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Posted on: June 6, 2024, at 10:11:31am   [2 comments]
I won't be able to participate beyond round 1-2 for military reasons. It will last only 3 weeks though, not the full service which is like 1.5 years. I will still post thoughts for whatever round I'm able to play. Have fun o7

Update: Now I have the concrete date, and I might actually be eliminated before going away since it's near the end of round 3.


This is my 5th chart with difficulty exactly 91, lol

slipped a good at the 24th trill, but I won't be eliminated from my own chart this time. (Unless round 2 or 3 happens to be my chart as well...)

Behind Closed Doors (AAA) 👍 An energetic song for the easiest chart of the tournament!
Ember (AAA)
Jade Star (AAA) My first collab chart!
Playing God (AAA) 👍
Q33B (48-7-8-10) round 1 got so hard already

R2 - Escucha (1-0-0-1) 👑

AKA the battle between "Hardcore staminaminaminami" and "Escucha! Escu-cha! ESCUCHA!!"

Preview: looks pretty fun. Also looks doable compared to Angel's Salad last year.

Play: yep, indeed up my alley. Got 1-0-0-1 on first try. It's a really scary chart though.

Beautiful Creatures ()
Funkle Phil ()
Odin (AAA) 👍 My second collab chart!
Shy Toy Soldier (AAA) 👍 New stepartist!
Sajtban (BF) 🆚
tarantula funk beats (21-0-4-3) wait I can actually kinda play this

R3 - Tiferet (4-0-0-0) 👍

Preview: ooo this is gonna be interesting

Play: quite tough to AAA, especially the ending streams. But I feel like the cutoff will be low. But then again, there are not many chordjacky files in FFR. As of writing this, 4g is 5th place. (update: as I suspected, 4g is definitely not safe)

This will be my last round anyway. Maybe I'll just stop at 4g and potentially let one more active player into round 4? idk

City Traveler (AAA)
Crises (AAA)
Tired (AAA) FFR musician & new stepartist!
Zpade Invaderz (AAA) 👑
Dedaism (5-0-0-0) I lost track somewhere and spilled 3 goods
Cold Heart v2 (66-3-15-9) 👍 oooo cold heart
Posted on: April 1, 2024, at 11:30:14pm   [0 comments]
Now that april fools is almost over, I'll say that I accidentally unfriended everyone while messing with my profile page D:

Feel free to add me back
Posted on: April 1, 2024, at 07:12:12am   [0 comments]
Since FFR difficulty is based on AAA, some charts in the same difficulty are easier/harder to SDG than others. Nevertheless I have a goal of SDG-ing all charts at difficulty 95, and here is what I've done so far and how I feel about each:

== Very Hard ==
❌ A Battle I Absolutely Can't Lose - 2nd & 3rd quarters are brutal, switching between different skillsets without break. The biggest blocker for me is the second megatrill
❌ Here We Go - What is this
❌ how things went wrong - So much hand control
✅ No Time For Sleep - No idea how I did this. I can't replicate this SDG even if I isolate the spike
❌ Our Journey and Epilogue. [Full] - Ending is brutal; even if it were just the latter half it wouldn't have been easy... AND the whole song is nearly 6 minutes
✅ Redemption Arp - Wow it was harder than I thought. Not only the consecutive minijacks pose problems, but it's overall just quite dense

== Hard ==
✅ cafe terrace at dusk - Mirror feels easier for me to deal with the middle bursts. The rest is brrrrrr
✅ Delirium v2 - I thought this would be one of the last remaining ones for quite awhile. It seems once you pass a certain bar, your score gets a lot better
❌ Japan Style Breakcore!!! - That one jumptrill
✅ Rationalist - Jacks
❌ Secret Area - PB is 10-0-0-0. Should be doable...
✅ Shuu no Hazama (Rainshower) - Similar to Delirium v2
✅ Slash Dot Slash (Slim boy fat) - I feel like I should score better than 9-0-0-0, but I can't for some reason
✅ Tactical Railroad - Easy to mess up especially at the anchors

== Medium ==
✅ Cold Storage - Usual T11 minijacks
✅ Mario-chi Survivor - Mostly easy streams, but 24th minitrills and 32nd rolls require preparation
✅ one way to hannover - Similar to Cold Storage
✅ OTENAMI Hurricane - Spikes
✅ Scrap Syndrome - More known for the megatrills and their transitions, but in the context of SDG, jump-minijacks throughout the whole chart pose more problems
✅ Super Soaker - I've always thought it's a superior version of You Time, both in terms of SDG and AAA

== Easy ==
✅ Extratone in a Perfect World - Haven't played this recently, but probably an "easy to SDG, hard to AAA" one
✅ FACTORY_RESET - One small mistake can net you several more goods, especially in the 3rd quarter. Eventually became my Derby get though
✅ Happy Ending (Kkrusty's We Ready Remix) - Most of the difficulty is in the ending
✅ Paradoxical time leap trial - Easy to SDG, hell to AAA, and very mindblockable
✅ thinking of you - Classic

== Very Easy ==
✅ grind2 - Easy to SDG, hard to AAA
✅ grind4 - Short
✅ Stinger - Was actually my #1 equiv at some point
✅ The Ordeal Becomes Great - Not dense, but hard to time correctly
✅ You Time - Was actually my #1 equiv at some point

Total: 23 / 30
Posted on: April 1, 2024, at 07:11:26am   [0 comments]
This post was made during April fools to imitate the FFR Events account
Posted on: April 1, 2024, at 07:09:21am   [0 comments]
This post was made during April fools to imitate the FFR Events account
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Thanks for the RT comment, jh. I think the issue lies with me getting way too excited for the charts I finish and then resulting in disappointment the moment people play and comment about it because usually it doesn't meet the expectations I had hoped for I guess regardless of what kind of votes I might have gotten.
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The Alchemist of Twilight is so fun what a banger file
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Prestige is a nice file.
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Well Played.
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Thanks and good luck to you too! :D