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Member of the FFR community. I play video games a lot.
Rhythm Games, First Person Shooters.
Fav Music:
Rock, Heavy Metal, Dub Step, Glitch Hop, Contemporary, Video Game OSTs, Rap.
Fav Movies:
Let It Shine, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Maleficent, Greyhound
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Posted on: July 4, 2015, at 08:30:48pm   [1 comment]
Because when someone asks me for it, I don't feel like digging through the forums or telling them to dig through the forums. <--R^3 Engine (newest engine)
Posted on: February 18, 2015, at 02:55:37pm   [5 comments]

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furioso6660 writes at 1:54:10pm on 5/6/21
hope you better bro
furioso6660 writes at 1:47:52pm on 5/6/21
how re youu
Phynx writes at 9:08:36pm on 5/1/21
You now what fixes just about anything that's wrong with your body, broken or otherwise? Whiskey. My man, you need more whiskey in your life ;)
woker-X writes at 10:39:50am on 4/19/21
Hope you're feeling better Rapta!!
Jaquan writes at 7:49:35pm on 4/18/21
Yo, You doing okay, bro?
axith writes at 4:24:40pm on 4/17/21
I can't imagine the process, but I'm glad some progress is being made. And that you're finding enough to keep occupied in the meantime. Stay well.
axith writes at 4:00:30pm on 4/17/21
Yep, things are a reasonable amount of well here. Finally got done with work for the weekend, so it's time to kill my hands with jumpstream. Things going reasonably well for you?
MSB Khelly writes at 6:17:36pm on 4/14/21
Hello the rapta
CammyGoesRawr writes at 12:32:39am on 4/10/21
heck indeed! mkxc3 is a very talented artist ^_^ i love yours too. hope all is well btw, it's good seeing your around again
qrrbrbirbel writes at 12:11:13am on 4/8/21
hi frien! sorry it takes me so long i get anxious around good people uwu