Post-FFR 15th Official Tournament

Posted in FFR News, Flash Flash Revolution, Tournament on August 27th, 2022

You can also check the 15th Official Tournament thread for more info.

We have finally come to the end of FFR’s 15th Official Tournament! 81 songs released involving 28 new Musicians, contested between 265 players for the best score, over 2 months of tournament-filled, edge-of-the-seat competition.

We’ll be working around the clock to get the prizes and awards out for everyone that participated in the 15th Official Tournament, but we wanted to give a huge shout-out again to all the Stepauthors, Judges involved in QA and Difficulty Consultants finalizing the difficulty of songs for this tournament. It literally would not, and could not happen at the scale or quality that this operates at!~ Also, a big massive thanks to Mr. Birdman for a lot of the ‘under the hood’ work on the OT, from automation of rewards to UI / Graphic layout of the preview streams, making them as big as they can be! And to top it off, thank you to everyone whom participated in the tournament, conversed and watched the previews! I couldn’t have asked for a more friendly and loving community <3

Let's also give a round of applause for our podium finishers for each division this Official Tournament!

Division 2:
1st Place – 1M0
2nd Place – beamswordsman
3rd Place – DeltaNein

Division 3:
1st Place – InstaKill195
2nd Place – MysticChromium
3rd Place – sellyme

Division 4:
1st Place – Takasakii
2nd Place – justin
3rd Place – Mkdasher

Division 5:
1st Place – The~J~MaXx
2nd Place – kmay
3rd Place – QwertyVibin

Division 6:
1st Place – sploder12
2nd Place – 3lijah
3rd Place – EppuJoloZ

Division 7:
1st Place – Nikita3006
2nd Place – Akaunei
3rd Place – Ghost_Medley

Division 8:
1st Place – play more
2nd Place – Matthia
3rd Place – AnMaO

We’re going to be taking a short 1 week break to finalize anything and everything related to the Official Tournament so there is no ‘Songs of the Week’ this week unfortunately, but we will resume regular song releases for you all to enjoy, following next week!

Also a short reminder that if you did participate in the Official Tournament and you feel like you haven’t received your prizes by let’s say, Monday, August 29th, 2022, then please post in the Official Tournament thread or contact gold stinger directly through DM’s and we’ll work on getting it resolved!

- gold stinger, the Game Management Team, and the Community Managers

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  1. I think I won

  2. i think i did as well

  3. did i win yet?

  4. btw signups are closed

  5. When do OT16 signups open???

  6. GGWP everyone!

  7. Did I win? Oh, btw ot signups are closed

  8. Ot15.5?

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