D4: Angel Wing (1.2) | cutoff: (17.6)
D5: The Friendly Wolf (Part 1) (7.2) | cutoff: (17)
D6: Micro Media Broth (21.4) | cutoff: (34.4)


Round 4
D1/2: Mario Overworld (Super Mario Remix) (AAA)
D3: NULCTRL (2.2)
D4: Shut Your Mouth (5)
D5: Evanescent (1.2)
D6: Sapling (93.4)

Thoughts: D2 song is the only chart I genuinely enjoyed, I'm getting too old for this game
Just because a sound is there doesn't mean you have to step it
Posted on: January 21, 2017, at 03:46:22am   [1 comment]
September 27: New Game! vol. 13
Posted on: February 22, 2015, at 03:13:23am   [7 comments]

人にやさしく (3727-87)
スパイスパラダイス (2200-10)
ステップ&スキップ (4501-72)
1000のバイオリン (3729-95)
ロキ (7642-60)
Knife (7618-21)
女の子になりたい (6223-91)

read Derestage story from episode 15 on


Note to self / osu!taiko dan course candidates
Posted on: September 17, 2014, at 01:23:39am   [3 comments]
Yeah! Mandom!
Posted on: December 31, 2013, at 09:06:53am   [64 comments]