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I am the muffinator, no need to discuss this any further, dohoho.
Graphic design, 3D modeling, Animation in general. Also, who can forget, video games. They are my life!
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Depends on what comes. If it is any good, I will give it a listen.
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Not really a movie person.
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I made something, I forgot where the original was uploaded at, oh well.

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I missed it, but oh well!
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Original is:
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MKIIPro writes at 10:12:17am on 8/12/21
axith writes at 3:42:49pm on 5/14/21
love the new file
Rapta writes at 9:44:21pm on 5/11/21
Once again I have come to your profile to indicate to you I received enjoyment one of your front page comments.
FreezinIce writes at 8:39:01pm on 7/23/20
wait no
FreezinIce writes at 5:17:23pm on 7/21/20
Moyeon writes at 7:26:31pm on 4/19/20
gold stinger writes at 5:20:40pm on 3/19/20
FreezinIce writes at 3:38:36am on 3/3/20
LiamHome writes at 11:05:50am on 9/28/19
I love the cute art!
inDheart writes at 10:57:22am on 8/7/19
it's art of this girl