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Posted on: October 16, 2020, at 09:40:09pm   [3 comments]
Posted on: August 26, 2020, at 02:28:10pm   [2 comments]
it was easy until the last 2 rounds. Isometry was good besides the first 700 notes of it which i hate and Revenge was a really good file to end it, it didn't have anything super unplayable and one of the reasons why myuka's score was really ahead of mine was because i didn't spend any of my good sessions on FFR that week, i spent them all on Etterna and i only PBed twice on the same day the file was out.
I still will be playing time to time and try to improve some scores.

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Posted on: June 29, 2020, at 01:34:11am   [2 comments]
So today was the showcase of the tourney, i guess good luck to everybody and i hope a new version gets out to fix input issues, that could help a lot to me so i dont get mad everytime i open the game.
so have fun everybody and remember that if you win you get happier than if you lose, so dont lose.
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Puzzler64 writes at 9:56:54pm on 9/1/21
Insane D8 win!
Zeldagurlfan1 writes at 11:30:51am on 9/1/21
Congrats on winning D8!! :)
Phynx writes at 9:37:30am on 9/1/21
Absolute monster of a win in the OT Anmao. Congrats mate!
AnMaO writes at 8:17:03pm on 8/19/21
im really lazy sorry, and also thanks Dynam0!
IwasAsquidOnce writes at 12:49:45pm on 7/24/21
Any interest in a OT diary thing? Love reading what yall hypertappers think of the nonsense that you're AAA'ing
Dynam0 writes at 9:17:26am on 7/15/21
Grats on CCC rank 1 :o
Phynx writes at 8:14:03am on 7/14/21
You know you don't have to come out of the gate so fast and prove to the world you're going to win D8. Sheesh man, those AAA's are way too natural for you to come by. I'm pretty jealous honestly.
_DJ Vinyl_ writes at 10:39:23pm on 8/21/20
Bro I found you
Josemba writes at 7:43:39am on 8/19/20
No fumes tanta marihuana man
AnMaO writes at 3:45:43am on 8/16/20