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im bad at rhythm games yet i like them so much here is the noteskin i use now
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grunge, metal (alice in chains, soad, soundgarden)
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Posted on: August 14, 2021, at 05:30:27pm   [14 comments]
i was working at dairy queen and i had a bunch of orders and i accidently made 5 cheeseburgers with no burger pattys and i think i was very close to getting punched in the face by the person i was working with
Posted on: July 12, 2021, at 09:20:20pm   [2 comments]
Posted on: July 22, 2020, at 06:18:37pm   [0 comments]
OT 13 D2:
i made it to number 15 on my first tournament out of pure luck
OT 13.5 D2:
on the 13.5th tournament i made it to number 10 by some miracle (getting better but i still stuck)
OT 14 D2:
ok on OT 14 i somehow made it to top 8 and im probably ranking out this match cause i 100% do not belong in top 8, i only made it in top 8 because of a lucky run on an awkward chart
Still made it to round 7 top 5, i know im ranking out, part of me is sad i got dead last this round being behind by 40+ raw goods but the other part was the part that thought i was gone by round 3 yet here i am in the top 5 (best tournament i have ever done and might be the best i will ever do but maybe next tournament i will do better)
OT 15 D2:
I just signed up for OT 15 i forgot it started in july (the last 3 tournaments i signed up for when covid had the bands shut down so i was able to participate but this time i am absolutely packed in july due to making it in one of the big boy bands)
on the fourth round of this and surprisingly im still 8th place with roughly 30+ raw goods in my fc (but it is also a 50 which i believe is higher than all other round 4s ive done (but very fun song)
i ranked out at the last hour at 9th place, i think i still did alright though
OT 16
Am with cadets drum and bugle corps for tour so i set my first round score on a tour bus with 8 raw goods i think ill get to round 2 or 3 then probably rank out ngl
Round 2: somehow AAAed in less than 10 plays after a performance so i can chill a bit for this round (besides i need sleep for dci)
round 3: got an sdg and didnt really set anything better than that
round 4: got a 9 good run on altale standard but my phone crashed while using my hotspot (saved the replay and submitted it in the unrecorded scores section when i got connection)
round 5: got a 28.8 raw good run on my tour bus and somehow am number 1 this round
round 6: last round while im in america for dci that was frickin tough but i pulled through
round 7: back in Canada and i completely forgot about the round until i had less than 1.5 days to set a score i got a 39.2rg score which is currently number 2 but i expect the other guys to set some great scores which might just boot me out
got in round 8 with a 20.8rg score and im somehow now in the final round
round 8: i had a 91rg score for most of the week and just started giving more proper goes at it 4 hours left and somehow set a 28rg score on hypothermos i was hoping for a mid 40rg score so i could get second or be close to third so im going crazy rn
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Zyxel writes at 10:16:19am on 2/26/24
WOWOWOW happy birthday!! or at least, the ffr forums say its ur bday
Zeldagurlfan1 writes at 2:01:40pm on 9/16/22
^____^ ~
diddleysquin writes at 5:24:03pm on 7/7/22
I feel SO incredibly rude but I just realised that I never sent out my good luck messages to my division in this years OT so I'm sending it now before round 1 ends.
Rukairi writes at 10:09:07pm on 8/18/21
nah you crazy, and congrats on getting into top 5! bet you'll get less than 15 goods too.
NapalmDaDon writes at 3:08:38pm on 8/18/21
nah man dont do me like this :D
Congratz to top 5 btw
Sniper14k writes at 2:24:38am on 8/18/21
oiiii CHUPAPI!!
Deathserpent2 writes at 12:03:54am on 8/18/21
Congrats on making into the top 5 of D2! The near-sdg at the last second was super impressive. Best luck in this round!
HBar writes at 11:21:26pm on 8/17/21
Congrats on making the top 5! That was some nice improvement on last round's song, and you're performing impressively above your ffr rank.
GoPico! writes at 5:46:15pm on 8/15/21
c h e e z n u t z
ositzxz369 writes at 6:39:18pm on 8/14/21