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Dolletta writes...
at 12:18:08am on 7/16/22
Leaderboard buddies! For some reason, this round for D3 feels less difficult than the previous one; I couldn't AAA it for the life of me.
sellyme writes...
at 12:29:08am on 1/22/19
It's been like eight years since anyone posted here so in case any internet historian is wondering I'm not dead yet.
emulord writes...
at 2:45:10am on 3/31/11
Misses Bad, Boo's good, Perfects bad in that order of importance.
You're supposed to mash Turkish march for the FMO division, and also pass Free space with lots of boos then mash Eien Maiku for the Token Whore division
8 Hour Whore writes...
at 7:51:59am on 3/17/11
LMAO I'm just getting 1500 thats sad v.v
and yea it was just going along with another troll trying to troll his way into a different Division
8 Hour Whore writes...
at 7:48:52am on 3/17/11
Thought I took that down a long time ago xD
was trolling a tourney xD
My bad!
8 Hour Whore writes...
at 7:47:15am on 3/17/11
Wait does it still say AAAd Vrofl?!
emulord writes...
at 5:46:30am on 3/17/11
Hey dude. Which division(s) would you like to be in for the Token whore tournament? You get to pick Token whore and/or For Mashters Only
sellyme writes...
at 7:56:49pm on 3/2/11
On what, exactly?
terminalxp writes...
at 7:46:21pm on 3/2/11
Gratz. :p
Kratix writes...
at 2:57:34pm on 2/21/11
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