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19 y/o lad from Finland who still enjoys rhythm games!
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Any music goes if it's well written, but I am mostly a house/electronic music junkie :P
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Action- and comdey movies!
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Posted on: June 14, 2022, at 12:29:10am   [2 comments]
A.K.A "The Journey to Another Participation Trophy"!

Might as well do this, since I have done it in all the previous OTs. Let's see how D6 treats me this year. :D


And so we begin this journey with a very fun, but frustrating file! Frustrating, because I couldn't get the darn AAA despite grinding, I always dropped goods at random spots and ultimately ended with a blackflag as my final score. But it's alright, I'm still in the game and it's only uphill (or downhill lol) from here!

ROUND 2 | SONG: Janus | SCORE: 1-0-1-2

Another file I really wanted to AAA but really had no chance, because of the very last patterns in the file and all the random chokes/mindblocks... arrgh! Anyway, as much as I would have wanted a cleaner score, it's still good since I'm more than safe on the leaderboard. Let's just hope round 3 isn't as brutal as it was in OT14 :D

ROUND 3 | SONG: Micro Media Broth | SCORE: 1-0-0-0

I got that blackflag on my second try. I should have left it there, 2 plays and we are done. But no, I had to frustrate myself by endlessly grinding for the kinda worthless AAA... I got close, ended up BFing it again and called it quits there. I'm more than safe for round 4 so there is really no reason not to be happy about the blackflag! The song and the chart are super fun (when you are not trying to AAA it lol). And yes, this round wasn't as brutal as it was in OT14. Take that, 2021 JoloZ!

ROUND 4 | SONG: Sapling | SCORE: AAA

Seems like I can't write a blog entry without mentioning the word AAA. Lol. But this time I can actually say that I finally AAA'd something in this tourney!!! This was a very nice change from the previous rounds' files, I love stream files and they are my strong suit in rhythm games. Even though this round went swimmingly, now is the time stuff gets real and I am very much scared, but ready! I already made it to Top 16, let's push that even further, god dangit!! :D

ROUND 5 | SONG: PUPA | SCORE: 8-0-0-0

Stuff got real. This was a pretty nice file to play, it got pretty much everything, jumpstreams, minijacks, gluts, yeah. I don't like the ending though, it screwed me up big time since my hands didn't want to operate with some of the patterns. The SDG was kind of a lucky run, but hey! It's still an SDG and it finally gave me Top 8 on an OT! I'm very happy, but scared even more, as the pool of piss gets closer and closer. Only 3 rounds left, how many can I still survive?

ROUND 6 | SONG: Tanaka | SCORE: 8-0-2-2

This was probably the nicest file of the whole tourney. But WTF was that ending?! :D Once again I set my best score very early, and frustrated myself trying to improve it. Am I happy with the score tho? Yes, since it's a very solid score and carries me on to Round 7! The competition is starting to get REALLY real now, and despite me getting a pretty big skillboost this week, I am very much scared of the absolute beasts of D6. I still have faith in myself, hope you folks have faith in me as well! :)


I just realised that I named this blog "The Journey to Another Participation Trophy!". Little did I know back then that I would actually be fighting for the 1st place of D6. It feels kinda unreal, but I'm very, very happy that I'm finally improving in this game! Anyway, this song was hard. Like REALLY hard. The 48th bursts were probably the toughest, the rest of the song was really just hit or miss. I feel like I could have grinded for a better score, but decided not to, since the current score (even though it's very messy) is enough to keep me safe! ONE. MORE. ROUND. I'm so ready for this! D6, let's do this one last time!

ROUND 8 | SONG: Clockwork Dragon | SCORE: 98-5-26-5

It sucks to end the tourney here. Really does. I am not satisfied with this score, and I hate that I wasn't really able to improve it. The file was mostly fine. But the ending. Impossible. I really don't have much more to say about this round. Oh yeah I did hit D7! And survived all the way to the last round! Those things alone make this whole tournament so much worth it. Even though this round was a bit of a negative, the tourney as a whole was a great experience. Thanks to Goldstinger for hosting this event!

I'm gonna give my main shoutouts to Lights, for having faith in me and cheering me on for almost the entirety of the tourney, and Sploder for being an absolute monster of a player and also for cheering me on :D

My OT15 blog ends here. Let's hope that I'll be around to take part in OT16, it's gonna be sweeet!

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SK8R43 writes at 10:30:04am on 10/2/22
15 billion!!!
Hateandhatred writes at 3:25:49pm on 9/19/22
Haven't played in ages, but recently I was drawn back to stepping. I see you also submitted something in the batch!
Hateandhatred writes at 2:36:42pm on 9/19/22
That's awesome! I'm glad to see it!
Hateandhatred writes at 2:13:58pm on 9/19/22
holy fuck you're godly now
NotSpiralingEnough writes at 4:39:32am on 8/23/22
CONGRATS ON D7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dr. Toboggan writes at 9:19:14am on 7/28/22
Cool songs bruv
C1O writes at 10:24:45pm on 8/15/21
_Fluttershy_ writes at 3:21:25am on 6/4/21
Thanks, man! And good luck to you too.
beeeboopbop writes at 12:23:39pm on 5/20/21
decide to get a cheeky 97 equiv score lel thx
beeeboopbop writes at 3:27:26pm on 5/15/21