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I am the real Entei...
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My name is Zach. I'm a gemini who loves FFR. I'm currently low d5.
Sudoku, Astrology, Board Games, Magic the Gathering, Computer Games, Video Games, (Wow, this guy likes games...) FFR (of course). I love Dice for some strange reason... I have over 100 of them stashed away... Favorite Food: Steak, definitely.
Fav Music:
The music I 'make' on FFR. Or the music I 'create' on the piano. Other than that, I love epic music, classical, and battle themes.
Fav Movies:
The Matrix, Harry Potter, Blade, Good Karate Movies in general, Bruce Almighty, Lord of the Rings, What tHe βleeP DÓ© wΣ (k)πow!?, The Secret, and V for Vendetta. I don't watch many horror films, but I've seen plenty of them. My favorite one is more of a sci-fi horror called The Cabin in the Woods.
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Posted on: October 10, 2014, at 02:19:40pm   [0 comments]
I just hit 100 AAAs and immediately thereafter got my 1000th FC. My goal is to get another 20 AAAs by the end of this year.
Posted on: October 10, 2014, at 04:02:05am   [0 comments]
(Improve PA) Watch the arrows as they move (If everything looks completely fluid on 60fps while watching the arrows -- instead of jagged, its all smooth -- then you're doing it right)

(Eliminate Averages) Feel the music. Make sure it's always properly synced - Delay is your friend.

(Avoid misses) Don't push too hard or too soft on the keyboard. Force needed to be perfect force amount varies by keyboard.

(Avoid excess goods on hard songs) Keep your hands somewhat near the keys:
don't lift them off the keyboard too much, but don't keep them TOO close to the keys. Everything in moderation.

(Avoid Boos) Don't go near the space bar (Spread method users only). When you accidentally hit the space bar, extra arrow keys tend to be pressed.

(Improve Average Rank) Will yourself to do well.
Belief is key. Have faith that you will improve in order to truly improve.

(Improve Grand Total) Practice every day.
Dedicate some part of every day to FFR. FFR is love. FFR is life.

(Make Friends) Have a reason to come back to FFR.
Even if it isn't the best FFR players, make friends with people in your division.

(Competitive Edge) Be competitive!
Compete with your Division Rivals / Friends!

(Improve at any time) Play often!
Play the same song multiple times in a half-hour.

(Refine Skills) Test-drive each new song.
Play the song in segments to memorize the song and get used to hitting the keys in specific patterns. There's a way to do this in the 4th tab page of the options on r3.

(Improve eyesight) Play on the lowest resolution, and play on 60fps always. Or more, if your monitor allows.

(Sightread practice) Play every song in the game at least once.
Get used to playing new songs for the first time.

(Improve stamina and speed) Go into R3 editor.
In R3 Editor (in the options), spam the keys for 1 minute at a time. If you can do 400 arrows in 10 seconds, it's time to spam harder.
Posted on: July 28, 2013, at 07:37:26pm   [2 comments]

//Aw yeah, bringing it back!
//Cred goes to DJ ARCHIVE,
//A.K.A. Infernalgate_Zach!

Playin FiFFeR in Slo-MO!
My PA will make you OHH!!!
Watch me take that perfect, son, and

PERFECT it some mo'!
Max dat Raw Sco', (shake dat Shoulder)
Max dat Raw Sco', (shake dat Shoulder)
Max dat Raw Sco', (shake dat Shoulder)
Max dat Raw Sco'!

Playin FiFFeR in Slo-MO!
My PA will make you OHH!!!
Watch me take that perfect, son, and

PERFECT it some mo'!
Max dat Raw Sco', (shake dat Shoulder)
Max dat Raw Sco', (shake dat Shoulder)
Max dat Raw Sco', (shake dat Shoulder)
Max dat Raw Sco'!

Make it look like it's SLO-MO!
Watch me make dat Perfect Sco'!
Perfect it some Mo'!
Yeah, watch me buy dat' FiFFeR Shop
In the end, my Rank will drop,
Jackin' all them 48ths,
When I do the Shoulder, boy
I need to raise dat' Arrow Rate!

(stops at 1:15 or so.)
Posted on: July 25, 2013, at 10:24:32am   [11 comments]
Posted on: July 25, 2013, at 09:56:32am   [1 comment]
I should probably put something in here about progress tracking so I will, but it won't be based off of today.

I start with April 1st of this year, when I finally figured out how to improve significantly. I was about 850th in terms of Avg Rank when something just "clicked" and I became better overnight. So I played semi-hardcore for 3 days honing these new skills. And after the 3 days were done, I dropped to 650th. Other small improvements happened along the way, but the stories about those aren't really in my memory.

However, about 2 Weeks ago, I started playing FFR multi semi-regularly. Eventually I got sick of the crappy performance of my computer and tried to fix it a bit. Well, I realize now that if I don't run Skype or anything else remotely "tough" while playing Multi, my computer almost doesn't lag at all usually. This helped my ability but also my willpower to keep going. Now I could most likely get more AAA's I suppose, but I kind of want to try out mostly 60+ songs these days.