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Currently studying Computer Science in university.
Passing my classes bro. That's all I have on my mind these days.
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Posted on: July 18, 2021, at 10:09:03pm   [0 comments]
Easiest - AAA
Beginner - AAA
Very Easy - AAA
Easy - FC (Except for "Token Whore")
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^Sorrow^ writes at 5:13:47pm on 9/2/21
Congratulations on finishing in 2nd! It's amazing!
_DJ Vinyl_ writes at 5:54:28pm on 9/1/21
Good Job Lads
Kawaii025 writes at 9:59:09pm on 8/25/21
ty for vote :)
_DJ Vinyl_ writes at 1:04:47am on 8/25/21
Good luck to you, I may predict crypt to win but I'm still not counting you out. try and beat him
_DJ Vinyl_ writes at 12:51:16am on 7/28/21
Don't worry I'm behind you and approaching, I'm willing to give it my all now in these rounds got AAA on my 5th try. Been grinding hard songs as well, see you up in the leaderboards my friend. trying to do a rival battle like I did with Kuri in the past.
Zageron writes at 7:13:39pm on 7/16/21
My pleasure, you too.
Rapta writes at 7:02:27pm on 7/16/21
We can play again some time, just message me on Discord~
KillerScythe0 writes at 9:17:21pm on 6/18/21
Guess I'm back for now, huh?
MarioNintendo writes at 5:10:05pm on 10/24/19
Have a nice day my dude
xxXitsunexx writes at 9:46:23pm on 5/14/17
ohhhhhh, you finally came back on here :D