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Posted on: October 23, 2020, at 06:28:01am   [2 comments]
My strategy was to play 50 shortest songs with difficulty range 16-70, skipping some songs that seem too hard to get AAA quickly (like Counter Strike Gun Sounds). If you want to use my list, you might want to play Pondering Stuff instead of VS Boss Battle.

If you want to estimate how long it will take: I was a low D6 player, and it took about 90 minutes.

Happy Birthday
Yoshi's Cookie
Brooks Was Here [Heavy]
My Catchy Lil Bassline
With a Cherry On Top
Dr. Mario Pt. 1
In The Wind
Teh Tricky Techno
Ninja Turtles Theme
Theme of the Dragoon Knights
Luna Ascension
Reading Rainbow
On Conquest and Capture
tetris [songstowearpantsto]
Garden Party
Attack of One Minute
the Dream of Scarlet
VS Boss Battle
what the f is this
Time To Sleep
In The Clouds
Lady's Cake
Utopia [Jason Forrest]
Rocket Flight
The star hill
Elektrik Shiivers
Tied The Room Together
Earthquake On The Southern Texas Canyon
Metal Crusher
Techno Green Greens
Indignant Divinity
Through The Martian Hell
Nothing's Gonna Stop Me v2
Nothing's Gonna Stop Me
Wild Sky

Posted on: October 22, 2020, at 12:33:11am   [0 comments]
When I first joined, iirc I was not qualified for the 2014 tournament. Then I left ffr for like 6 years, and when I somehow found ffr again and came back, the 2020 tournament was already going on. So this will be my first OT.

I'll play D6, and ghost every division for every round. Considering my level and many great players in D6, it would be a miracle if I reach round 3.

Round 1: Don Pardo Pimpwagon (5-0-0-0)

The stream starting at around 720 is killing me. Fortunately the other parts are not as difficult as that part. I'd be happy if I improve this to 3 or 4 goods.

D1 Time Bomb (feat. Veela) (AAA)
D2 Tap on Damen (AAA) - My bad accuracy makes it difficult for me to AAA this kind of charts. I think it took around 10 attempts.
D3 The Phoenix (BF) - Got AAA after this round.
D4 Spaceship Toyvox (AAA) - On the other hand, this was sightread.
D5 Please, Don't Give Up (feat. Ryan Torres) (8-0-0-0) - Despite what the title says, I can't handle this roll at all.
D7 RAINBOWNESS (11-0-0-0) - SDG possible?
D8 INSANE INFLAME (82-9-7-10) - Yeah not gonna try again lol
Favorite: The Phoenix

Round 2: Galacta Knight (BF)

Nothing is as hard as the Don Pardo's stream, but it's a bit harder throughout the song. Got 4-0-0-0 on the first day. Pretty sure I can get 2-0-0-0, and that will be enough to reach round 3, right?
And it stayed at 4-0-0-0 until the last day. Then... I got BF out of nowhere. Thank you, jumpstream!

D1 Stricken [Light] (AAA)
D2 Defcon Zero (AAA) - Wow. I heard this song before, and I just learned that it's a song by ParagonX9.
D3 Inside The Fire [FFR Chart] (AAA)
D4 Jackhammer Manifesto (3-0-0-0) - Song name checks out. AAA definitely possible, but maybe later.
D5 Igneous Rock (3-1 Hot Remix) (2-0-0-1) - CotND!
D7 Zombie Sunset (40-0-3-4) - Sightread, and considering its length I'm not tempted to try again.
D8 Pictured as Perfect (121-4-7-20) - Pictured as Perfect, as well as Good, Average, Miss, and Boo.
Favorite: Galacta Knight

Round 3: AiAe (13-0-1-5)

Ouch. The ending is... interesting. Wasted 4 goods on a jumptrill, and the ending could have been better, but the jumpstream was done perfectly. My stamina is not enough to keep playing this song. I hope 13-0-1-5 is enough to survive.

D1 Vega (AAA) - It was hard to sync properly. Perhaps the song was live-recorded?
D2 Right Now BLUE Ver. (AAA)
D3 Trip to the Moon (Club Remix) v2 (AAA) - I think it took more attempts than necessary to AAA it...
D4 TEM SHOP (Ben Briggs Glitch Hop Remix) (AAA)
D5 Tower of Heaven -Full Moon Revenge- (2-0-0-0)
D7 The Beast (20-0-4-3) - Improvement might be possible, but I don't have time.
D8 Finding Her Not (153-15-18-30) - No
Favorite: TEM SHOP

Round 4: 12 Bar Bloops (8-0-0-2)

Surprisingly, I figured out how to do the OHT and handjack part. All that remains now is grinding. But I don't prefer songs longer than 3 minutes...
With 2 days remaining, I tried again and got 8-0-0-2. I think it would end up either right above or below the elimination line. But it's also my second highest SDG, and second highest AAA equivalency, so that's good.

D1 I'm Sorry I Failed You (AAA) - Didn't see the author before playing, and it was unexpected to see Venetian Snares as the author.
D2 Flora (AAA)
D3 2008 (AAA)
D4 Viden (BF) - onoken! Also the difficulty is 5 higher than the previous round and still 8 people AAA'd it. D4 is gonna be tough.
D5 THE FAUST (7-0-0-0) - how is everyone so good at this song
D7 Japan Style Breakcore!!! (35-1-0-6)
D8 Odd-22 (228-12-30-30) - No
Favorite: Japan Style Breakcore!!!

Round 5: Doppelganger (15-0-2-4)

Okay, time to get eliminated for real this time. In fact I could've been eliminated in round 4, but I was lucky with the song choice. But even then I was at 10th place.
This chart is so fast and has many opportunities to mess up. Especially the ending looks brutal. This score is still good enough for me in a 93 though. So close to 90k.

D1 Platforms & Pitfalls (AAA)
D2 -Never ending journey- (AAA)
D3 CG901B (remixing ver.) (AAA)
D4 Tell Me A Story [Prolixity Mix] (2-0-0-1)
D5 The Silver Crystal (5-0-0-0)
D7 Please Don't Remember (33-0-2-4) - Yeah okay I'll make sure not to remember
D8 !!!Chaos Time!!! (Uncut Ed!t!on) (189-6-25-33) - No
Favorite: The Silver Crystal

TODO: add round 6 D6 comment

TODO: add round 6 all divisions comment

TODO: add round 7 D6 comment

TODO: add round 7 all divisions comment

TODO: add round 8 comment

TODO: add round 8 all divisions comment
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