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You can call me Miya, or Skayles (pronounced "scales"), or just Cammy since that's my username, although I don't prefer it for a couple of reasons. Usually I'm only awake during the day if I'm playing FFR or other rhythm games, or just doing other necessary things in my personal life. I'm a pretty open book about most things, but I prefer to keep bios at a very digestable length, so feel free to ask me things here or message me on Discord.
I probably like you. But I also like sleep (a lot), foxes, late night wandering, quiet rain/wind, and my [probably unhealthy] obsession with fettucini alfredo, chicken cordon bleu, and tater tots. As for games, i don't play many besides rhythm games, but I do find myself enjoying racing, puzzle, and adventure games / some RPGs.
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I See Stars, The Color Morale, Taishi, Nhato, The Neighborhood, Progamers, DJKurara, The Flashbulb, Aquellex, and pretty much any other music in the genres that those artists fall into. I also very much enjoy classical music, ambient, lo-fi, and any music that's easy to fall asleep to.
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Documentaries capture me more than movies, and even then I don't find myself watching many.
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Posted on: October 26, 2020, at 03:35:18am   [6 comments]
Okay Flynn The Wall Of Text Has Returned

---Ah shit, here we go again. I got on a skillboost a week or two ago, but it fell off sooooooo I'm hoping I can bounce back once I get into grinding things. Excited to see some new files, and hoping to not get royally ruined by the recycled files (i.e. literally anything jumpstream or over 3 minutes). R4 would be cool but the D6 crew is alot more loaded with threatening players since OT13. I just hope to have fun and not embarrass myself completely.---

Round 1: Don Pardo Pimpwagon (AAA)
Difficulty: 83

Looks like we got an early start to the OT, and we're jumping right in with a pretty colorful streamy chart with some very chokable patterns. Really happy to have AAA'd it early on so I can focus on continuing to de-rust. I think the cutoff is gonna be very close to AAA, maybe like 2 goods. Pretty fun file though, nice job ilikexd

Round 2: Galacta Knight (4-0-0-0)
Difficulty: 85

This might be a ticking time bomb for mindblocks but it's a good thing I've worked on jumpstream a little more lately. Expecting a low cutoff on this so starting with 8g is nice as far as showing potential, but I know it won't be safe. It's already 15th out of the 22 that can move on.

Update: Soon after the 8g run, upped it to a messy 5g run....and then A FEW RUNS AFTER THAT I AAA'D UNTIL THE LAST 50 NOTES AND NERVES MADE ME DROP 23 RAW GOODS. I really don't want to play this file anymore since I was knocking on the door of not having to play it anymore...but I'm sure this score won't be safe for long....I'm so mad.

Update 2: Okay, so getting 4 clean was enough to boost me from 18th to 14th due to a three-way tie. I really think I can nail a 2g run since mindblocks seem to not be getting to me, but if not, maybe 4 will be safe...i hope. (cool, it was safe)

Round 3: AiAe (36-5-5-8) (get fucced lol)
Difficulty: 90

Got through r2 by the skin of my teeth, for this file, not only is it my weakness but the file is kinda uh....not great. the ending is really forcing this to be harder than it needs to be and for a tournament setting, this is...rude.

Update 1: So, two things standing out to me. First is the gap between 13th and 12th right now: about a difference of 80 raw goods. This is terrifying. More importantly though...were the frame gaps looked at before release? Everything from 1800 to the end with the one hand trills and 32nd bursts have absolutely atrocious frame gaps like...every 3-4 notes, made more evident by practicing this on lower rates. It makes this chart so much harder to read than it would be with more appropriate...alignment i guess is the right word? There's no way i'm gonna be able to even get close to a passing score.

Update 2: So i can understand the ending a little better now. What I don't understand is why I get so shaky, even when I don't have what I would consider a good run...tournament nerves strike again, i guess.

Update 3: HOLY SHIT THE DREAM IS STILL ALIVE. Satella finally played and i knew i had to give a few more attempts...if i make it to round 4, i'm gonna cry...2 hours left...

Round 4: 12 Bar Bloops (3-0-1-0)
Difficulty: 91

Our first pre-existing file for D6 and it's the best choice I could have asked for. I can't believe I'm even logging round 4 in this division....I don't think it's fully set in yet that I'm finally going to get top 16. Almost feels undeserved because of people that were already eliminated, but hey.

Update 1: Probably my only update because I kinda doubt i'll need to raise this score to be safe. At this point, any run with a AAA in the handjacks is a good run, and the same is probably true for the rest of the playing field This run pretty much solidifies my thinking that I can AAA it though, which will be good for a skill rating boost.

Round 5: Doppelganger (5-0-1-1)
Difficulty: 93

Made it to the gates of top 8, and we get a file that I can potentially so well on, but always seem to slip up and dump goods in the most random spots. This is already much further thsn I expected to get as I was almost knocked out in round 2, so I'll be satisfied with anything but last. Anyway, it's a 280bpm jumptrill-manip-friendly file with a couple of tough transitions, but this is another case where there are so many other files that could have made getting elim'd imminent.

Update 1: So I managed to grab a pretty massive PB already. I knew I could do better than 16-7-7-7, but now this is in my top 15 so that's cool. Controlling nerves in the ending is going to be the most difficult part, but I think I see a path to grabbing a top 8 spot. Let's see.




[RIP] Round 6: LOSHAXI (17-2-2-5)
Difficulty: 96

I'm so happy that I was able to hold on to life with Flynn, and Strangeprogram v0 is mine! Now to try and learn that i mean learn the easiest way to manip my way through it, because oooo boy.

Update 1: I really don't even know how to update this because i'm so speechless at how booty this chart is...but hey, alive as of sunday morning

Update 2: Had a feeling I would get passed again by at least Casey, but I was hoping Hayden would struggle too much. Looks like the difference between lv.89 and lv.92 is alive and well.

Last update: Gonna call it here, mainly to keep my sanity. Not just because LOSHAXI is absolute hell in a tournament setting, but also because i've just become really tired and stressed and lowkey wanting to sit on the sidelines ever since Doppelganger became a very cut-throat situation. I didn't even expect to make it to top 16, so the fact that i'm just missing out on top 5 by 10 points is satisfying. Good luck everyone still in, and thanks everyone for making this such a wild fight.
Posted on: July 7, 2020, at 03:13:30pm   [2 comments]
It's so pretty and it makes me owo. Thank you mkxc3 for the amazing job with such minimal direction from me <3
Posted on: May 7, 2020, at 07:37:36pm   [1 comment]
Current Division: 6
Length Of Time in Division: Since the 9th official (several years of hiatus after the 10th official)
Highest 1-Day Grandtotal:: 573,573,420 lol (August 23, 2020)

Tier 6: 1450 points
Tier 5: 1250 points
Tier 4: 1000 points
Tier 3: 750 points
Tier 2: 500 points
Tier 1: 200 points
Tier 0: Earn your first tier point!

Total Quads: 6 (Highest Level: Yoshi's Cookie [49])

Best Full Tier Points: 8/8 (Reality [85])
Best AAAs: Inspector Gadget (86), Unicron Barbeque (86), The Steel Monster Above The City (86)
Best Flags: Integraation (88: BLACKFLAG), Einstein-Rosen Bridge (86: BLACKFLAG), The First Epidemic (85: BLACKFLAG)
Best SDGs: Grist (96: 3-1-1-2), Red Wings Over Baron (94: 5-0-1-2), St. Scarhand (Heavy) (94: 9-0-0-1)
Best FCs: Husigi Usagi Milk Tei (101: 22-0-0-4), Counter Clockwise Chant Pattern (96: 12-0-0-6), Red Wings Over Baron (94: 7-1-0-2)

FMO AAAs: 188 (80-84 count: 26)
FGO AAAs: 6 // Most Recent: Ascension to Heaven [85]
FGO SDGs (including AAAs): 57 // Most Recent: Grist [96]

CURRENT AAA COMPLETION: 1-70!!!!!!! (September 8, 2020)

[X] 1000 AAA: May 8, 2020 // Introduction (48)
[X] 1100 AAA: May 10, 2020 // Infernoplex (57)
[X] 1200 AAA: May 14, 2020 // Champion Freeverse (57)
[X] 1300 AAA: May 22, 2020 // pain night grand tin (64)
[X] 1400 AAA: June 15, 2020 // Toothless Hawkins (66)
[X] 1500 AAA: August 2, 2020 // Neurotoxin (67)
[X] 1600 AAA: September 3, 2020 // before... (68)
[X] 1700 AAA: October 26, 2020 // Son Of Robot (74)
[ ] 1800 AAA:
[ ] 1900 AAA:
[ ] 2000 AAA:

[X] 1400 FC: May 7, 2020 // i don't remember :<
[X] 1500 FC: May 14, 2020 // Fly away -mix del matador- (58) *AAA*
[X] 1600 FC: June 15, 2020 // Rotary Slicers (84) [4-1-0-4]
[X] 1700 FC: August 7, 2020 // Good L_ck (Yo_'re F_cked) (75) *AAA*
[X] 1800 FC: October 3, 2020 // Universal Collapse (83) [7-0-0-1]
[X] 1900 FC: December 29, 2020 // Breakcore Ein Prosit (86) [6-0-0-0]
[ ] 2000 FC:
Posted on: April 30, 2020, at 05:04:56pm   [5 comments]
I suppose this is my public coming out as a trans girl. I don't mind people using they/them pronouns to refer to me, but I typically prefer being referred to as "she/her". As long as it isn't "he/him", which I understand may be an adjustment considering a handful of people have known me for years. I don't exactly know what or how to say it, but I can say it's...a relief to be able to say I understand myself, and it answers a handful of questions I've had over the years. Conversely, though, it creates even more questions and I wouldn't exactly say life is "easier". There's the constant fear of never being good enough, the fear of how it may affect my relationship with family or how I may be perceived at work. It's another aspect of my life that will at least somewhat be influenced by my anxiety telling me whether something is worth pursuing to certain degrees.

This also creates the issue of me feeling detached from my username, considering it includes the name I was born with. At some point I'll move away from this account, but right now it's out of convenience that I stay active on this one. Not that I'll get upset at anyone for referring to me as "Cammy" though...I mean, it's the name that's staring everyone in the face. It can't be avoided for the time being.

Anyway, if we've interacted on this site at least a handful of times, you've probably played a role in me feeling comfortable enough to even mention any of this in the first place, especially if I've known you since before I was away for years, so thank you.

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WolfTypist writes at 8:54:58am on 1/18/21
What did you use to make your pfp have a glitch effect? looks awesome!
FlynnMac writes at 10:13:18am on 1/6/21
61xp writes at 8:47:05am on 1/5/21
nice red wings score
Ultimate Mike7 writes at 6:45:38pm on 1/4/21
Le dream is now a reality, finally!
radioamor writes at 1:26:57pm on 1/4/21
radioamor writes at 5:54:46pm on 12/25/20
You were very fun competition, and I was glad to have someone with whom to commiserate during the AiAe round. It was a big relief when we both survived that war of attrition. Thank you for the words of support! I vastly appreciate them.
As for music recommendations, I'm not sure if you preferred the more oceanic, ambient parts of Radio or the more abrasive parts (e.g. the repetitive piano samples). Regardless, I would probably direct you towards Hecker's "Harmony in Ultraviolet," as it has a relatively abundant mix of both placid fluidity and jagged noise. That's the standard Hecker introduction album for most, I think. Fennesz's "Agora" plays with physical space and stretched out pad sounds without getting aggressive if "Harmony" ends up being a little too loud.
badman7772 writes at 10:16:20am on 12/22/20
Yep, when I was trying to get something during the self-improvement tourney, only to find out it wasn't a song for that round. LOL!
Snupeh writes at 4:54:01am on 12/22/20
Thank you for your nice words about my profile and also thank you for supporting me <3 <3
Funnygurl555 writes at 11:59:44pm on 12/20/20
thanks cammy. it wasn't personal btw you're ight
Mkdasher writes at 12:19:22pm on 12/17/20
Hey Cammy whammy