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Posted on: March 12, 2021, at 11:50:42pm   [14 comments]
Pretty much any questions are on the table as far as I can think of, excluding NSFW topics and politics/religion, maybe some other things not coming to mind right now. I think it would be nice for people to get to know me better, and to be honest, this is useful as a way for me to understand myself better as well. Try to keep the silly meme questions to a minimum as this is meant to be a serious experiment.

I'll respond here, so fire away. If I wish to not answer a certain question, I'll say so.
Posted on: March 9, 2021, at 11:41:58pm   [3 comments]
Honestly it feels surreal to see myself having come this far. When I came back in March of last year, I was sitting on level 85 and a heaping pile of rust, and now I'm on the edge of reaching D7. I almost teared up a bit after getting Level 93 on the call with Flynn, LeftyRighty, Mike, Pizza, Haku, and a few others, and I absolutely wouldn't be where I am without them and several others.

I don't know how long it will take, but it's going to happen. I'm not going to let myself stop without getting it.
Posted on: October 26, 2020, at 03:35:18am   [11 comments]
Okay Flynn The Wall Of Text Has Returned

3/29/21: Okay Flynn The Wall Of Text Has Left

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ositzxz369 writes at 10:24:37pm on 6/10/21
the 3d filter attacks my :eyes:
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Jerry DB writes at 8:41:37pm on 5/25/21
Hey sorry haven't been on in a while, how have you been? Also just randomly got on and I have 13.37 years LEET status!!!
kmay writes at 7:47:45pm on 5/13/21
I was gonna say MA'AM I AM NOT BUYING IT
kmay writes at 7:42:43pm on 5/13/21
waaaait only 1 billion GT??
I_Love_Allie writes at 1:58:58am on 5/3/21
Still at it? XD
Rapta writes at 2:24:34pm on 4/9/21
Nice profile, heck!
.sifi writes at 9:34:09pm on 4/5/21
who are you
mkxc3 writes at 5:10:35am on 4/4/21