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I don't play FFR anymore as of now. Sometimes I dabble with it, but I'm retired for the most part. Most of the time you will catch me lurking and posting scores in the SM section.
Jennifer Tilly
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I love music.
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Too many to name.
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hitrkic writes at 8:06:08am on 4/15/14
upload a simfile to ffr
Pseudo Enigma writes at 1:29:09pm on 4/2/14
Izzy writes at 9:49:27am on 3/27/14
Leawood, overland park.
Suburbs of Kansas city.
Wafles writes at 2:36:48pm on 3/26/14
Wisconsin is cool, what part is your friend from? I'm in the NorthEast. (which is really more like central east but Wisconsin is stupid in naming its regions I guess).
Btw sorry about holding up on trying to beat your scores, been feeling like shit and unable to sleep all week, literally have slept 3 hours since Sunday, just want to assure you that I wont leave you hangin' lol
Dizzy_Gear writes at 4:27:48pm on 3/23/14
rofl I'm really corny like that at times. I have a weird sense of humor. :D
NeonSM writes at 9:58:47pm on 3/22/14
I don't recognize any of those files, but I will definitely keep my eyes open in regards to your progress. I'm pretty sure you are a lot better than me,iirc. I know that switching made rolls easier for me, one hands trills also. My MA has pretty much stayed the same [as expected] but I did have a very small speed boost.
Dizzy_Gear writes at 8:19:28pm on 3/22/14
I like running; it helps to clear my mind a lot. Not nearly as good as I used to be, tho. Makes me wish I could still play DDR/ITG/PIU here. lol
NeonSM writes at 7:00:45pm on 3/22/14
Yes, actually, I've gotten some pretty decent scores :] how about you?
Dizzy_Gear writes at 5:48:33pm on 3/22/14
Thanks, that means a lot. :) And I always try not to. Love to push physical limits (used to cross country run) but I know when to stop. *nodnod*
DarknessXoXLight writes at 12:58:14pm on 3/20/14
:') :') :')