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Random Thoughts
Random FFR Thoughts 49 - 16th OT Edition
Posted on: June 24, 2023, at 03:02:50pm   [0 comments]
Hello FFRaholics!

It's your friendly neighborhood procrastinator, Kawaii025 coming to you once again with another OT random thought. Where will I be placed? What round will be my tourney exit? The answers are coming soon to a tourney near you!

I'll be back with updates as things change. Good luck to everyone participating! :)

Have a Happy FFR Day!

Edit 1: 6/29/23 - D4...what did I do to hurt you? ;-;

7/1/23 - 7:26am server time
Round 1: Clocktown [Onefin & Stardew] - Lv. 57
Sightread: 56,030 - 20-0-1-2 - 22.8G
Nailed the run, boinked everything else. I can probably at least get this to a SDG. I'll post score improvements as I get them.

7/6/23 - 7:17pm server time
56,140 - 14-1-1-1 - 18.4G
idk what to do with the ending.

7/6/23 - 7:52pm server time
56,370 - 9-0-0-1 - 9.2G
Met my personal goal of getting a SDG. Yay me. :)

7/7/23 - 5:35pm server time
I made it to round 2! Yay me! :D

Round 2: yarn ball - Lv. 61
Sightread: 46,985 - 23-3-3-5 - 38.6G
Oh these patterns are nasty... Might have to play this with mirror off to put the worst of it on my right hand.

5:42pm server time: 47,235 - 21-0-3-2 - 28.6G
Took mirror off. Score improved by 10 goods. Patterns are still nasty. Ugh...
I'll post score improvements going forward. Don't know if this will hold up. :|

Final Edit: 07/15/23 3:10pm Server Time
The fact that I missed cutoff by 5 points makes me sad. I did try more times than I posted, but my scores got worse and worse, soooooo oh well. Another tourney I didn't make it out of the 2nd round.

Oh well. Until next time.

Have a Happy FFR day!

Random FFR Thoughts 48 - 15th OT Edition
Posted on: May 13, 2022, at 04:01:20pm   [0 comments]
Hello FFR-holics,

Guess I have good timing cause I decided to come here to derust for a bit, then I find out there's gonna be another OT! WOOOOOOOOOO!! I was placed in D3 for the 14th and ended up in 12th place overall. Will this be a repeat or will I crack Top 8? Who knows...that all depends on where I'm placed and the song selections. I'm also very happy that this will start sometime after June cause I have been way busy with work and I have a bunch of travel coming up every week through the end of June. @_@

Anyways, I'll update this once the tourney starts! Good luck everyone! :D

Have a Happy FFR day!

Pre-Tourney Edit: 6/28/22
I got placed in D4.

Round 1: 7/1/2022 5:46pm server time
A Tiny Spaceship's Final Mission - Lv. 51
Sight-Read - FLAG - 48,375

I'm legit mad at this. It should have been a sight-read AAA

Round 2: 7/10/22: 2:13pm server time
One Big Beautiful Sound [Explicit] - Lv. 60
Sight Read - 5G - 58,575

I'm happy that I made it to the 2nd round! Yay! :)

I should have probably had 2 or 3 goods at most on this file...oh well. I'll try it again and post improvement edits going forward. Not sure if 5g will hold up, so it's best to be safe than sorry. :)

7/12/22: 4:13pm server time
3.8G - 2-1-0-0 - 58,605
Had a flag all the way until the end. :( tbh, I was shaking once I got past note 1100 and realized I had the flag. I gotta do better with controlling my nerves when I play (sigh)

Round 3: 7/16/22 5:41pm server time
Angel Wing - Lv. 67
Sight Read: 79.6 - 47-4-10-7 - 55,360

Everything hurts...probably not going to make it out this round. I'm honestly surprised I made it to the 3rd round.

7/16/22: 6:00pm server time
78.8 - 56-5-5-9 - 55,380
Only slightly better, but still trash. :(

7/16/22: 6:09pm server time
71.8 - 55-2-5-6 - 55,555
Slowly improving. What should I set as a personal goal? 56K?

FINAL EDIT: 7/25/22: 04:30pm server time
Eliminated, 21st place
Honestly, I could not get less than my PB, but I'm happy that I have made it past Round 2.

I will try again next time. :(

Until next time...

Have a Happy FFR Day!

Random FFR Thoughts 47 - 14th OT Edition
Posted on: June 3, 2021, at 06:41:10pm   [0 comments]
Why do I keep doing this to myself?

This will be updated after the tourney starts.

Update 1: 7/7/21 6:07pm server time
I'M IN D3 OH-EM-GEE!!! I might actually make it out the 2nd round this time.

Round 1: Roundtable Rival - Lv.47
46,595 - 4-0-0-1
I should have probably sight-read 2-0-0-0 on this. Misread a couple notes and hit too many of the jacks. Can I get the AAA? As of the time of this update there are 8 of them already. *no pressure*

Edit 2: 7/7/21 6:15pm server time
46,625 - 3-0-0-0
I can AAA this.

Edit 3: 7/7/21 6:32pm server time
46,675 - Blackflag
Took off mirror mod. It's weird now for me cause it feels like my left hand is leading. Lost the AAA as soon as I realized I still had a AAA. Thanks note #706. :|

Edit 4: 7/11/21 11:24am server time
46,700 - AAA
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! That flag was bothering me tbh lol

Round 2: Unshakable - Lv.53
7/14/21 7:26pm server time
Sight-Read: 37,635 - 10-1-1-2
I'm shook, but I can clean this up.

7/14/21 - 9:56pm server time
37,625 - 13-1-0-1
Took off mirror mod. Note to self. Don't do that for this file. Made everything ughhhhhhhh.

7/14/21 - 10:00pm server time
37,825 - 7-0-0-0
MUCH better. Brain broke in a few places. Will try more later and post improvements going forward. :)
Also...Rising Fire Hawk/In Between anyone? Just me? ok .__.

7/14/21 - 10:06pm server time
37,925 - 3-0-0-0
Can I AAA this? We'll see...

Round 3: Materialize Anything - Lv.56

7/21/21 - 6:07pm server time
Sight Read: 49,490 - 2-0-0-2
I went into this completely blind. I didn't watch previews or listen to the song in advance and I'm glad I did cause this file has jacks. I dun like jacks. :(
Pls don't make me play this again D3. kthanx ily ♥

Round 4: Enharmonix - Lv.59
HYPE!!! :D :D :D

7/29/21 - 3:39pm server time
Sight Read: 33,725 - 12-0-1-3
Oh boy. This will be an uphill climb for me. Jacks and rolls? Ughhhhh... Song is catchy tho.

7/29/21 - 3:48pm server time
33,760 - 11-0-1-1
Slightly better. Took off mirror-mod. There's one section where my brain braks and I get really sloppy with accuracy. With a little more practice, I can probably low-SDG this file, but we'll see what happens between now and the end of the round.

7/29/21 - 3:54pm server time
33,920 - 7-0-0-1
Better. I did better. My hands are shaking. Probably not gonna be safe cause of the caliber of D3 this tourney. Gonna keep trying to shave goods off. I'm only posting improvements going forward.

7/29/21 - 4:37pm server time
33,945 - 6-0-0-1
Shaving off one score at a time? Either way, progress is progress. :)

7/29/21 - 4:51pm server time
34,000 - 4g
This should be like 2g tbh... -_-

7/30/21 - 6:34pm server time
34,015 - 3-0-0-2
Should have been like 2-0-0-2 tbh...

8/2/21 - 5:11pm server time
34,025 - 3G
This. Should. Be. No. More. Than. 2G. Why. Do. Fingers. Break. icry

Round 5: Mirrorball Airride 2012
I've never made it past the 4th round of an OT. What do I do now? :O

8/4/21 - approx. 6pm server time
Sight Read: 59,240 - 39-1-4-10 - 52.4
bmah'd ;-;

8/5/21 - 6:16pm server time
59,520 - 31-2-2-9 - 41.2 (Score save failed...)
100% an uphill climb. My personal goal for this file is to crack 60k raw score. Modified my options a bit and I can actually read this damn file. Now I gotta get my fingers to react accordingly. lol

If I don't make it past this round, then it's ok. I'm very proud of myself for making it this far AND getting Top 16! It's a great achievement for me and I did way better than I thought I would! :D

8/5/21 - 6:31pm server time
59,765 - 25-2-1-2 - 31.4
Getting better and creeping closer to my personal goal~ I wish I could mirror the first half of this chart, then remove it for the 2nd half lol

Final Edit: 8/11/21 6:11pm server time
Eliminated - 12th Place
I'm ecstatic that I made it this far and placed in Top 16! That means I get Fractured Sunshine!! AHHHHH!!! :D :D :D

Thanks for a fun tourney once again Kayla! D3 was just too stronk. Good luck to all during the remainder of the tourney! :)

Until next time...

Have a Happy FFR Day!

Random FFR Thoughts 46 - 13.5th OT Edition
Posted on: October 19, 2020, at 06:58:50pm   [0 comments]
Hello fellow FFRaholics!

I don't come here much, nor play the game as much as I want to. Probably gonna be eliminated in R2 again! :D

I'll be around to update this once it starts. Good luck to all who are entering!

Until next time...

Have a Happy FFR Day!

Round 1: Spaceship Toyvox - Lv. 59 (re-rated to Lv.54)
Edit 1: 10/28/20 8:05pm server time
Sightread: 46,945, 5-0-1-0 (New 90th score for me! :D)
That miss was dumb along with at least 2 of the goods. I can clean this up. Dear D4, please don't AAA or die on me. kthanx

Edit 2: 10/28/20 9:59pm server time
46,925, 9-0-0-0
Slightly worse in terms of raw score, but I got an FC. I'm sleepy. I probably should not be playing right

Edit 3: 10/29/2020 5:25pm server time
47,050 - 4-0-0-0 (56th best score for me)
I wonder if I can AAA this? It's definitely possible for me, just need to stop boinking randomly. *sigh*

Round 2: Jackhammer Manifesto - Lv.57 (huh...?)
Edit 1: 11/4/20 10:59pm server time
59,290: 16-2-5-4
I can't jack. :( Also this song reminds me a lot of Senorita Bonita.

Edit 2: 11/4/20 11:07pm server time
59,540, 13-2-2-5
Turned off mirror mod, still can't jack. I'll be surprised if I make it past this round.

Final Edit: 11/11/2020 3:16pm server time
59,785, 10-0-1-1
I improved, but yea, won't be making it to the next round. 3g is the threshold and I'm not able to get anywhere near that at the moment. :( I wonder if I can get a SDG on this file?

Thanks for another fun tourney and hopefully I can shake off my Round 2 eliminations going forward.

Have a Happy FFR Day!

Random FFR Thoughts 45 - 13th OT Edition
Posted on: June 26, 2020, at 06:16:44pm   [1 comment]
Hello FFR-holics!

This will probably be shorter than the last one. c:

Until next time...

Have a Happy FFR Day!

Round 1 - SAIKOU
Edit 1: 7/1/2020 - 4:52pm server time
Sightread: 42,410 - 12-4-0-2
Good song, good file. I see why people have AAA'd. I probably won't be one of those, but this may easily be a SDP or die situation... (pls D4, don't do this to me...) There's one section towards the end where I went 8-4-0-2. If I can nail that section, then I can at least SDP. Let's see how I progress through the next few days.
That one section where I goof'd probably makes this mid/high 50s. Starting us off kinda 'easy' eh? (Happy Canada Day)

Edit 2: 7/1/2020 - 5:49pm server time
42,445 - 18-0-0-1
I tuned off mirror mod. Remind me not to do that again. It felt so awkward...but I did slightly improve my raw score.

Edit 3: 7/1/2020 - 5:56pm server time
42,485 - 16-0-0-3
I'm only posting raw score improvements.

Edit 4: 7/6/2020 - 5:47pm server time
42,520 - 15-0-0-1
Ugh...why so many SDPs?

Edit 5: I made it out the first round! I thought I was going to be eliminated! YAY!!!
Sight-read: 7/8/20 - 4:26pm server time
43,460 - 21-2-2-11
This is a bmah file and I like it. Song is catchy, stepchart is a bmah stepchart. I'd probably rate this low 60s. It's bursty, which I like. Patterns can get a bit weird for me. I may turn off mirror to see the comparison. Overall, I can clean this up and do better. Question is, will it be enough to make it to the next round?

Edit 6: 7/9/20 - 4:27pm - server time
43,640 - 21-0-1-5
Slightly better. I can do better. I will do better.

Edit 7: 7/14/20 - 5:07pm server time
43,815 - 17-0-0-2
I did better, but it's probably still not enough...

Edit 8: Final Edit
I was eliminated, finished 36th out of 57 registered players. I should play this game more...I always say that and never do so~
I'm keeping progress of my ventures through the tourney ghosting D1, D2, and D3's files. Let's see how far I get in those.

Anyways, had a fun tourney as usual and bmah files continue to be my kryptonite. Thanks to all the event staff and step artists. ♥

Until next time...

Have a Happy FFR Day!

Comment wall
benny58624 writes...
at 11:47:47am on 7/15/23
Being high-D4 and also not rusty helps a lot for the OT yeah :D
I'm not sure about how well I'll do in the final 2-3 rounds though, expecting the difficulty to be wayyy above my skill level. We'll see, I guess.
Also, I've noticed you missed the cut-off score by just 5 points, rip :c
Toxophilis writes...
at 9:28:42am on 7/14/23
Toxophilis writes...
at 12:17:25pm on 7/7/23
gg on us both managing to drag our corpses through to the next round B)
benny58624 writes...
at 6:10:30pm on 7/3/23
Thanks! It really surprised me that I managed to do that, it's my 10th highest difficulty AAA. De-rusting went well apparently.
Also, good luck! I'm sure you'll be able to improve your score :)
MysticChromium writes...
at 9:07:26pm on 3/28/23
np :)
T-Force writes...
at 6:42:30pm on 8/4/22
Do iiiiiiiiit! Join me in the grinding of Scarhand! (doesn't matter which kind it is)
Laplace writes...
at 6:39:06pm on 7/10/22
Thanks, likewise, best of luck!
T-Force writes...
at 10:05:34pm on 10/4/21
Thank you~
Rukairi writes...
at 2:02:18am on 8/31/21
nu thank you for the vote!
maybe someday I'll reach your skill u ~ u
badman7772 writes...
at 4:51:25pm on 8/30/21
Thanks for the tourney donation! :D
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