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Sup, The name's Roman ---- An Insane man who lives near the woods, Like to Create things, Has mild insomnia and does as much as possible before I black out, but don't worry, I'm not gonna be Tyler Durden. I tend to be a track of always needing to be doing things. I also have a tendency to forget things, so i have a well over a 1,000 thousand bookmarks on my chrome Account. ----------------------------------- - - - - - - - April 24, 2016,
I enjoy any type of media that exists, like Movies, Tv shows, cartoon, Anime, Books, Manga, Comics, Podcasts, Video games, Art, Photography, and the vast majority of Online Web-Content. I enjoy Photography and filmography as hobbies, along with writing and Drawing. I also play around on a Piano and Snare, along with the Shiny Gold terror that'll destroy your eardrums that be my Trumpet.
Fav Music:
Practically due to a mental disease, I like just about any type of music, and i when i find songs i like i have the tendency to want to own the song. But it rotates through, i end up listening to it until i don't like it as much anymore
Fav Movies:
Whether it be from the late 70's or made in the last few months, i'll probably like it. (except for a certain movie about Ice)
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Black_Shield's OT 17 LOG - No cactus allowed
Posted on: June 28, 2024, at 10:28:39pm   [1 comment]
The daytona 500 of VSRG's is back again for 2024, and Black_shield is still D3. Hopefully No cactus's this time. a
I hit 6 Billion GT last night

Song: Ember
Step-artists: jh05013
difficulty: 42

Still de-rusting. hopefully can AAA the round 1 file this year unlike last year.
GAhg, nope, made it to 3.2 RGs, derusting is weird lately. but round 2! now

Song: Funkle Phil
Step-artists: Storn42
difficulty: 44

first of maybe more storns to come. why is the file not 42 diff lol.
after a couple of attempts i managed a blackflag??? maybe AAA-able

Posted on: April 3, 2024, at 09:13:22pm   [2 comments]
in this house, we :CirBark:

Posted on: November 13, 2023, at 02:35:48pm   [6 comments]

Posted on: July 14, 2023, at 11:45:59pm   [2 comments]
thanks for coming to my ted talk

[it's a Tedx event]

BlackShield's OT16 Division 3 Log (ready to die e
Posted on: June 30, 2023, at 12:00:56am   [1 comment]
Welcome back to another round of hell in a cell called ffr, broadcasting here tonight in new york city, i'm micheal cole and i'll be your announcing this evening as we see what the Black_shield can do in his first d3 tourney.

Song: Claiomh Solais
Step-artists: jh05013
difficulty: 40

First try of the tourney, got 3.2RG on the file, might be able to AAA but this is already a hard start to the tourney personally.

ALRIGHT: after a lovely 20+ attempts, we've ended up at 1RG barely driving into 8th place, how lucky am i. jeeeez. this file makes my brain hurts.

Song: Who likes to party
Step-artist: Tru[TruMaestro]
Difficulty: 46

Allllllright, first drivethough got me 7rg. i may be able to low sdg by the end of next week. kinda fun patterns.

okay a few attempts in, i am now at 2rg, sooooo, i may be able to AAA this round oddly enough. not a huge fan of the music though
Finished round at 2 rg

Song: Starry Sky of a slight sleep
Step-artist: Velocity [birbman]{hoot}
Difficulty: 48

managed a 7 rgs the night after round start. had trouble replicating and then was planning to grind a bit on wednesday night. ended up in the hosptital after hitting a cactus. mr. cactus needle'd my left hand. so no fiffer for a while.

Song: Anger Control
Step-artist: Tru [He's back again]
Difficulty: 54

Hand is slightly better. played a 13 goods playthrough, think i can improve, would like to stay in top 8. waiting to heal more before grinding.
ended up staying there and made it to round 5

Song: Avarice
Step-artist: storn
Difficulty: 60

storn hits us with a disturbed file, and i managed 14.2rg whilst my hand starts swelling up again post cactus. after way too many attempts i sucumbed to piss water... in 10th place, whilst there was a squid above me.

------------ E N D T O U R N E Y -----------

ROUND 6: lemonade swim
Song: Electro Killer 6000
Step-artist: Tru[for the thierd time]
Difficulty: 50

post death:
games remix central. interesting speed file. after a few attempts managed 40.8 raw for now. atleast all i need to do is defeat the d2 cutoff score so i should be fine.

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casual_dancing_queen writes...
at 2:49:06pm on 7/14/24
eternally "alright"
EppuJoloZ writes...
at 2:53:37pm on 7/5/24
das alot of games played
Hakulyte writes...
at 11:49:40pm on 7/2/24
It's a long story about "oh, I should play every songs". "I should FC every song I can". "I should sdg every songs I can". "I should AAA every song I can". After that you add a few variables like "oh, I got a new keyboard, time improve every score". "oh, new PC, less lag yipee". If I could share GT, I would consider it 'cause being GT rank #1 has no benefit. If anything it's a bit boring 'cause I don't have a goal above me anymore. It leaves no choice, but to focus attention elsewhere. tldr; have fun.
ULTIMEGA writes...
at 12:45:28am on 3/20/24
The Morag PFP had a good run. With me on the Genshin grind now, I figured Raiden Shogun would be a good change.
kantai writes...
at 5:18:57pm on 1/15/24
Omega Link46 writes...
at 1:02:16pm on 1/8/24
a man of culture
ambi. writes...
at 10:03:52pm on 12/20/23
casual_dancing_queen writes...
at 4:50:27pm on 12/20/23
EppuJoloZ writes...
at 2:31:30am on 12/6/23
Almost halfway to vrofl :D
casual_dancing_queen writes...
at 1:05:05am on 11/30/23
is a wolf girl!! awoo.
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