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Hi there, I'm Ally. I'm 27. My favourite things are cats, video games, and hockey (Leafs ftw!). I'm a Business Administration student in the field of accounting. I've been a part of FFR for the last 14 years of my life and I love every moment of it. :)
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Posted on: May 6, 2019, at 10:31:21pm   [5 comments]
December 13, 1968 - May 4, 2019.

There will never be enough words for how much I miss you, Mom. Your voice, hugs, love, everything. You were taken away from us so soon. I'm sad because my future children will never get to meet you. You were so excited to become a Babcia (grandma in Polish). You are going to be 52 this year and yet you're not here. :'(

I hope you are living pain free up there, enjoying the heat of the sun, the sound of the waves, and the echoes of birds around you... at the beach, just like you always wanted.

See you again someday, mom. I know you are with us in spirit always and forever. I love you. Fuck cancer.

Posted on: July 10, 2011, at 09:10:28pm   [2 comments]
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DN_Catastrophic writes at 4:35:47pm on 2/27/21
Definitely a late reply but I am doing well! <3 Hope you are as well.. Miss you!
smartdude1212 writes at 12:48:44am on 12/1/20
EAGAMES writes at 1:39:48am on 11/14/20
T-Force writes at 7:45:09pm on 11/8/20
Xayphon writes at 8:23:20am on 10/11/20
Hey Ally, I still exist :D I hope you've been well reading that RT of yours ;_;
cedolad writes at 8:58:13pm on 9/26/20
Yeah of course <3 I'll add you now :D
cedolad writes at 8:20:59pm on 9/26/20
Just about the same! I got laid off for awhile because of Covid but I've been working again for a few months, but everything's been more or less the same x.x
cedolad writes at 8:05:32pm on 9/26/20
Yeahhhh I finally have a decent desk that won't crumble beneath me :D How've you been~
cedolad writes at 7:01:43pm on 9/26/20
Alllyyy <33333333
Gigispackles writes at 5:35:25pm on 9/16/20
Was randomly hit hard by a nostalgia truck and eventually came here again. It's weird seeing nearly half of the people on my friends list at least semi-active. Didn't think this many people would still be here.