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I technically made this account as a kid around the early 2000's. However, at 2017, I rediscovered FFR and started playing/stepping seriously since then. Formerly a One-handed player, played up to difficulty 67's on the numpad (4568). Currently a Spread player (AS56). Fursona = Vulture (specific characteristics/vulture species currently undecided). (At the moment, Planet Karma requires hoarding 150,000 credits to unlock (any credit amount above this is useless excess)). Big 48th/64th walls, big jacks, jumpgluts, and one-handy split jump trills = ez ways to make a hard stepfile; technical awkward transitions = objective way to make hard stepfile, but is heavily song-dependent. Otaku Heavy unlock: Secrets and Lies. Scarhand Heavy unlock: Scars Left By Time.
Breakcore/interesting non-breakcore music. God Emperor of Dune. Kulipari oondisi
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I step aurally offensive music.
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The source material of all those Gachi memes.
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Song NamesSong StyleDate
Runs from the RainExperimental08-10-19
Subterfuge ShuffleFake Jazz15-10-19
Cloak SteppinBreakbeats31-10-19
Who's the SpookBreakbeats31-10-19
Mongoloid AlienGlitch Jungle19-11-19
Chainsaw FellatioIndustrial Techno14-01-20
Epstein-Horsharck LidsOld-Skool Jungle24-03-20
S [Venetian Snares]Jungle21-04-20
Unborn BabyDrillcore11-05-20
Handle Your BusinessBreakcore19-05-20
Cobra CommanderDigital Breaks28-07-20
Circle PitJungle11-08-20
Benson & Hedges (Venetian Snares Remix)Jungle18-08-20
Back 2 Ze CoreBreakcore14-10-20
Time 4 Your MedicineBreakcore21-10-20
Trip to the Moon (Club Remix) v2Dance Pop11-11-20
CarlinismPercussive Experimental14-12-20
Cruel Whole (Abelcain Remix) v3Noizecore17-12-20
1000 YearsBreakcore06-01-21
Choprite [Oni]Drum'n Bass17-01-21
My Lady Madeline, Part 2Experimental31-01-21
LangsideIDM Breaks07-02-21
Story of Snowman and Sunshine Girl [Cut]Eurotrance21-02-21
ChinaskiNatural IDM Sound28-02-21
WhiplashedMeme Breakcore21-03-21
Too YoungClick IDM25-04-21
Killing All Your AggressionsBroken Jazz09-05-21
It G Ma TurntTrap16-05-21
CCUKJungle Mixture23-05-21
PervsIndustrial Breaks30-05-21
Random Thoughts
Posted on: June 3, 2021, at 12:57:10am   [1 comment]

Maybe I'll put my saltier thoughts on the OT14 files over here.

(R1)Debut: the bmah spike goes from note 473-491; the jump-minijack hybrid patterns were annoying but w/e it's technically correct i guess; ty based bmah making a comeback to the salty files
Posted on: May 21, 2021, at 11:56:34pm   [6 comments]
TL;DR - I decided to step Aamelotasis, Personal Discourse, Cobra Commander, Chainsaw Fellatio, and Deadman DJ as my 1st batch of files in 2017. They sucked.

Any download links to the old files probably don't work since I deleted them unfortunately. Good thing I have a video to my 1st draft of Cobra Commander -
Posted on: May 8, 2020, at 01:49:00am   [1 comment]
Then maybe this site can help: Btw, there's no ponies, scalies, birds(?), protogens, or synths currently being used by the AI in this website.
Posted on: February 29, 2020, at 04:07:57am   [0 comments]
Posted on: November 10, 2018, at 01:40:15am   [2 comments]
I found all of these by looking through every FFR stepauthor's Random Thoughts. Pastebins are posted incase the original post is gone. If you're a stepauthor and have an update on your thoughts, let me know.
















(202X Redux, AKA Trumaestro's File Commentary v2)

Wayward Vagabond/who_cares937:





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et tu, pollo?
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been logging my ot thoughts on my other account :3
SoFast writes at 1:33:27pm on 6/1/21
np based VS enthusiast
XelNya writes at 4:56:32pm on 4/21/21
I mean, I hadn't thought about doing it, considering a lot of people don't really like / care about my takes, but I think that'd be a fun project to work on, so I might do like, a video on my own files, and other files from the game I wanna talk about for nostalgia purposes. Thanks for the idea.
XelNya writes at 9:40:01pm on 4/20/21
commentary on what lol
gold stinger writes at 10:56:59am on 4/6/21
yaya new ffr pfp
Ultimate Mike7 writes at 12:22:03pm on 3/14/21
CammyGoesRawr writes at 12:58:19am on 3/5/21
i regret to tell you that isn't my art :( my drawings on Champ'd Up should be evident of my artistic skills being Very Not Pog
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1300 fcz
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This profile background is way more danker than mine