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M0nkeyz's Stepped Songs
Song NamesSong StyleDate
Concussive Dubstep28-10-16
Psycho SoupPlunderphonics19-11-16
My Catchy Lil BasslineTechno19-02-17
We Won't Be AloneDrum'n Bass14-02-18
PearSpooky Instrumental14-04-18
Stay Alive with Style!Orchestral RPG Music28-09-19
Human World Wandering SoulWorld/Tribal01-10-19
The Oni WarsEdo Rock15-10-19
TornadoHard Metal22-10-19
Illusions of MagicHard Metal22-10-19
Giants KingdomHeavy Metal29-10-19
LycanthropeHeavy Metal31-10-19
Floating Island GithrauOrchestral05-11-19
Nebuchadrezzar IIIRoyal Drum'n Bass21-01-20
Deadly StealthJ-Instrumental12-02-20
Spring of Fierce VindicationMiddle Eastern Breaks12-04-20
Star GateElectro14-04-20
Wine & RosesTrip Hop19-05-20
SarcophagusAncient Rock27-05-20
Pizza HatJazzy Blues13-07-20
Smash and BurnGame Remix21-07-20
The Greet and Eat (Boss Theme)Game Music11-08-20
Eine Kleine FunkmusikkFunky Blues18-08-20
Malignant TumorBreakcore18-08-20
Mephisto's GraceDrum'n Classical26-08-20
Elesis Theme Song (Future Bass Remix)Future Bass02-09-20
Reflective MomentTechno09-09-20
A Firebrand, An AgitatorFunk23-09-20
Two can't do it AloneDrum'n Piano07-10-20
Chiyeko melancholyPiano Ambient21-10-20
Igneous Rock (3-1 Hot Remix)Chiptune Rock04-11-20
The Silver CrystalChillout Breakcore25-11-20
Vanilla CakeBreakcore06-01-21
Bloody RevolutionProgressive Metal21-02-21
KorzenieSymphonic Breakcore11-04-21
Gym Leader Battle Music (Hi Tech Remix)Hi-Tech Mixture13-07-21
Alien BluesCinematic Jazz20-07-21
Lucid Bass IILiquid Drum'n Bass27-07-21
TuberculosisAtmospheric Breakcore03-08-21
Boss - Marian IIRock'n Roll10-08-21
The Divine ComedyEsoteric Mixture10-08-21
OdysseyFuture Garage24-08-21
Creature of HabitSymphonic Drum'n Bass24-08-21
Wooden SwordLo-Fi Breaks01-10-21
Comment wall
clasko1000 writes...
at 12:07:24am on 10/5/21
I hopped on for a few minutes, Elesis Theme Song is probably the best chart I've ever played.
PrawnSkunk writes...
at 6:03:04pm on 4/15/21
Your chart for Korzenie turned out amazing, thank you so much for doing it justice!
Skayles writes...
at 6:19:17pm on 4/11/21
korzenie is super fun and a really good song, holy shit
VisD writes...
at 6:08:35pm on 8/2/20
Thanks for the kind note :) I'm really rooting for you to go all the way and bring it home, you got this!
VisD writes...
at 6:08:07pm on 8/2/20
ayyyy 2g!!!! Well done
the sun fan writes...
at 3:47:05pm on 8/2/20
yeah, no worries
its a tough thing to play when the time zones aren't in your favor
Hakulyte writes...
at 4:19:59am on 7/22/20
Once a while, the stars align and both the charting experience and the player experience goes smoothly together. This happened in Smash and Burn.
danredge writes...
at 6:56:43pm on 6/26/20
Holly Hell Sarcophagus it the hardest Difficulty 65 to FC. Finally got it ! Hard Charting n_n
the sun fan writes...
at 2:50:00pm on 5/27/20
hi, welcome to twg
have you played some before?
MarioNintendo writes...
at 1:33:42pm on 5/12/20
aw yis!
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