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Posted on: April 10, 2012, at 02:45:00pm   [7 comments]
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Comment wall
katanaeyegaming writes at 9:32:17pm on 10/21/21
I do relate to the location.
Let us lift my brother :)
ShadowXall writes at 3:22:24pm on 8/20/21
Damn bro, do you still actively play this game? Haha, it's been SO LONG
Aquellex writes at 2:42:12am on 8/12/21
make an eli ayase profile
Dorby writes at 5:45:40pm on 7/3/21
Hey dude I got FFR to work on my computer without lagging now. Super excited to revisit this. Peace out brotha
Phynx writes at 12:22:04am on 2/11/21
What, you think you're cool just because you are? The fuck mate? How egotistical of you to recognize your coolness.
Don't mind me. Just doin' my rounds on the site.
ositzxz369 writes at 11:32:52pm on 2/8/21
grats on Carlinism AAA
mjxv2 writes at 10:51:30pm on 8/26/20
reboot was an awesome show tbh
danredge writes at 4:54:37pm on 7/6/20
Hey OWA are you submitting a score for the first round of the OT ?
The5thMoon writes at 1:02:22am on 5/7/20
I wish i was the finger in that gif
mi40 writes at 3:39:53pm on 2/29/20
happy 30th birthday