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Hey, my name is Colville and 17 years old!!! I currently play spread using AS and KL, play on 2.0, also play downstrolled and with the arrows on dark at the bottow. I a really cool person and very calm. Im very outgoing and love sports. Well.... If u want to know more about me just sent a friend request and I guess there u go!!!! Hope u enjoy
basketball, bowling, fishing, football, rock band, guitar hero, swimming, forewheeler riding, hanging out with friends, and i will list other stuff later
Fav Music:
Rush, Nine Inch Nails, Shadow falls, Metallic, Slayer, Europe, System of a Down, Soundgarden, Avenged Sevenfold, Aerosmith, Boston, The Killers, Dragonforce, Red hot chill peppers, Tribe, The Outlaws, R.E.M., Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, My Chemical Romance, Freezepop, Deist, Lamb of God, The Police, Blue Oyster Cult, Bon Jovi, The Clash, Foo fighters, Nirvana, Queen of Stone Age, The Who, Heart, Gun and Roses, Smashing Pumpkins, The Ramones, The Strokes, Strong bad, As I lay dying, Freedom Call,
Fav Movies:
south park movie. pursuit of happiness, saw, saw 2, saw 3, hostel, wrong turn, monster(one of the best movies ever), halloween unrated, evil dead, evil dead 2, dead alive, the ringer, grandma boy, farce of the penguins, disturbia, saw IV, The quiet, Norbit.
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Random Thoughts
Posted on: October 22, 2010, at 07:08:01am   [0 comments]
Once, that happens ill be back and get my first FMO AAA.
Posted on: August 30, 2009, at 11:49:02pm   [0 comments]
Posted on: August 9, 2009, at 06:33:07pm   [1 comment]
Its going to stop today and I need a new Keyboard for my laptop because I cant play worth of shit with my new keyboard. I start playing for real now. No more Whoreing
Posted on: July 15, 2009, at 03:50:22pm   [0 comments]
Yay, I can play on 2.0 again. I will get more AAA's now!
Best scores on that speed

Kick your A 3 goods
Pwnitendo 7 goods.
Posted on: July 11, 2009, at 04:23:46pm   [0 comments]
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numnum123 writes at 1:28:58pm on 9/7/12
Kings0fcha0s writes at 8:05:25pm on 5/26/11
Been years eh?
shadowtherapstar writes at 8:49:42am on 1/11/11
do you like shadow the hedgehog?
munto6 writes at 5:50:07pm on 11/3/10
tashia[[is dead]] writes at 10:41:40am on 10/22/10
AHH, I know it's been ages!
How have you been?
numnum123 writes at 9:47:10am on 10/20/10
Dude! Masterman i'm back;) add me on live. My GT: M40A3 iviaple
Smokey Demons writes at 11:59:47am on 11/9/09
Yeah man no kidding, I never get on this site anymore... and everytime I txt you it dosent go through idk was up with it. LOl
Smokey Demons writes at 10:40:33am on 10/13/09
Hey man hows it going ?
V-Ormix writes at 7:18:47am on 9/28/09
still pwning that AAA bar huh lolz. I need to gets more!
tashia[[is dead]] writes at 5:47:28am on 9/23/09
well, it's from you, so i'm sure it'll be an amazing sign (: