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Posted on: October 15, 2013, at 02:36:09pm

The other comment wall was placed too low. Reposted this to make it easier to comment.

  1. dat avi


  3. that fucking avatar

  4. Sure is :D

  5. hey Dossar, how do you get the flasm-add to even work? I was just wondering if it was possible to have the frames shifted up a frame for D5/D6/D7.

  6. haha, why thank you. I thought my profile could use some René descartes. Coincidentally I had that "quite exquisite indeed" there for months.
    Also, you avi makes me laugh more than it should, haha.

  7. do you have the SM file for the ayakashi file on your engine? if so, could i have it so i could play it on sm?

  8. sexyy

  9. yeah im dumb i was looking at the migs grading system rofl



  12. Any tips on doing WWE's ending? Slowing down the rate + isolating doesn't do justice since the ending on a normal rate requires some kind of pattern manipulation which I can't get down.

  13. Thanks, man! 7g'd it. Would be really lucky to get a blackflag on it since I've blocked the very last 48th flam.

  14. Awesome play of your replays~ c:

  15. what are your famous "Frame Fixes" that everyone talks about.

  16. cool

  17. Hey thanks man

  18. Sorry, no. I don't know anything about that. I live in Melbourne, not Brisbane.

  19. how easy do u think it is when u have majestic muscles to vibrate the edit stepfile on AOAO?

  20. oh,welps thanks~! ^~^

  21. this is a comment

  22. Thanks a bunch, that means a lot to me, im trying my best!

  23. Merry Christmas (early greetings)

  24. that good
    at least it got rid of my nerves at the burst section

  25. Thanks x3 solo has seemed to be really boosting me in every area
    D6 here I come

  26. Im mad cuz inconsistent i guess
    There's always next year! : )

  27. Ya (rain)

  28. What laptop did you have?

  29. I hate latptops so much, but eventually I need one soon so I can keep working on my piano music. I believe my sister had one of those, but it wasn't black like yours.

  30. you stay the fuck away from my files

  31. id fuck dossar

  32. Hey Dossar thanks for the profile vote back in July or June, if I even can recall correctly! :)

  33. I intended to give you just a taste. Think of it as a test for only the true 2hu fans.


  35. Aha, I was just gonna say, but still, only 11 tries to AAA a high-FSO file is still absolutely insane.

  36. Awesome job on hetero dossar! But you cant lose to ji, he is the devil.

  37. Hello yes, am to wondering interested in step arrow produce for music? Thanks you.

  38. Our friend get has inspired true master art musical piece production! Please have an enjoyment while preview the song in making:

  39. wtf did u seriously AAA that song sightread?

  40. Are you going to send in Bird's Midair Heatstroke/Snapshot Lifespan and grind4? I'm considering taking the place once I free up my submission cap.

  41. hahah ikr?! omega grunt made that awesome avatar festive for this time of year :P

  42. HI DOSSAR!!! :D

  43. congratulations!

  44. grats meng.

  45. Never did doubt cross my mind that you would win D7. Congratulations, you meet my expectations once again!

  46. How do you AAA Husigi Usagi Milk Tei D:

  47. I JUST saw that it said you won D7 I was screaming "YES!" all down the hallways. ppl were looking at me strange.

  48. Hello Dossar! Merry Christmas!!
    Would you like to try a file I charted (on SM) as your Christmas present? :D

  49. You actually tripple the last tourney song.
    O-O wow....good O-O

  50. yes!

  51. Hahahaaa, nice, I figured my post went unnoticed.

  52. when are you going to clean up level ranks again?

  53. thanks for the vote.

  54. Hey Dossar, can I get some jacking advice? Like how to improve jacking control and jacking speed? o.o

  55. You think a decent megalith pass would be worth a video?

  56. How do you accurately get passed that stupid hold section?

  57. Hey Dossar, I play FFR occasionally but I have a request for you. Can you make an isolation file on the 32nd streams at around 1700-1800 combo for Twirling Star? Thanks!

  58. you still playing spread like before or just you are playing index??

  59. do what

  60. oh lol, I dunno. I just gave gaz 100k to go nuts with an audino profile

  61. Wow, nice find... Thanks for the link! :)

  62. I made mine and Elite Ninja's profile when the hype happened lol
    Takeshima's works are so easy to use for profiles; in fact, this one is also one of his works.

  63. Hows life been treating you Roy?

  64. Would be cool to see more profiles made now that more of his/her pokemon art has been released.

  65. I actually wanted a St.scarhand unlock on it, but apparently that's for another time.

  66. 1337 public AAA era is already over, how sad.

  67. Awesome grind 2 file, man.



  70. Lol The umbrella is identical! Kogasa is my waifu though.

  71. That's the kind of AAA that I would have issues with using 1.15x, but that's completely fine on a mid-range speedmod. Fairly straightforward file.

  72. We used to be pals. "Buds", if you will. We had some good times in the old days. Rivals. To the core. Yet, I believe, we both had a love for one another that could not be mislooked. It was a sad day when I left behind stepmania... Truly, do I regret it? yes. Do you want to know what the hardest part was? Leaving you. My competitor, my guide, and my friend. Sorry, I have to take a break from this as it is getting a bit emotional on this side...okay, back to business, you need to give me some credits. I know it won't be easy. taking me back into your life. But just let it happen...this transfer of credits to me will be a new metaphorical journey in our friendship . Do it.

  73. Check your gmail for the pink fluffy unicorns vid. Enjoy~ not.

  74. I`d like to help you out. Which way did you come in?

  75. Hey, you have experience in dumps as well!
    sorry for the self promotion but it hasn't been seeing as much activity as I had hoped. Please consider submitting something if you have any free time on your hands. Would ask you to judge as well, but your probably are busy with other things.

  76. Hello,
    How are you today?
    I wish you the best of season
    My name is Cynthia,
    i will like us to become friends
    to discuss important issues.
    write me with my email
    Hope to hear from you
    take care,

  77. gj on euphoria v2. LOL i'm so used to the v1 one, that it's hard to not play the arrows in the crappy spots they used to be

  78. Yeah! I wasn't expecting anyone to even know what Ideolo was @_@

  79. I died:

  80. Crying

  81. defiantly

  82. ur 14 tier point thing is for death piano right?

  83. Didn't even took a look at the file :o Anyway here's what nestlekwik had to say back in 2003 :)

  84. I apologize if my comment upsets you in any way; it was merely a bad joke. :[

  85. Can you pm me the upcoming Songs of the Week titles? OWA asked me to check them, but I'm not sure exactly which file we're adding in-game. Also, thanks for the congrats~

  86. best avatar

  87. how can i get my file 'sniffing stardust on the dancefloor' into the tourney batch?

  88. you will never gonna back to play like before?
    i mean when you used to be very active playing keyboard stuff and not pad stuff.

  89. Hi Dossar, I was wondering if you're able; could you give me the necessary permissions to post on the forums. I've activated my account but still can't post, thanks

  90. Paraclete AAA.

  91. I was actually joking about the credit distribution and didn't even notice there was a Spon Con, lol. Nice April Fool's joke though, looks like it had a good outcome. I for one expected it just from the date it was posted. :P

  92. I am also oblivious to said events that infuriated you, but sorry to hear there's been some drama going on :/

  93. Good luck on your finals! :)

  94. i didn't knew you liked noire lol

  95. cute new avatar

  96. can you resend the version of odd22 I sent to ffr back to me via email?

  97. thanks a bunch dude, fixes will be coming in the next day or so

  98. Ongaku was a really awkward file for me for some reason.

  99. Thank you boss, I'm trying to keep alive there and it's not easy lol. I hope you can appear in the 12th, I still see you as best of the best.

  100. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I'm really happy boss!!!!, holy shit, now, time for that new powerful song. My new best achievement "D7 Top 8", I'll never forget this. Thank you again bro!

  101. Thanks, that means a lot coming from you. But my keyboard has gone completely crazy, will probably cost me a slightly better position in the tourney because of it, but oh well, I didn't even expect to get passed round 2.

  102. Hey Dossar, just a random person commenting on your comment wall. I have a question. At what point can you be considered an above average player on FFR? It's kind of my goal to reach above average on almost every different types of games I play.

  103. You got your Photobucket hosting limit dawg

  104. You should make a full version of Extratone Pirates it would be a fun file

  105. uguu etc.

  106. comment. cuz havent spoken to you or anyone for years lol

  107. my apologies, idk if your mad at me or not. but regardless, I made up with my old man, and am working until I get kicked out. I'm scared to be making friends right now, but their's not much point in living if you can't be active or social imo (or at least try to). So things are going good.
    Hopefully everything is good with you too kind sir. Thank you so much

  108. Also, all my FFR keysmashing skills just magically disappeared :(
    You ever get that feeling when you're casually listening to music, and than you hear: "That's a 240 bpm jumpstream right there" haha it makes me just wanna play~
    Have a fantastic day Dossar ♡

  109. Hey uh, one of your files might be misrepresented. Is Entry by Endrilliance really the artist and name? I found the same song on newgrounds:
    Can you clarify the real artist and give credit (if it is him) were it's needed.

  110. Happy birthday n_n

  111. Hoot

  112. The center of the eye is an owl

  113. Dossar noticed me! :3
    Hi ♡

  114. Hey, thanks! If there's one thing I'm proud of, it's to put together a very simple idle animations, heh. I don't do it often, but they're really fun to do.

  115. Thanks Dossar!! It's good to see you around - hope you're doing well? I've recently noticed your contributions as a batch manager. Thanks for taking the time to help make this site better; I know I appreciate it.

  116. Thanks man, hope to see you active again in the future maybe!

  117. 100k profile vieWs!!

  118. Information | Recent Games | Tokens | Profile Chat
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    Gender: Male
    About me:
    Graduated from UMass Lowell in Computer Science and now I work for an educational company. I started playing Stepmania around 2008 and until 2012. I don't play actively anymore except for casual index play, and I am also the creator of the Crossover Spectrum Series. My YouTube account is Zebulon Hollus.
    Steppin' some Manias, :monkey:, FFR, Stepmania, Alphes, Indeed, Computer Science, pad play.
    Fav Music:
    Nero's Day At Disneyland 2007 was definitely his most memorable year. Now the artist goes by Lauren Bousfield.
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  119. Hey Dossar, are you ever going to do a commentary on your own stepfiles?

  120. <3

  121. Yeah, it's been awhile! I've been great. Just thought I'd check in. Been busy working as an emergency nurse, and selling baked goods on the side. Just came back from visiting wineries with friends. How have you been?

  122. hidden comment wall smh

  123. Hey man, thanks for the welcome back :) How have you been doing?

  124. Thank you !!
    It's been a while since i see you..
    how are you?

  125. 13.37 years
    the elite amount

  126. Hope you've been well!

  127. Congrats on 14 years !!

  128. I'm quite fin, but still quite impresive to see you around after many years.