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Blue Kangaroo
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cleaner88HPi (2008-2010) -> GammaBlaster (2011-2017) -> Aquellex (2013-present) · icon by @wintercataru · Mvd nfhrx xlnrmt hllm! Zogslfts kvlkov mld ivxltmrhv nv zh gizmh rm lmormv hkzxvh, R xzmmlg gizmhrgrlm rm ivzo oruv qfhg bvg fmgro nfogrkov kvihlmzo sfiwovh szev yvvm levixlnv.
Piano technology, music theory, sound engineering, computer science, puzzle games
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Jazz, contemporary, electronic, classical
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Aquellex's Music on FFR
Song NamesSong StyleDate
The Candy Corn WitchEnergetic Chiptune31-10-18
WanderfluxLSDJ Breakcore17-08-19
Crystal Chamber Combustion (bike)Extreme LSDJ Breakcore28-09-19
Tachyon Beam CannonExtreme LSDJ Glitch 10-12-19
Zygourous Distribution8-bit Speed04-08-20
StarflightSpeed Chiptune30-09-20
Aquellex's Stepped Songs
Song NamesSong StyleDate
ShatteredRock'n Breakcore29-10-19
Random Thoughts
Posted on: September 9, 2021, at 02:18:09am   [0 comments]
There is an outbreak of the aarrghh virus going around. Symptoms include booflags at the end of songs and Quitting FlashFlashRevolution forever...however long that actually is.
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AndySaxBang writes at 11:45:27am on 1/23/22
Thanks for welcoming me back! Couldn't remember the login info for my old account so I just made a new one. Crazy to think its been almost 15 years since I first joined
XCV writes at 3:50:44pm on 12/23/21
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Elite Ninja writes at 3:14:49am on 10/28/21
Yeah I can tell I remember when checking the site at one point and seeing that someone had AAA'd RATO and then now there's even another division added it just feels like I no longer live among humans lol.
Elite Ninja writes at 1:54:54am on 10/28/21
Mhm I'm back \o/ but nowhere near how good I used to be ;-;
Waterisgood writes at 4:37:22am on 10/21/21
smartdude1212 writes at 5:57:53pm on 10/13/21
no arguments there :))))
Moyeon writes at 12:39:03pm on 9/19/21
ty, your taste in music is cool also
Sidek writes at 12:21:56pm on 9/12/21
nvm i read wrong your message but yeah just with kombo but not often
Sidek writes at 12:17:28pm on 9/12/21
you mean the kkrusty song?
Sidek writes at 4:27:50pm on 9/11/21
yeah lol that would be cool
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