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Trevor. 31. Lead moderator. Wee bit obsessed with The World Ends With You and Fire Emblem. Somehow still smashing arrows almost 16 years later; it is a mystery.gif.
Lotus, Hockey, Zero Escape, The World Ends With You, Fire Emblem, and most TCGs.
Fav Music:
Coheed and Cambria, Protest the Hero, Omnium Gatherum, Kardashev, The Unguided, Unleash the Archers, Rush, and many more that I can't think to name at this moment.
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[86] Pretty Girls With Mental Disorders - 09/26/22
Posted on: July 20, 2021, at 03:15:00pm   [4 comments]
Reached top 100 for AAAs: 08/03/21
Reached top 50 for AAAs: 01/15/22
Fully AAA'd through: 63
Current AAA rank: 47th
1971: [43] Into the Blue
1972: [50] Bloodlip
1973: [50] Jack of Spades
1974: [55] You're My Hero
1975: [56] Balloon Fight [Standard]
----- 1975 AAAs ----- [Achieved 04/01/23]
1976: [56] Polar 240
1977: [59] PADORU / PADORU

----- 2000 AAAs -----

* all complete save for missing skill tokens
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idk man like 2011?
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