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Posted on: September 16, 2022, at 06:53:01am   [2 comments]
These are pretty much my only goals in this game right now. Maybe some day ill be lucky enough to check them all off.

Get D7 yet again!
Average Rank Rank Sub 10(achieved 11/30/22 but won't last for long lol)
Get Derby
Get in the top 10 AAA's (achieved 12/22/22)
Unlock Tier 5(1250 Tier Points) (achieved 9/28/22)
Unlock all Skill Tokens
100 GURU AAA's (128/100) (Weapon was the 100th) (achieved 12/27/22)
AAA Reality(lol)
Remove FOTBB from the last song in my level ranks(also lol) (OH MY GOD I DID IT!!!! achieved 10/10/22)

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Elite Ninja writes at 2:07:27pm on 7/11/24
Grats on 2800 AAAs!
Zyxel writes at 5:25:08am on 1/7/24
┗( T﹏T )┛ Tysm!! it is by far the most insane score ive managed to get on FFR thus far im still shaking
Elite Ninja writes at 11:18:53pm on 12/16/23
Thanks! :D
Hope you’ve been well
basicdrummerman writes at 3:42:30pm on 11/8/23
thanks, took waaaay too long.
EppuJoloZ writes at 2:37:56am on 11/1/23
Thanks! The intro is the reason for all those 32 restarts :DD Also hi there, it's been a while since I've seen you, how are ya doing?
Zyxel writes at 4:03:35pm on 9/27/23
happy birthday!!
Fluvs writes at 9:44:25am on 9/25/23
Still active?! Holy moly been too long
Elite Ninja writes at 4:30:05am on 8/13/23
Thank! :D
evanescence_death4ever writes at 3:50:28pm on 8/1/23
^0^/ hiyaaa!
Josemba writes at 4:06:23pm on 7/5/23
Hey Sk8!!, how is it going?