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M0nkeyz's Stepped Songs
Song NamesDate
Concussive 28-10-16
Psycho Soup19-11-16
My Catchy Lil Bassline19-02-17
We Won't Be Alone14-02-18
Stay Alive with Style!28-09-19
Human World - Wandering Soul01-10-19
The Oni Wars15-10-19
Illusions of Magic22-10-19
Giants Kingdom29-10-19
Floating Island Githrau05-11-19
Nebuchadrezzar III21-01-20
Deadly Stealth12-02-20
Spring of Fierce Vindication12-04-20
Star Gate14-04-20
Wine & Roses19-05-20
Pizza Hat13-07-20
Smash and Burn21-07-20
The Greet and Eat (Boss Theme)11-08-20
Eine Kleine Funkmusikk18-08-20
Malignant Tumor18-08-20
Mephisto's Grace26-08-20
Elesis Theme Song (Future Bass Remix)02-09-20
Reflective Moment09-09-20
A Firebrand, An Agitator23-09-20
Two can't do it Alone07-10-20
Chiyeko melancholy21-10-20
Igneous Rock (3-1 Hot Remix)04-11-20
The Silver Crystal25-11-20
Vanilla Cake06-01-21
Bloody Revolution21-02-21
Gym Leader Battle Music (Hi Tech Remix)13-07-21
Nisemono [Cut]13-07-21
Alien Blues20-07-21
Lucid Bass II27-07-21
Boss - Marian II10-08-21
The Divine Comedy10-08-21
Creature of Habit24-08-21
Wooden Sword01-10-21
First Sighting05-11-21
Gnossienne 508-12-21
It Feels Like Home20-12-21
Satin City18-03-22
I'm the Boss (Big Bad Bosses Remix)29-04-22
Arranging Matches13-05-22
Whales of Iocaste10-06-22
Path to Nowhere24-06-22
Hometown UFO06-08-22
toroidal earth society20-08-22
D. Kruger, Cat Chaser20-08-22
The Solution Awaits17-09-22
Dimensional Doors24-09-22
Thinker Walker Dreamer Scatter08-10-22
Redemption Arp22-10-22
Neon Glitch28-10-22
Awaking Beat [From the next generation]04-11-22
Saturn Orbital Platform08-11-22
The Cherry Blossoms Will Bloom Again19-11-22
Time for a Picnic24-11-22
The Man from Out of Town14-12-22
Jack of Spades29-03-23
Aster Mirror30-06-23
Organ Lesson14-07-23
Your wonderful silicon brain14-07-23
Pink Slime28-07-23
Icy Throne28-07-23
Big Mouth30-09-23
M0nkeyz's Collab Stepped Songs
Song NamesDate
Damned Night28-01-20
Icing Sugar24-08-21
A Raw Understanding03-12-21
Comatose State30-07-22
The One06-04-23
Comment wall
Dorby writes at 3:05:27pm on 7/16/23
Hey dude I found your sims through the tournament and I see you have an extensive list of files I need to check out. Keep up the awesome work.
SK8R43 writes at 8:52:02am on 10/3/22
Just wanted to say Thinker Walker Dreamer Scatter is an actual masterpiece, great job stepping it! Although that ending had me on the edge nervous lmao
kmay writes at 2:19:42pm on 7/21/22
I'm hoping so... I haven't been playing much before the tourney so I'm still not good at getting those low clean scores, but I can score decently on the harder stuff
kmay writes at 2:07:21pm on 7/21/22
No problem! How are you enjoying D5 so far? You haven't had to try super hard yet lol
kmay writes at 1:32:09pm on 7/21/22
Cognratz on here we go!!
Xtreme2252 writes at 11:57:37pm on 7/19/22
Thank you! o3o
Elite Ninja writes at 2:35:17am on 12/27/21
I gotta say you make a ton of great files and of really cool songs too! I'm glad to have found you as another one of my favourite simfile authors on FFR after coming back from my hiatus since 2015/2016. Honestly love most of your files and still have a ton to play but Odyssey and First Sighting stood out to me when playing today, they were so fun ^^
Hope to keep seeing more files from you in the future on FFR as every time I see your name on a file I get excited, it's a blessing to get to play them xD
tl;dr Huge fan~
clasko1000 writes at 12:07:24am on 10/5/21
I hopped on for a few minutes, Elesis Theme Song is probably the best chart I've ever played.
PrawnSkunk writes at 6:03:04pm on 4/15/21
Your chart for Korzenie turned out amazing, thank you so much for doing it justice!
Skayles writes at 6:19:17pm on 4/11/21
korzenie is super fun and a really good song, holy shit