FFR Notes 2/28/07

As most of you know we recently used a business finance company to aquire yet another new Quad Opteron server (much faster than a Rackmount Xeon). This Linux based high end Rackmount Opteron has proven very capable over the past 2 months and I would not hesitate to purchase another Rackmount Opteron or Quad Opteron in the near feature if FFR continues to expand. The server has lowered our server load and made things like the video chat, multiplayer server and radio servers all possible on a single current Quad Opteron high end server. As a side effect, it lowered our operating costs.

Quad Opteron with 12GB of ram. I don't regret the purchase one bit. :). Additionally, we are evaluating the new Rackmount Xeon servers and Intel Quad Xeon Rackmount servers for yet another performance boost. Rackmount servers may allow us to further speed up our page load times and most importantly our statistics.