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Comment wall
Elite Ninja writes...
at 9:23:06am on 7/31/22
2600! Grats :P
Skayles writes...
at 11:35:38pm on 7/26/22
lowkey sucked to sync lmaooo. still nothing as tedious as Requiem, but still enough that i hd to gice myself severalcpep talks to actually get through it lol
Mipha writes...
at 5:55:16am on 7/25/22
aye thanks!
FlynnMac writes...
at 10:39:59am on 7/15/22
Lmao, I guess it just fit me well, been practicing other stuff and got almost level 100 yesterday haha
FlynnMac writes...
at 1:52:59am on 7/9/22
mfw I actually may have a chance of surviving D8R2 ghosting lmao, gonna keep pushing it down to hopefully hit lvl 100
Josemba writes...
at 6:13:06pm on 6/25/22
yooo!, do you have discord?
kmay writes...
at 9:23:47am on 5/24/22
Yeessss that used to be how I played as well!
kmay writes...
at 8:49:42am on 5/24/22
I see someone playing nice and early hahaha
FlynnMac writes...
at 12:42:48pm on 5/19/22
Yeah same here! (Also I see that Fushigi double booflag wtf)
FlynnMac writes...
at 7:44:10pm on 5/18/22
Feels weird being this close to you now in skill rating xD
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