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A silly ol' dutchie named Chris
raves, travels, bootleg capri-sun
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welsh_girl writes...
at 6:06:13pm on 8/9/20
Are you still aliveeee???
TheThong writes...
at 1:17:13am on 7/15/20
Oh how cute! Only just opened this up since I rarely login hjaha. Really appreciate that message, I hope you're doing okay too, don't forget I'm always here if you need anything at all. <3
gortern writes...
at 8:32:06pm on 7/10/20
doesnt seem to be working, i'll send you a pm to my discord server which you can join
gortern writes...
at 8:09:03pm on 7/10/20
also use discord alot
gortern writes...
at 8:03:32pm on 7/10/20
mostly on steam, dont really use social media sites. but yeah im always up for getting back in touch
gortern writes...
at 1:36:21pm on 7/8/20
well dude, i was finally able to do it. finally got that FFR vet status only took like 10 years yknow? lol
drizzleRomanceGirl writes...
at 1:36:27pm on 3/25/20
yeah, i’m doing alright :) i’m spending more time with my mom; thank you very much for asking about me :) and yeah my mom said it’s surreal too
welsh_girl writes...
at 3:26:23pm on 10/17/18
M0nkeyz writes...
at 5:37:08pm on 4/18/18
haha, zal m'n best doen!
welsh_girl writes...
at 6:42:04am on 3/20/18
You are very right dude ;_;
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