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Posted on: June 21, 2023, at 04:51:38am   [1 comment]
It will be right when I get less busy with graduation and job interviews.

I'll be giving two 👍s and one 👑 per round, as usual.

==Round 1==

D7: The End of Dreams (Cut Ver.) (4-0-0-1)

Preview: that's a lot of notes

Play: The backload or stamina wasn't a big problem for me, but the mix of 12ths, 16ths, and 24ths made it hard to hit accurately. I think 4.2 would be fine for round 1 though.

D2 Pleiades East West Mass Rapid Transit Line (AAA)
D3 Claiomh Solais (AAA) Fun fact: this is not a BMS song
D4 Clocktown (AAA) 👍 New stepartist!
D5 introspect (AAA) 👍
D6 Necroxus (AAA)
D8 sub/zero (28-0-7-1) 👑

What a strong opening round. I can't pick just 3 favorites, so assume I gave 👍 to every chart for now and I'll come back with actual picks by the end of this round. Also glad to see that my D8 chart is getting a good reception this time.

ok i came back and i'm gonna give 👑 to my own chart and nobody can stop me

==Round 2==

D7: Angel's Salad (5-1-0-1)

Preview: Welp, time to get eliminated from my own chart. My PB is 6.6 and I don't think I can SDG currently...

This is 93???

Play: Close to PB, but idk I'll just accept the honor of getting eliminated from a BMS song 4 times in a row as a former BMS player.

Well I'm actually trying to survive but now that I think about it, this chart was actively designed to trip myself up every second. Irregular beats is my big weak point, and these patterns are not something I'm very good at either... I was surprised when I got 6.6 during playtesting and even that is below the cutoff!

D2 Circle (AAA) 👍
D3 Who Likes to Party (AAA)
D4 yarn ball (AAA)
D5 Dysthymia (AAA) FFR player's song!
D6 Parallel Skydive (2-0-0-0) 👑 New stepartist! In FFR anyway. I've heard good things about Zeta and this chart does prove it.
D8 99.9 (Eurobeat Remix) (79-1-8-3) 👍

Oh god 100+ chordjack is finally coming to FFR lol

Illumination Reel is awesome. I predict it would be my favorite bonus file for this OT, even until round 8.


==Round 3==

D2 Real Man! (AAA)
D3 Starry sky of a slight sleep (AAA) 👍
D4 vivid landscape [Heavy] (AAA)
D5 [line:zeta] (AAA) 👑
D6 Dancecore Moldovenesc (BF)
D7 A Battle I Absolutely Can't Lose ~ Kill the Nyanko (11-0-2-0) 👍 I can improve but my arms died after playing the D8 chart
D8 44 Edit v2 (165-6-27-18)

==Round 4==

Joined the lemonade event as D6.

D2 Altale [Standard] (AAA)
D3 Anger Control (BF)
D4 My Rage Towards Society (AAA) 👍 but you were supposed to control anger...
D5 Mutant Sixty Four (AAA) 👍
🍋 Swamp Thing v2 (2-0-0-0) 👑 D6 is too competitive wtf
D7 Nhelv (16-1-2-4) I can improve but my arms died again after playing the D8 chart
D8 END OF SYSTEM (183-14-56-18)

==Round 5==

D2 Noise Channel Theme (AAA)
D3 Avarice (AAA)
D4 See in Rainbows (AAA) 👍
D5 Pink Slime (BF)
🍋 innocent revolver (3-0-0-0) 👑 It got 9.5 from BOTH judges for a reason! And maybe I would have survived if it were D7R2...
D7 Illegal Trap (8-0-2-3) 👍 Beat my PB on the entire 100+??
D8 dreamless wanderer (378-26-86-51) it reached the point where I have no idea what's going on and just mash randomly

==Round 6==

D2 Electro Killer 6000 (AAA)
D3 EZ God Library (BF) 👍
D4 Bucketelectronic (BF) 👑
D5 Thinkin' About You (AAA) 👍
🍋 Sinfonia Regalis (9-0-0-0)
D7 O Wings that Embrace Senju Banmei (36-0-7-3)
D8 POWA OF DA WILDANES (749-31-163-52) It's fitting that the first bonus song is titled "Save Me"

==Round 7==

I get to play my own file again for 🍋

D2 Blood From A Stone (AAA)
D3 Before it Ends (2-0-0-0)
D4 Clearness (BF) 👑
D5 scualee (5-0-0-0) 👍
🍋 breakthrough (15-1-1-2) 👍
D7 VIS::CRACKED v2 (156-1-20-6)
D8 Blue Streaks of Happiness (713-38-189-65) what is happening

==Round 8==

D2 Hypothermos (AAA) 👍
D3 Black Lawn Finale (AAA) 👍
D4 Mini Short (BF)
D5 We Own The Night [Oni] (1-0-0-1) jumpstream go brrrr
🍋 Dark Side (24-1-3-10) New stepartist!
D7 Braindead (75-10-7-13) 👑 Among the songs I had to mash through this was actually pretty fun
D8 DsMaxInkd (486-12-132-29) "DsNutsInmth" - pizza probably

tru what have you done with the bonus file

well actually i might be asked the same question

==Favorite per division==

D2 Hypothermos
D3 Starry sky of a slight sleep
D4 Clearness 👑
D5 [line:zeta]
D6 innocent revolver
D7 A Battle I Absolutely Can't Lose ~ Kill the Nyanko
D8 sub/zero

(Anything D8 past R2 are out of reach for me so yeah...)
Posted on: April 13, 2023, at 09:47:58am   [0 comments]
Sorted based on how likely I am to SDG it (most probable first).

== 95 non-SDG ==

Redemption Arp
Our Journey and Epilogue. [Full Version]
Tactical Railroad
How Things Went Wrong
Japan Style Breakcore!!!
Shuu no Hazama (Rainshower)
Delirium v2

== 96 non-SDG ==

Frictional Nevada v2
Celsus v2
Rave 3
Miserable Bastard
Nisemono (Cut)
Giselle (full act)
Rain [YMCK]

Everything below Rengoku is highly unlikely, and Giselle and Rain are basically 105.

Also I haven't played Slashmaid (instrumental) in ages so idk where it would be
Posted on: March 29, 2023, at 10:04:22am   [1 comment]
Didn't initially post this since it's not OT, but many people are doing it so ok

D7 as expected, but a few D7 players in last year's OT went to D6 so I'm near the bottom of this division. I hope the last few rounds don't end up with 102+...

R1: Black Lotus (0-0-0-1)

Thanks I hate it. This is my own chart and I really don't like this one. Because of the jumpgluts. They're spiky (especially the literal ENDING), awkward, rude, and skewed. And all the other files of mine I hate have this in common. After realizing this I grew absolute hate against the S(3[34]4)-shaped minijacks and I'm now trying to avoid them at all costs. There's a near-100 chart I submitted in the OT batch and you won't find a single S-shaped minijack there. /rant

Rant aside, booflag is a pretty good score for me, considering that I'm relatively weak at walls. I don't regret the walls btw, I think it's quite fitting.

R2: Deadman DJ (2-0-0-0)

wdym, this is a really fun chart!! I guess liking breakcores in general helped too. Though I have no idea how I blackflagged this in sightread when it was first released.

Also D6's Fast Fissure is harder than Deadman DJ. What are those walls

R3: Delirium v2 (16-0-3-0)


This has some Rainshower vibes and I'm bad at Rainshower. Even worse, this plays like a 97 to me. I'm dying. Not a fan of how jacky those 32nd and 24th streams are.

R4: Lyrith -Labyrinth Lilith- (6-0-0-1)

The best part of this chart was when Lyrith said "it's lyrin' time" and lyrithed over all those jacks.

Ok but it was actually an advantageous pick for me, because I'm good at fast jacks going in burst instead of jack stamina like Delirium and Punkture. I got PB too! Up to 3g might be possible but I don't enjoy grinding in general so idk.

R5: Extratone Pirates (Drunk Optimus Remix) (13-0-5-0)

From this round my scores are going to go haywire. I can't trill to save my life.

nvm R5 was fine after all. Most of my misses were from trills though which is funny.

R6: This Is The End of Everything (34-1-3-4)

Fun chart, but it's a 100, meaning my scores will start to fly everywhere from now on. I want to beat my PB of 23-3-3-4 but I'm not quite getting there this time. It's so easy to slip up several goods at the same time. As an aside, I got SDG on the new D6 file woooo

R7: Finding Her Not (17-0-4-1)

Holy cow this is a really big PB. Fun chart too. When in doubt, try mirror.

R8: Critical.Error (90-0-22-9)

Ah yes time to get 150rg

asjdiqmc thvn

My hand died.

I loaded up the old engine with framers just to play this, and the ending became a little bit readable. This might actually be a viable strat in other songs...


10th place at this skill level is pretty cool I think
Posted on: December 5, 2022, at 03:48:50am   [2 comments]
From now on Mumei is officially my oshi.

Profile picture by havana723
Posted on: May 16, 2022, at 12:22:49am   [2 comments]
Hi give me unconnected thanks

Will also put 👍 marks to my top 3 favorite charts per round

== Round 1 ==

The Lady Is A Trump (BF) 👍

Pre-round: I missed the preview stream (had to go somewhere) but it's my own chart! One of my favorite tarolabo songs, had a blast charting it.

Play: That took longer than expected. I was consistent with the 32nds stream but kept choking other various sections. Hopefully blackflag will be safe. 16 AAAs in the first day is kinda scary lol

D1(?) Starflight 1.3x (854-22-333-29) ah well, could've been an SDG
D2 Space Doggity (AAA) Woof
D3 Decadence (AAA)
D4 A Tiny Spaceship's Final Mission (AAA) 👍
D5 Walking the Streets of a Former Hell (AAA) 👍👑
D6 NOW'S YOUR CHANCE TO BE A (2-0-0-0) Two years ago, we got a Mettaton remix for D6R1. This year, we got a Spamton remix for D6R1. Coincidence?
D8 Excuse My Rudeness, but RIP (15-0-1-1) Two years later, we will get a Kiara remix for D8R1, right?

== Round 2 ==

safe_state (3-0-0-0) 👍

Pre-round: Skayles, a relatively new step artist just like me, has put several super cool charts since debut. (EDIT: well there have been only 3 charts published but they were good) It seems this one is no exception. But at this difficulty at this round, I predict the cutoff to be like 2-3g.

Play: And there it is. The roll followed by a 4-jack halfway is very difficult to AAA, so my ideal score would be 1-2g if I decide to play a few more times. I'll also have to remind myself to try both mirror and non-mirror, since mirror makes the first part harder by putting a bunch of 3-jacks on my left hand, but also makes the roll 4-jack easier by putting the jack on my right hand.

Update: 24 hours left and the cutoff is at 4g. It's really gonna be 3g at the end of the round isn't it?

D1(?) Ideal Ratio 4-1-2.5 [Oni] 2.1x (1000-25-673-29) wtf no i'm out
D2 Last Summer (AAA) wait it's 19 again (nvm it got bumped to 21)
D3 Dummy! (AAA)
D4 One Big Beautiful Sound (AAA) 👍 this got an explicit tag while I was playing FFR lol
D5 GLAZ (AAA) 👍👑
D6 Janus (3-0-0-0) what was that ending
D8 UR+ MusicEater LV99 (43-1-7-5) not lv99 smh (also got 26-2-2-5 during round 4)

Ok how come the 👍 and 👑 are exactly the same as last round lol

== Round 3 ==

Apocaliptix (AAA) 👍👑

Pre-round: Those 24ths are spicy but should be a fun round. JS in the second half looks free to me. The cutoff... will still be 3g.

Play: 3-0-0-0 on first try. The cutoff will be blackflag.

Update: Scratch that, the cutoff will be AAA and we might even witness an AAA Squidward. Stop playing!!!

Update: AAA!!! And that makes my new highest AAA, beating my previous record by whopping 3 points! It also misses my top 15 equiv by 0.01 lol

D1(?) Into a Dawn 3.35x (1539-20-1176-20) this is just whimper wall at this point
D2 Kadinchey (AAA) 👍 this song is made out of the sounds pogo recorded in bhutan. interesting
D3 Rumors Of My Demise (AAA) a slow jumpstream in a while!
D4 Angel Wing (AAA) hi
D5 The Friendly Wolf (Part 1) (1-0-0-1) finally, 4 years after submission!
D6 Micro Media Broth (3-0-0-0) 👍
D8 ... I'd rather not talk about it for awhile, sorry. I appreciate the criticisms, hopefully I'll be more aware of one-hand control and transitions in the future. It's just that I tend to think too much about what already happened.

D8 update: I got confirmed that I can apply fixes after the round is over. The scoreboard will likely be wiped, but it will worth it.

== Round 4 ==

Boxel Adventure (11-0-2-1)

Pre-round: Oh man we are jumping straight to 99. I guess this is what we get for summoning the AAA Squidward. The chart looks too trilly for my taste.

Play: Nope. It's full of the features I regret in my original Schwerkraft chart and I'm trying to avoid in the new version (Boxel is a better chart though). Every trill transition in the intro is a trapdoor, the megatrill in the middle is a trap world, and the unbalanced one-hand control at note 1582 and 1689 just adds to the overall spiky nature of the chart. Not trying further, my score is final. Bye!

D1(?) We Want to Run 2.1x (N/A) nope, i'm not gonna destroy my arms any further. bye!
D2 Mario Overworld (AAA) 👍
D4 Shut Your Mouth (BooF) 👍
D5 Evanescent (AAA) 👍👑 D5 is getting all the best charts
D6 Sapling (5-0-0-0)
D8 Neko Nadetai (203-11-56-9)

== Round 5 ==

D1 is finally getting a break after all these torture
D2 ROCK IT (AAA) 👍 4 psychotik files in a row lol
D3 Starrise Midnight (AAA) 👍
D4 cat1 cat2 and cat3 (BF) 👍👑
D5 Keep Shredding, Little Man! (4-0-0-0)
D6 PUPA (8-0-1-2) what was that ending
D7 Comatose State (40-2-5-5)
D8 res extensa (936-17-363-14) how does anyone play this with arms still intact

Schwerkraft got replaced. The new version is significantly better imo, so hope you like it. Sorry for all the attention it has received, and thanks.

== Round 6 ==

D2 The Instinct (AAA) 👍
D3 Hopscotch (AAA)
D4 Hate Everyone (AAA)
D5 The Everlasting Calamity (1-0-0-1) 👍
D6 Tanaka (8-0-0-4) 👍👑
D7 Real Ultimate Power (82-0-23-7)
D8 eXXXcaliborg.Error (772-47-186-35) well at least the song says gomennasai

== Round 7 ==

I'll pass the D8 song until I have 5 unplayed songs remaining so that I can unlock PianoCore in the most painful way

D2 Forgot Ya (BF) korean lyrics lol
D3 Chapter II (Then) (BF) 👍
D4 Raid Ethnic (BF) i assure u i'm not getting those bfs on purpose
D5 Boulafacet (3-0-0-0) 👍👑
D6 DIST SQUAD (10-0-0-0) 👍 this chart surprisingly played much smoother than i anticipated wtf
D7 F.F.R (215-4-46-9) now we're playing the real ffr
D8 goTe EX (N/A)

== Round 8 ==

D4 toroidal earth society (2-1-0-1)
D5 Angel's Ladder (6-0-1-1)
D6 Clockwork Dragon (105-6-22-6)
D7 PEACE BREAKER (207-0-42-7) 👍
D8 Heartbreak Furry Fandom (N/A) idk what i witnessed but the song itself is surprisingly really good

== Favorite files in each division ==

D2 The Instinct
D3 Chapter II (Then)
D4 One Big Beautiful Sound
D5 Boulafacet
D6 Tanaka 👑
D7 The Lady Is A Trump
D8 UR+ MusicEater LV99
Bonus Nisemono [Full Version]
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The Alchemist of Twilight is so fun what a banger file
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Grats on Factory reset aaa!!!!
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Prestige is a nice file.
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kiara takanashi
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Are you Jhlee?
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Well Played.
Kawaii025 writes at 5:51:19pm on 8/3/21
Thanks and good luck to you too! :D
Kawaii025 writes at 6:54:09pm on 7/30/21
I like your file for Enharmonix. I really do. I just wish I was more consistent with it.
T-Force writes at 11:37:44pm on 7/20/21
Materialize Anything is fun af. Nice chart, and congrats on getting it in as a tourney song!
Pizza69 writes at 8:11:30pm on 4/11/21