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I am now 27, been married for almost 4 years and have a wonderful 2 year old daughter. I game a lot, I have a youtube channel and stream in my free time. Stop by and see me sometime and hopefully I will have something that you will enjoy! Youtube - Twitch - Twitter - @AverageGun
My wife, my child, reading, video games and sports. I'm basically the best at everything and anything.
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Fuck country, everything else is ok.
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I like em all, ask and I might tell ya.
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rzr writes at 6:03:43pm on 10/29/15
Gun92 writes at 7:06:19pm on 8/19/15
Do I have some Black Ops 3 beta game play to share? You bet your butt I do!
Gun92 writes at 10:13:26am on 10/4/14
Leaving the site for good. Maybe come back sometime down the road, but its just too much of a hassle on here any more. Later folks.
krunkykai22 writes at 3:56:42am on 9/19/14
I had help with placments lol, and it was the division tool, but i can place you back in D2 if needed man.
Gun92 writes at 4:43:50pm on 8/19/14
I think I am going to create a new account and start fresh for playing only while using this for TWG and forum posts and such. I can't even fc songs where I am constantly placed any more and I don't have the time and dedication for this game like I used too, so I'll figure out where I end up getting placed and whether or not people are going to keep me there because of scores from 3 and 4 years ago. So yeah...
DarkManticoreX2 writes at 11:20:10am on 8/17/14
haha yeah. Way too many things to drill people on.
j-rodd123 writes at 3:53:52pm on 8/13/14
oh well, maybe it was for the best aha
j-rodd123 writes at 3:28:12pm on 8/13/14
lmaoooo she was just asking for it this time....
krunkykai22 writes at 1:33:00pm on 8/9/14
HEY DUDE~! I know it's been years man since like FKO and Team Blue era holy shit! I've been good man, Sara and I are still together, we have 2 kids now :P Just been working and playing here and there! You?
j-rodd123 writes at 4:21:48pm on 8/4/14
haha RIP. oh well no big deal, i was banned for a game because i needed a sub, like legit needed one for a great reason, some of the rules are pretty stupid