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Currently 19 years of age. Main FFR account; spread playstyle. For index account, see II_Corrupted842. If I blocked you or something like that, then I meant to friend you and simply had a fat finger error. "If it ain't Mystic, you missed it." -Me in 2k20 for some reason
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pretty much anything and everything; you'd have to try REALLY hard to get me to genuinely dislike something
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anything with the when the yeah it has but it don't the do however at the not the when the yes
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16th Official Tournament spruce planks
Posted on: June 29, 2023, at 08:20:13pm   [5 comments]

Round 1 - Necroxus (BOOFLAG) booflagged on the jumpgluts at the end of the file (jumpgluts have always been one of my most significant weaknesses) and mindblocked the file; lovin' life

Edit: I attempted one last time to snag the AAA 8 minutes before the round end but choked in the same spot as my sightread, so that's just going to be that

Round 2 - Parallel Skydive (SDG) Missed Previews this time, but seeing this for the first time, I have to say, I love the file.

Round 3 - Dancecore Moldovenesc (8-1-0-3) Could have been an SDG, but then I dropped five goods out of nerves in random easy bits. I really hope this is enough to hang on because I don't think I can improve this score before the round ends.

Round 4 - Swamp Thing v2 (8-0-1-3) I am now lemonade zombie; died laughing after hearing toxicity's comments on this file in his Anger Control video

pack of skittle (in all srs though I don't think this is a bad file; I found it fun)


Round 5 - Pink Slime (SDG) jumpstream file woo
lemonade moment

and then I gave up

I'm so good

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Tentacular Aliens' Epic Extraterrestrial Jungle Dance Party Inside Of A Super-Ultra-Mega-Gigantic U.F.O. (It Maybe U.U.F.O.) Silently Flying Over Illinois St. (Similar to the comment, below, this is also a Camellia song)
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