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badman7772 writes at 5:57:25pm on 10/4/21
Looks like we both got Scarhand on the same song. Didn't think that'd happen. LOL! Grats!
PrawnSkunk writes at 1:03:54pm on 9/28/21
gz on 2000 FCs!!!
GoPico! writes at 9:22:48pm on 8/6/21
tyvbgbgvgh by7
I laid on my keyboard for a bit and got this
MarcusHawkins writes at 3:08:09pm on 7/20/21
grats on Token Whore!
qrrbrbirbel writes at 12:20:55pm on 3/31/21
Ill absolutely send it your way if you want before/once i submit it :)
qrrbrbirbel writes at 10:17:56pm on 3/5/21
Hey thanks for the extra legwork on the permissions side! I'll be sure to snap a ss of the ping and response i saw on discord if you havent already when posting the permissions url <3
qrrbrbirbel writes at 11:23:21pm on 3/4/21
Yup! Slowly but surely been picking at it, and have it slotted for my last submission for Feb/Mar batch
Rivaloo writes at 6:32:59am on 2/25/21
Nice tier 3, Jenny Wakeman is mad 2003 vibe for me
badman7772 writes at 6:40:03pm on 12/16/20
Dropping by to say good luck in top 3! Seems like you're flexing on em this round so far.
SubaruPoptart writes at 2:51:21pm on 11/9/20
AYYY gg on Division 6!!!