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Trevor. 30. Head moderator. Wee bit obsessed with The World Ends With You and Fire Emblem. Erasing bots and their posts by day, and night, and every moment in between. There are a lot of bots...
Lotus, Hockey, Zero Escape, The World Ends With You, Fire Emblem, and most TCGs.
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Coheed and Cambria, Protest the Hero, The Unguided, Omnium Gatherum, Unleash the Archers, Rush, and many more that I can't think to name at this moment.
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Lost Forever (FFR Cut)Game Remix27-07-21
Random Thoughts
Posted on: July 20, 2021, at 03:15:00pm   [3 comments]
Reached top 100 for AAAs: 08/03/21
Reached top 50 for AAAs: 01/15/22
Fully AAA'd through: 65*
Current AAA rank: 47
1796: Positively Inclined RMX [66]
1797: Nebuchadrezzar III [66]
1798: Nightfall (Original Mix) [67]
1799: Major League Can Can [68]
1800: Twelve [69]
----- 1800 AAAs ----- [Achieved 01/21/22]
1801: going on -spring wind- [70]
1802: The Day The Sun Exploded [70]
1803: Tope Doge [66]
1804: Laplace [66]
1805: Celsus [66]
1806: Across The Ocean [66]
1807: Cette Annee [66]
1808: Nothing's Gonna Stop Me v2 [67]
1809: Dawgs In Da House [66]
1810: Savior [77]
1811: Foam Born (A) The Backtrack [67]
1812: Sonata Pathetique - Mov. I [66]
1813: Blue-Violet [74]
1814: Wooden Sword [80]
1815: DubstEpic Symphony [65]

----- 1825 AAAs -----

* all complete save for missing skill tokens
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Sky Kitten writes at 12:46:35pm on 1/16/22
SubaruPoptart writes at 9:24:14am on 12/25/21
sebnteen huned aaaaaaaaaa
tirtee for towsend
XelNya writes at 10:01:34pm on 11/23/21
top nep
Alex The Cardman writes at 7:35:44pm on 11/19/21
Hey, I don't think I commented on your profile last year when you up-voted mine. I want to now: thanks for everything that you do for this community, it all matters. :D
SubaruPoptart writes at 2:24:47pm on 11/15/21
Teer Tree
Panic4Me writes at 5:59:36am on 11/13/21
More 2021 activity! O:
Happy emancipation from the womb day<3
Frostwind47 writes at 9:27:54pm on 11/11/21
Thanks! Lots more AAAs to come from me in the near future for the AAA gang. :)
katanaeyegaming writes at 1:56:47pm on 11/11/21
Gratz on the unlock
tosh writes at 11:13:20am on 11/8/21
To a small degree, yeah. I'm going to go about the AAA grind pretty casually tbh.
katanaeyegaming writes at 9:06:34am on 11/5/21
ayo protest and unleash the archers kick all the ass man