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FFR Rank:1,484
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FFR Grandtotal Rank:962
FFR Grandtotal:8,025,164,900
FFR Games Played:12,330
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25, Wichita, Kansas. What else do you want to know?
Rhythm gaming, speedcubing, and anything with two wheels and an engine.
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Posted on: December 29, 2015, at 11:08:51am   [0 comments]
Tournament time. Let's do this!

Player Name: Jacob (MKIIPro)
Age: 25 (April 26, 1997)
City/State: Wichita, Kansas
Years Played: 14
Alternative Aliases: 1391401, DeathPianoMaster, TheDarkBreakfastRoll

Ingame Stats:
Grandtotal Score: 7.3 Billion
Games played: 11,050
Credit count: 514,500

Game settings:
Spread WEIO
Receptor Spacing: lol 69

Gameplay conditions:
dztech dz60 hhkb (happy hacking keyboard)
Gateron Black Ink v2 switches, lubricated and filmed

Highest Full Combo: Shin Sekai (81)
Highest SDG: October (81)
Highest Blackflag: what the f is this (64)
Highest AAA: Spider Dance (66)

Current grinds:

grind1 (13-0-2-6)
Famicom Selecta (11-0-1-3)
whatever the current d5 official tournament file is right now
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FlynnMac writes at 6:58:46pm on 5/9/23
FlynnMac writes at 10:03:29pm on 7/15/22
they killed the fuckin minion what the FUCK
GENS151 writes at 7:21:12am on 7/8/22
Sky Kitten writes at 2:12:38pm on 4/26/22
Happy birthday~
_DJ Vinyl_ writes at 9:36:00pm on 4/8/22
Oh my goodness you need to watch the new season of Komi Can't Communicate
_DJ Vinyl_ writes at 6:07:21am on 4/2/22
I can see this living being
gold stinger writes at 10:18:36am on 3/6/22
Elite Ninja writes at 5:19:28pm on 10/29/21
Ayyyyy a fellow Wichitan and also a fellow cuber as well! How ironic xD
Zeldagurlfan1 writes at 10:57:42am on 9/1/21
>.o bloop
RARAWR writes at 5:18:43pm on 8/16/21
Haha! Really? Yeah I was showing my friend around. Seems to have picked up a bit since FnF or whatever that game is the kids are playing now-a-days.