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HeY Im JaKiE ,Im 18, & filipino-chinese. =) I don't really know how to describe myself haha So your just guna have to ask :D
ArChErY, PhOtOgRaPhY, Mp3, MoViEs, FrIeNdS, JoKeS, FuN, RoCk ClImBiNg, InTeRnEt, DaNcE ReVo.
Fav Music:
SiMpLe PlAn, FLo RiDa, NiCkLeBaCk, OnERePuBlic, FeRgIe. etc.
Fav Movies:
KiCkIn It Old SkOoL, PiRaTe'S oF tHe CaRrIbEaN, ZoOlAnDer, `BlAdEs of GlOrY, DoDgE BaLl, LeAgUe of ExTrA OrDiNaRy GeNtLeMen, etc.
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at 10:16:16pm on 5/29/13
No she can't!
hyrochu writes...
at 1:18:30pm on 3/14/12
no joke
p-at-rick writes...
at 10:33:20pm on 11/8/11
omg jakie ! HAI !
it's been forever omg, I missed you so much ! :)
how're you now ? :O
LOL, I'm so happy right now >.<
MasterChiefMan writes...
at 7:03:11am on 11/2/11
well there are tiny differences but yes they're practically the same
MasterChiefMan writes...
at 2:50:26pm on 10/31/11
M16 M4 both the same different name
Big Red Whale writes...
at 2:27:12pm on 10/31/11
your welcome gorgeous
MasterChiefMan writes...
at 10:17:48am on 10/31/11
Add me, oh and i like ur M16
rvc11 writes...
at 8:22:34am on 10/24/11
:] no problem, thanks for the vote back.
Fluvs writes...
at 11:58:55pm on 10/23/11
No problem :D
Reknarock writes...
at 12:19:27pm on 10/23/11
not rly :/
my profile is about two years old, its time to make a new one :)
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