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Posted on: June 26, 2024, at 07:06:16pm   [4 comments]
It's that time again, another year another OT. Nothing really going to change much here for me as I don't ever get huge skillboosts and I'll just end up bottom of my division again and probably get eliminated Round 2/3. So this will just be here for record keeping purposes and to post my thoughts on songs and stuff~

As usual I will record the scores I get on each groups song as well as the elimination cutoffs that each division had for the rounds.

My group placement = Group 6
Goal = Do better than 28th place

⭐ = my top 3 favorite songs/files of the round
🔪 = round cutoff for each division

Round 1
Group 1: Behind Closed Doors (AAA) 🔪 = (Play the song)
Group 2: Ember (AAA) 🔪 = (Play the song)
Group 3: Jade Star (AAA) 🔪 = (Play the song)
⭐Group 4: HEART+MELT+EARTH (AAA) 🔪 = (Play the song)
⭐Group 5: Playing God (AAA) 🔪 = (7-1-0-4)
⭐Group 6: LINK[INIT] (1-0-0-0) 🔪 = (45-3-0-12)
Group 7: Q33B (31-0-5-3) 🔪 = (504-18-91-40)

Bonus Files
Hyper Fiber World Travel - (AAA)
9 - (AAA)
Swindon - (AAA)

Round 1 Thoughts
In b4 I blackflag the round 1 file for the third time in a row.
Got 2 goods on LINK[INIT] on the DC engine and felt lucky getting that and seems I was right because I could not replicate or beat that score when playing it for my group in round 1. Stuck at 3-0-0-1 which probably is enough to pass the round but I'm still pretty disappointed in how I'm doing. The past two OTs I always BFed the round one song so I see this as doing worse than before. Honestly I feel like a D6 player again.
UPDATE: Improved my 3-0-0-1 to 1-0-0-0 as per tradition with round 1 for me. Starting to think maybe streaming was causing me to get random goods more often in the last session.

Round 2
G1: Beautiful Creatures (AAA) 🔪 = (Play the song)
G2: Funkle Phil (AAA) 🔪 = (Play the song)
G3: Odin (AAA) 🔪 = (17-1-1-2)
G4: Shy Toy Soldier (AAA) 🔪 = (17-2-0-7)
G5: Sajtban (AAA) 🔪 = (7-3-0-5)
⭐G6: Escucha (AAA) 🔪 = (9-0-1-1)
G7: tarantula funk beats (36-6-6-13) 🔪 = (24-2-5-3)

Bonus Files
⭐Cat's Rule (The Feline Overlord Ver.) - (AAA)
Spectrum (Assertive Remix) - (AAA)
⭐Disconnected Hardkore - (AAA)

Round 2 Thoughts
LET'S GOOOO I AAAED ESCUCHA ON STREAM! Gonna upload the vod later :D That's the first time I've ever AAAed a round song in this division/group.

Round 3
G1: City Traveler (AAA) 🔪 = (TBD)
G2: Crises (AAA) 🔪 = (TBD)
G3: Tired (AAA) 🔪 = (TBD)
⭐G4: Zpace Invaderz (AAA) 🔪 = (TBD)
⭐G5: Dedaism (AAA) 🔪 = (TBD)
G6: Tiferet (2-0-0-0) 🔪 = (TBD)
⭐G7: Cold Heart v2 (43-1-4-8) 🔪 = (TBD)

Bonus Files
Elder Dragon Legend (feat. Kabotya) - (AAA)
Lolitonic - (AAA)

Round 3 Thoughts
Was really worried about this round because my group got a song that heavily features chordjacks and stuff that I'm usually not good at. I had a really good first session tho and managed to get my score down to 2 clean which is going to be pretty much the best I can do. I can't AAA the ending and always get at least a good there and then it's very hard for me to even get to the ending with AAA in the first place and tend to always get another good somewhere else so at this point I'm hoping 2 clean is good enough to pass the round. If I do pass this round it'll be the furthest I've made in this group
Posted on: October 16, 2023, at 01:06:31am   [2 comments]
EDIT: Done for good. Whatever WIPs I have I will no longer be touching and not starting anything new not even collabs. Whatever I have left in batch I'll make fixes if they get accepted and that's all.
Posted on: October 14, 2023, at 06:36:42am   [1 comment]

Posted on: July 30, 2023, at 07:41:52pm   [0 comments]

Posted on: June 29, 2023, at 09:12:45am   [1 comment]
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EppuJoloZ writes at 6:44:21am on 7/16/24
It is looking pretty good, and I've got a feeling you're going far this OT too, my friend! ;)
SK8R43 writes at 2:09:23pm on 7/11/24
Thanks! Its hard with crap wrists, but im pulling through. I was having trouble with mid 70s but i think im getting back into the groove lol
Raelene Nicole writes at 9:16:50pm on 4/9/24
OIC that's good to know, no big gifs allowed :P you dancin on my profile i dance on your profile :D
Raelene Nicole writes at 8:23:51pm on 4/8/24
I'm not sure tbh x'D I just uploaded it directly. Super cute as a still image though regardless :3 she matches my profile~
Raelene Nicole writes at 7:06:23pm on 4/8/24
Raelene Nicole writes at 5:30:18pm on 4/8/24
I appreciate the support :3
Huge props to both you and the person you commissioned!
Just noticed your youtube channel matches too, subbing~
Raelene Nicole writes at 8:49:09pm on 4/7/24
Thanks so much! :3 that is greatly appreciated~
one day hopefully I'll manage to get it half as cool as yours ^-^
Raelene Nicole writes at 12:17:56pm on 4/7/24
Thanks for the welcome^-^ You have the best profile theme I've ever seen on here!
WolfTypist writes at 7:50:22pm on 3/20/24
Profile looks amazing!
casual_dancing_queen writes at 12:13:57am on 1/14/24
thank you so much for your super kind words they mean so much <3 you're too sweet to have gone out of your way to say them thank you.