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Black_Shield's Gameplay Stats Today
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An Insane man who lives near the woods, Like to Create things, Has mild insomnia and does as much as possible before I black out, but don't worry, I'm not gonna be Tyler Durden. I tend to be a track of always needing to be doing things. I also have a tendency to forget things, so i have a well over a 1,000 thousand bookmarks on my chrome Account. ----------------------------------- - - - - - - - April 24, 2016,
I enjoy any type of media that exists, like Movies, Tv shows, cartoon, Anime, Books, Manga, Comics, Podcasts, Video games, Art, Photography, and the vast majority of Online Web-Content. I enjoy Photography and filmography as hobbies, along with writing and Drawing. I also play around on a Piano and Snare, along with the Shiny Gold terror that'll destroy your eardrums that be my Trumpet.
Fav Music:
Practically due to a mental disease, I like just about any type of music, and i when i find songs i like i have the tendency to want to own the song. But it rotates through, i end up listening to it until i don't like it as much anymore
Fav Movies:
Whether it be from the late 70's or made in the last few months, i'll probably like it. (except for a certain movie about Ice)
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3 Billion Grand Total
Posted on: July 31, 2022, at 06:42:19pm   [2 comments]

I crossed the 3 Billion threshold with a AAA on Once Upon A December, a file that I have played I feel like a million times, slowly improving on. defanatelt one of the few songs i use to track my progress in the game, along with AAA, MAX FOREVER, and Inside The Fire.

It's great to finally be here, I wonder how far i'll go.

BlackShield's OT15 Division 2 Log
Posted on: July 23, 2022, at 10:06:10am   [0 comments]
Space Doggity
Diff: 19

nice little song, almost stamina, managed to AAA after slipping up during the sight-read

Last Summer
Diff: 19 first, changed to 21

another AAA, fun song

diff: 38
Massive difficulty jump, AAA'd every section individually, but couldn't string together a full run, 2 raw, kinda mad. and Puzzler swoops in in the last few hours with no play's to a AAA. GG

Mario Overworld (REMIX)
Diff: 50

It's a psychotik File, expect pain-peko. First run completed with 40.4 raws.
Note: Mystic was moved to Div 3.
Ended with 33 raws, the beginning of the chart really fucked with me.

Diff: 51
3rd Pyschotik File in a row, div 2 is getting rekted. P-P-PAIN-PEKO!
This may be the end of me, I will only have one day to give my attempts due to work, i reeally want top 8, i've been working hard i swear.
in three plays i went from 120+ to 45.6 to 24. i might make it through, this is my style of charts too. Spoilers: i made it through.

ROUND 6: the Instinct
DIFF: 53
Finally a different artist, hi T-Force.

few attempts done, already at 44 RGs, maybe on a full nights rest i can combat that and get a FC as well, the unnecessary boos i'm getting won't help either. it may be possible for me to get through another round, it's hard to tell due to a certain player waiting until the last moment every week to play.

I ded.
37.8 RG, only a 2 RG gap, I sad. oh if only

2 Billion Grand Total
Posted on: December 14, 2021, at 08:39:09pm   [1 comment]
look at that, we're already here, but at the same time, damn August felt like yesterday.

Tried to AAA Darkside to Pass 2,000,000,000 but i choked like a loser.
still surprising given when i played that song last week i barely FC'd

Um, i've been in a bunch of tourney's as of late and my overall game play has been improving quite significantly, going from lvl22 to 37, and increasing my AAA count by almost 70 songs.

2/3 of the way to Veteran status, the final arc has been begun. If i keep improving like i have been, i should be there before April.

Though i feel like i'm going to need a resting phase soon, between work, this, and my terrible sleeping habits, my body feels like a mobile trash can that can ran 9 miles at a time.

1 Billion Grand Total
Posted on: August 22, 2021, at 01:43:22am   [1 comment]
I'm finally here after several years.
Funny enough I think about 200,000 of that occured in the last week. lol.
But planning on grinding a lot more too soon. I want my veteran status.
but given time i'm sure another 2 billion will be a cake walk.
and i've been improving pretty well lately.

never been great, but it's finally nice to see improvement.

Btw I wanted to get the 1 bill on a down with the sickness SDG, but my eyes and brain have turned off. so i played the Distant Shores EDM mix and flubbed the heck out of it.

thanks for your time.

helle there
Posted on: August 1, 2021, at 10:05:33pm   [0 comments]
Finally gonna start having free time again soon, and thinking about jamming out on here and Etternia to really improve myself

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diddleysquin writes...
at 5:22:20pm on 7/7/22
I feel SO incredibly rude but I just realised that I never sent out my good luck messages to my division in this years OT so I'm sending it now before round 1 ends.
diddleysquin writes...
at 6:00:11pm on 7/5/22
I look forward to seeing you there :)
AAAorQUIT writes...
at 12:40:13pm on 3/21/22
it took a lot of cropping and that is basically it
kmay writes...
at 6:32:36am on 1/27/22
well damn you past me in the biggest losers gambling hall
AAAorQUIT writes...
at 3:04:22pm on 1/21/22
Rapta writes...
at 6:22:55pm on 1/18/22
what woods smell of?
MaikoxSamurai16 writes...
at 1:49:48pm on 12/24/21
Hellloo :D Thank you for adding me, I sense another Kiryu too 0.0 xD
C1O writes...
at 11:51:13pm on 12/11/21
Loving the background.
Hakulyte writes...
at 1:35:02am on 12/3/21
I used to play this game while waiting for other games to come out. Slowly, hundred of games turned into thousands and I found myself having more fun setting goals and playing this at my own pace than anything else. Ended up playing a ridiculous amount without realizing it. I also didn't chat much back in the day. I just wanted something to kill time and stay active. Thanks for passing by ~
Fireo writes...
at 10:35:05pm on 10/27/21
Hey nice progress! You really have seemed to been improving. 100 AAA's is awesome!
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