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I am the muffinator, no need to discuss this any further, dohoho.
Graphic design, 3D modeling, Animation in general. Also, who can forget, video games. They are my life!
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Depends on what comes. If it is any good, I will give it a listen.
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Not really a movie person.
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I made something, I forgot where the original was uploaded at, oh well.

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I missed it, but oh well!
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Original is:
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FreezinIce writes at 8:39:01pm on 7/23/20
wait no
FreezinIce writes at 5:17:23pm on 7/21/20
Moyeon writes at 7:26:31pm on 4/19/20
gold stinger writes at 5:20:40pm on 3/19/20
FreezinIce writes at 3:38:36am on 3/3/20
LiamHome writes at 11:05:50am on 9/28/19
I love the cute art!
inDheart writes at 10:57:22am on 8/7/19
it's art of this girl
Rapta writes at 1:19:26pm on 7/24/19
I enjoyed reading your comment.
Azpb Djbread writes at 8:39:10pm on 3/12/19
the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell
QueenAshy writes at 12:55:27pm on 10/14/18
My thread got locked… gradient is saying it’s “not an HRI issue” despite the timeline lining up perfectly. It might make sense that it isn’t RSI, just that I’m exerting myself with strength that I don’t have anymore. It’s just as viable of a theory of me having RSI. Tbh, neither are confirmed since I haven’t seen a doctor in months due to a lack of funds.
I’m seriously wondering if these lock happy mods want me to actually succeed, or if they just wanna crush my spirit/force me to shitpost.
I’m not sure if you’ve got any advice, Gradiant’s profile is closed.