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Etterna Main. Not on here too often. Catch me on Discord or Twitter (@ToonE_SM)
Retro games, Speed Cubing, Fitness, Motorsports, Guitar and shitposting.
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Chronic Future, Kendrick Lamar, Caravan Palace, Annoying Ringtone, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Outkast, 2Pac, Twenty One Pilots, Gorillaz, Venetian Snares, Kobaryo, MF DOOM, M.I.A, m1dy, Renard, Origami Angel, Death Grips, Rotteen, Terminal 11, Tame Impala.
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Etterna Speed/Acc Goals
Posted on: September 11, 2022, at 07:12:25pm   [0 comments]
I guess I'm a speed player now. If anyone has any more to suggest to me, let me know!

Completed - 5/18

Not In Love 1.1 AA ()
Mix A Little Foolishness AAA ()
Kasta Sten AAA ()
CirnoRHTL AAA ()
ARCHON 1.2 AA ()
Send My Love To Mars AAA (x(2g))
Get Jinxed V2 AAA ()
Cutie Puffs AA ()
Bokura No 1bit Warz 1.25 AA (x)
1000 Rounds AAA ()
Tower Of Saints AAAA (x(10p))
Wild West Showdown AAAA ()
Crystal Chamber Combustion AA (x)
Battle With Rival FC/AAA (x (AAA)))
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire 1.25 AA ()
Tuff Guy Not Tuff AAAA ()

15th Official FFR Tournament
Posted on: May 15, 2022, at 12:29:32pm   [3 comments]
It's that time of the year folks! The OT is right around the corner! This will be my first OT since I joined in the direct middle of OT 14 back in 2021. School is ending soon so I have more time to play. As of writing this, I'm level 86 in D6. My only goal is to take the Top 3 spot. Katana i'm rooting for you, plz win D5.

Round 1: NOW'S YOUR CHANCE TO BE A [[BIG SHOT]] (gomotion RMX) [AAA]

This took me exactly 37 retries. I already AAAed it on Etterna so idk why it took me this long.. I did it at like 9 PM and warmed up with etterna (like how god intended). and the entire chart felt pretty comfortable up until 600 notes in with the 4[34]4 motion. I rushed it so many times and nearly mindblocked it along with some stupid easy parts in the beginning. Im glad i got this lol. GG Goldstinger.

Round 2: Janus [Blackflag]

I got the flag about the first try then I tried to close out the AAA for the sole purpose of asserting dominance over Division 6 but unfortunately couldn't get it (only person this round to get the AAA is ststst). I tried the next day, and no AAA. after about 3 days of trying I just decided to give up and be happy with the 1 good. The file is the second jacky song that D6 has gotten in a row and I swear to god if we get another CJ or minijack file for R3 someones gonna feel pain. By day 3 of trying I had mindblocked a few parts of the song, mainly the rising action part that leads to the roll jumptrill and the gluts that come right after.

GG ace4evr.

Round 3 Previews: I usually won't write thoughts about the preview but this is an exception.

I'm not to fond about the fact that D6 has technically gotten 3 jack files in a row. First Big Shot, Then Janus, now this. Granted R3 is more light JS'y than minijack file like the first 2 rounds but there's still enough minijacks in the file and the ending section to say that the file leans alot into minijack territory. I kinda screwed myself over with Janus trying to get a AAA on it but that doesn't change thr fact that I'm just tired of minijack'y files at this point. D6 has historically gotten some weird-ass oddball file choices for OT's and I would've expected that to change this OT, with the other divisions not really getting as many "wtf" type choices in comparison (ok maybe). According to Klarion this tourney's R3 is the best out of them all but idk man. I know it's hard for GS and the other people behind the scenes to pick the best files and I understand that and that's why I'm not being too vocal about it, but I would have still preferred something vastly different than this.

/major salt

Round 3: Micro Media Broth [5-0-0-4]

Ok, this is worse than I thought. This isn't a "light JS file with jacks", this is blatantly a jack file and no one can tell me otherwise. Why in the world did we get 3 jack files in a row? This is just baffling to me and IDK why I seem to be the only person to have a problem with this.

Anyway, the actual file's quality is pretty good, 8/10 if you will. I somehow kept missing on 2 parts in the first 300 or so notes but I eventually got over it. the rest was just a breeze trying not to choke. I'll update if I manage to fluke a better score.

I'm just more confused on how and why we got 3 jack files in a row, 2 of them being GS files. I like GS's files and Psychotick's files too, but it's just seems lazy to me how similar all 3 rounds are. I don't even know what to say at this point.. just why??. Are the higher-ups running this genuinely too lazy to find files with good variety in sillsets that aren't made by the GM himself, or are they just purposely fucking with D6 in order to get a laugh out of people? If it's the latter then it's CLEARLY working. Good joke FFR.

/OMEGA salt

^ this man is MAD SALTY. Do NOT trust him at all.

Round 4: Sapling [3-0-0-0]

I actually really like this file. It is a somewhat bursty stream file, with 32nd streams thrown at you for a challenge. The streams are light but with enough minijacks sprinkled in to make the file easily mindblockable. After that, the easy part is a 24th light JS section, but not before another burst with tons of rolls and minijacks in it. After that, the file is essentially over. Sorry if this is a really bad explanation lmfao. It took me 8 tries before I got a score that I am satisfied with. Nicely done Skayles.

Round 5: PUPA [3-1-0-1]

The file wasn't too bad for me, people were complaining about the spike at the end but I got through it amazingly. I ended up with the #1 spot in D6 with 5 RG when the #2 RG was like 8. This blog isn't lookin too hot.

Round 6: Tanaka [10-0-0-4]

D7 was supposed to get this song earlier in their rounds but I guess D6 got it instead cause Goldstinger hates us!!!!

Anyway, Tanaka is one of those files that seem daunting but can be broken down easily. Most of the file is JS with speedy bursts thrown in, which is pretty manageable until you get to the 1-minute mark and the file throws a long jack section with streams and some 4-note flams at you. The difficulty isn't over yet as the file immediately goes into a short trilly 24th section before giving you a break. After the break, there is more easy bursty JS for around 40 seconds. When you get through that, you have to deal with the ending. The ending is an extremely awkward anchory white note stream that even has a jumptrill in between them, then the same 4 note roll flams from earlier make a return but now has left and right arrows in between the flams to distance them from each other, before ending with some easy trilly JS.

I would constantly rush the ending with these bootleg hi19hi19 looking ass streams even though I knew that the flams were even harder for me than the streams. I wanted to improve the score so badly and get first but I eventually settled with a mediocre 11 RG score in #2 behind Sploder12. This round didn't really feel that competitive (granted neither did the entire rest of the tournament for D6 lol). Round 7 is where it's really gonna heat up. All the big shots in D6 will have to fight to the death. So see you in Round 7.

Round 7: DIST SQUAD [50-5-10-8] ELIMINATED

Ima just start this part by saying that this file is a complete mess. The file's main difficulty comes from these busted ass rolls that have alternating left and right arrows in between them, and 48th trill bursts that you cant cheese by jumptrilling. The middle of the file has this disgusting and near-unreadable rolly 24th stream that also has stupid trills in between them. If you get through this then you have to go through what's essentially a repeat of the first half of the file. Not a fan of this file at all.

I didn't really get a chance to play Etterna or FFR during this round and when I did get a chance to play video games, I would work on beating my backlog instead of FFR. So I took the L and got eliminated at 4th place above Pyriz. The training ark starts now bois.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this OT. For being the first OT after the falling out Kayla had with the FFR community, and for being Goldstinger's first OT that he's hosted, I think he did pretty well (for the most part). However, this OT didn't really feel that competitive in D6 (except for the last 3 rounds lol), and the fact that we got 3 jack files in a row for the first 3 rounds is still baffling to me. On top of that, Heartbreak Furry Fandom is a very controversial topic in the FFR community right now and the fact that Goldstinger went into the discord and kinda doubled down on the file just didn't sit right with me and probably a lot of other people, considering WHY people are talking about it so much. All of this doesn't sound too bad until you realize that Goldstinger is the person solely responsible for picking the songs for each round. A bit embarrassing IMO.

It may sound like I'm just placing all of the blame on Goldstinger and just ragging on him, but to be real, he tried his best and did pretty good and I don't think that he deserves the harassment he's been getting in his DMs. I hope that he does less stupid shit and outdoes himself in OT 16, where I hopefully place in D7 and win.

Huge thanks to:
Elite Ninja
Literally everyone in the Secondary Etterna Discord

HUGE thanks to Fanta for essentially being my personal trainer on stream throughout this tournament lol, and HUGE thanks to the rest of the people on here for believing in me, whether it would be on discord encouraging me in #ffr-bragboard whenever I would post a score, or in the predictions thread. Huge thanks to Jade5 for being a mod in my stream. Huge thanks to Sploder, 3lijah, and EppuJoloZ for keeping me on my toes whenever I wasn't beating their asses and getting #1 on D6 files. (/s of course, ily guys)

See ya guys next year.

FFR Goals
Posted on: October 9, 2021, at 11:58:13pm   [0 comments]
50 FCs [x]
100 FCs [x]
200 FCs []

50 AAAs []
100 AAAs []

1 Billion Grandtotal [x]
3 Billion Grandtotal []

Veteran Status []

Top 2,000 [x]
Top 1,000 [x]
Top 500 [x]
Top 100 []
Top 10 []
Top 5 []
#1 FFR Player []

Division 5 [x]
Division 6 [x]
Division 7 []
Division 8+ []

3rd Place in OT []
2nd Place in OT []
1st Place in OT []

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