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The old guy who created FlashFlashRevolution.
Game Development. Online Communities. Lack of Sleep. Beating Leprechauns with a shillelagh
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Any and all.
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It's Time for Some Pre-Spring Cleaning
Posted on: November 27, 2009, at 02:32:03am   [119 comments]
Hardware failures have not been kind to me over the last 4 months. I have been working almost non-stop in my spare time for almost 2 months to optimize, re-route and fix issues with FFR. Many of you probably noticed that the forums are back to where they should be. Tomorrow evening multiplayer, chat and other services are going to be updated as well.

I have also been busy pondering the release of something extra but I need to make sure it is working right before release.


Yay for Rithum
Posted on: July 15, 2008, at 02:28:10pm   [34 comments]
Been trying to balance both FFR and Rithum lately. Doing a tremendous amount of work for both so that they can benefit eachother and help further our efforts.



P.S. I actually forgot this goes to the front page. Whoops!

Medicated Kisses
Posted on: September 17, 2007, at 07:09:35pm   [5 comments]
You know I have to give props out to Medicated Kisses and thank them for being part of FFR.



It Cannot Be Flushed
Posted on: August 1, 2007, at 09:17:58pm   [160 comments]

Convention Pics Spring 2007!
Posted on: April 16, 2007, at 05:05:52pm   [3 comments]
Yup.. They are in. You will find the convention pics from FFR room at Animarathon inside my photos area. I will upload more as I get permission from certain people. yay!

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jaz_pup writes...
at 3:46:36pm on 7/12/24
Synth, I've been around nearly 20 years and I wanted to pop in and say thank you <3
Astahdr writes...
at 12:49:00pm on 6/30/24
Cheers ;>
Chivchiv writes...
at 8:47:19am on 3/29/24
Hola, it's been forever but glad this place is still kicking around. This is my third account but I have been playing this off and on since middle school and I will be 30 this year. This has been such a big part of my life and I just wanted to share and say thanks!
AdamDX writes...
at 2:28:46am on 2/22/24
Thank you for being my first comment
kof_zpt writes...
at 3:50:52pm on 2/7/24
Thank you!! Hope the reply is not too late!
Voltage_3000 writes...
at 10:35:08am on 1/6/24
18 years late fuck u synth for commenting on my wall first llolololol
Archfiend Emperor writes...
at 1:07:52am on 11/30/23
I'll never forget you, Synth
Gravity Kitten writes...
at 11:03:36am on 10/6/23
add me add me add me add me add me
DJ-Narcotize writes...
at 5:21:15am on 9/7/23
Nice PHP plugin lol, for a moment I thought you actually posted that yourself manually rofl.
rsr2 writes...
at 12:11:34am on 8/2/23
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