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Posted on: July 8, 2020, at 01:19:18am   [3 comments]

R1: Inferno of Fomalhaut - AAA
- super solid file, polyrhythms really screwed me over but I made it through.

R2: The Glorious - AAA

- again, super solid file, this time it involves, dare I say, not as much tech as round 1's file, rather, it's placing an emphasis on brute force and consistency in general.

R3: TrapXplit - 1-0-0-0

- basically a modern version of Shind Bad with bursts that can throw you off if you're not careful xd

- round update: either I'm gonna end up with a thicc blaccflag or I get a AAA at the last minute

- round update 2: yeah AAA ain't gonna happen when you have a pepega laptop that has polling issues

R4: Chronomia - AAA

- I've heard this song for like a million times now, should be interesting to say the least. Will update once I get some interesting score or AAA it.

- round update: hell yeah fucking shout outs to the goat danredge for suggesting me to use 59fps to disable v-sync and solve my polling issues that I kept having in round 3. Give the man the big brain award of 2020 folks:

R5: Vantablack - 5-0-0-0

- WELL HOLY MOTHERFUCKING SHIT, this is both fun AND frustrating to grind, the hardest thing about Vantablack is definitely hitting the bursts without landing 1 random great or 2 and how easy it is to mindblock any of them. That's all there is to the chart that I can comment on, though. Just praying that I can get a decent run enough that lasts me into round 6.

- round update: i didn't know it was possible to chart patterns that are both so mindblockable and easy to rush goods on.

R6: Line-Epsilon - 2-0-0-0

- wew nitro. fuggin 32nd note anchors tho what the hell.

- update 1: definitely a lot easier to play than vantablack, I'm also very pleased to see D7 showing its true colors now (walrus getting 2g clean and zenith getting blackflag), saving me from being paranoid about D7 people sniping me into piss water xd

- update 2: "we want to run" perfectly describes the predicament I'd be in for round 7. Clashing against the legendary likes of Deamerai, Walrus, GH3luver, and Zenith is both a surreal and scary feeling. If you're reading this, I'd appreciate it if you can leave me some good luck messages which would really motivate me owo <3

R7: we want to run - some terrible god forsaken score jesus fucking christ

- I've been playing Elekton's chart of this song in osu!mania and didn't even manage to FC that, and now Gradient's chart is even more brutal on the 2nd half and being completely relentless at that, like "holy fuck take a chill pill for 5 seconds", I thought. Very round 7 worthy and is the difficulty spike the division needed after rounds of fluctuating levels.

R8: Sinthasomphone - 15-1-0-1

- well after that predicament in we want to run, I have officially considered myself to no longer be virgin because the chart cucked my ass really hard already.

- round update: lmao didn't think I'd win the OT with a score this scuffed, poggers. Prolly the most unexpected thing to happen ever tbh, but I'll take the W and don that badge :^)
Posted on: November 25, 2017, at 07:59:11am   [1 comment]
And I haven't played this game for almost a year, good god time flies by...

At least I can say that I've matured throughout the years

I started in this community as a dumb normie who knows nothing about VSRG games, albeit being quite a PIU veteran.

Being in this place in my first 3 years was a really fresh and extraordinary experience for me and I've learned many cool things about the people here, which allowed me to become a better person and be able to act with compassion and friendliness every time I'm greeted with a new individual.

I'll admit, my attitude in that period of time was childlish as fuck and cringy as shit to look at, let alone deal with, so I definitely would not want to ever remember or hear about it again lmao. And I'm deeply sorry to anyone who was hurt because of it.

So again, cheers to every people that I've met throughout my 4 years of my rhythm gaming career, without you guys I wouldn't have been here today, and I'm honestly happy about it.
Here's to hope for many more years of greatness and excitement.
Posted on: June 24, 2016, at 11:17:15pm   [1 comment]
Round 1: cybermiso - oppIrish (GYPSYcore Remix) (12-3-0-2)
Goddamn it's already round 1 and I'm struggling through the first half of this chart, the jacks in the climax really are the piss-takers here. Furthermore, the way it closes the climax is just insane, with [14][23] split-handed jumptrilling and then a roll can let people easily allow themselves a slip-up and ruin the run.
Update 1: I've been trying this quite a lot of times but still can't get a decent run that'd be close to guaranteeing me a spot in round 2, unless if I'm lucky and somehow pull out of my ass a flukey score.
Update 2: Round 2 let's go muthafukka

Round 2: Reizoko Cj - You're gonna love my nuts (4-0-1-1)
Welp, for some reason my sketchy FC gave me the ticket. Haven't played this chart yet, will update when something interesting happens.
Update 1: Gave the chart a few attempts and scratched out a 4-0-1-1 for this Sunday. What can I say, I'm some noob who can't play shit properly. Well, whatever *shrugs*

Round 3: MOSAIC.WAV - Stress Free Style (14-1-1-0)
It seems like this division has recevied itself a superly techincal file, with a lot of jumpjacking as well. Difficulty is really increasing here and you can't spell a play without struggle.
Update 1: I love and hate this chart with a passion, fuck this dude. 64th roll at the beginning is being an utter douchebag, and then the drum solo is another hard part that needs to get dealt with. I barely have any problem with the outro unless my brain decides to be retarded and kill my runs.
Round 4: LeaF - Ongaku -kaiongaku mix- ELIMINATED
Idk how I'm still in this tournament, oh well. Will update when something happens, as usual. I have to say, round 3 was pretty dope tho, just becuz Undertale, kek. And we have Toriel's theme in this one too, yay.
Update 1: Ok, the difficulty has really stepped up, my god, I'd be happy if I get a clean sub 20g FC.
Update 2: Seems like this file is beyond my limit since I suck and can't play shit anyways, I'm putting the eliminated status earlier than the round would end.
Posted on: March 23, 2015, at 11:23:02am   [3 comments]

Posted on: November 20, 2013, at 06:23:51am   [3 comments]
Oh god this is gonna be fun. (2020 edit: ok I'll admit this was fun but my attitude towards it is just... just what the hell was this random thought even, seriously)
Round 1: The Whip (Blackflag)
I could have AAA'd this song but got too nervous at the end, totally dominated the staircases and the 32nd burst.

Round 2: Prove Them Wrong (Blackflag)
Like in the first round, get wrecked in the end.

Round 3: Over The Bridge (3-0-0-0)
Mirror worked really well for me, took me for like 2 days to figure it out, 3-0-0-0 is still pretty good tho, D4 is really taking it up to the ass, I don't know how Coveyduck AAA'd that shit though.

Round 4: Dreadnought (Heavy) (4-0-0-0)
So yeah, ended up with a pretty good score, bmah's file really making D4 players taking it up to the real level, Sspeed9 did a really good blackflag though.

Round 5: Eclipse (Luna) (11-1-0-1)
So yeah, pretty nice FC, pretty interesting 1s. I hated those orange arrow jumps at the beginnings though.

Round 6: Valhalla (2g)
So yeah, very nice score, ended up with 2nd place of the round, I can AAA because it's easier than the last round.

Round 7: Breakcore Ein Prosit (15-0-0-3)
LOL 1ST PLACE OF THE ROUND!! Those jacks dude, they're so tense, but at least I am the only FC'd the song in the D4 dashboard (probably not, don't remember though), making it to this far is really suprising for me.

Final Round: Shitsubou Choco (4-0-0-0)
HOLY S***, this score was completely unexpected because it was so good that it became the highlight of D4, even someone took a snapshot of my score and posted it on Team Blaze chat. This is it, I won the tournament without expectation, I thought I could only make to round 5 or round 6 or so. 1ST PLACE IN D4, GG! But... there's one problem, I got no AAAs in the tournament lmao, I'm such a noob. At least I FC'ed all the songs, including Breakcore Ein Prosit, fucking wrecked those jacks.

2020 edit: jesus christ, what the hell, 2013 me, why are you such a cringy piece of shit. Like come on, you can't be serious with this shit. Worst part is that you can't make this cringy shit up ironically either.
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Hey, good luck in the OT :)
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MY DUUUUDE congrats :D
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The Two-Time Champion oh baby!
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cmon devilchilly, i've been saying you're the one that's gonna win the OT since round 1. don't let me down o/
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y is ur butt in pain?
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yes I know my profile looks like puke and ass, I'm still thinking about how to design this godforsaken profile.
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Wow, only one skill token left n_n so close
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