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Official Tournament 16 – Signups Open! Derustathon Begins!

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution, Tournament on May 25th, 20238 Comments »

It’s that time once again for another Official Official Tournament Post. Welcome to FlashFlashRevolution’s 16th Official Tournament. As always, get ready for intense elimination competition featuring an extraordinary lineup of the year’s most mind-blowing songs yet. Last year we raised the bar for the quality and presentation, and this year we hope to raise it even farther.

Want to sign-up for it? Click below, can’t miss it.

It’s that simple.

To those that might be firstcomers, or have never participated or watched FlashFlashRevolution’s Official Tournaments in the past, what is it?

The Official Tournament is a once-per-year event, where we call to arms all rhythm gaming 4-key players together to test their mettle and accuracy against one another in one of the oldest birthed rhythm games on the internet, in the traditional left, down, up and right arrows that ignited our love for rhythm games, and this website! It’s been over 20 years since the launch of FlashFlashRevolution, and our love for rhythm games expanded since then on how we play them! No matter what kind of 4 keys are pressed nowadays, FFR has grown to accommodate, and encourage anyone with the ability to hit keys fast, to sign-up.

Starting June 30th, participants will be divided into 8 divisions of skill, and will be given a week to earn the highest possible score for the host-selected song in their respective division. Every Friday between then and August 25th will see the lowest-scoring players eliminated, a new song released and another week to obtain scores. Survive 8 weeks, and be crowned king of your division! All songs/charts/maps are brand new, curated by some of the best Stepauthors in 4-key, and drafted specifically for this Official Tournament.

The one large change for this time around comes in the form of how the tournament has been managed in the background this time around. Instead of just one Game Manager handling song picks, placements, and basically everything else, this year we are trying a more spread out approach with the songs picks being decided by a panel of staff members from both the judge team and difficulty consultants. Placements will also be decided by this group, with the help of events team as well. This should hopefully make a more balanced and fun tournament regardless of what division you are apart of.

If you wish to check out more about the 16th Official Tournament, we have a Forum Thread dedicated for discussion around and during the tournament. Also, we have a Discord that has 1000′s of players talking every week! If you want to get a heads-up on your song every week, we also have OfficialFFR broadcasting on Twitch every Thursday night before songs go out! We hope to see you there, whether you laugh in excitement, or pale in fear of the songs to come!

In the meantime, our Events Team has an event for everyone that will last until the official tournament begins!

Welcome to Derustathon bingo!

In this event there will be a bingo card where each square corresponds to a challenge. If you complete the challenge for a square, you win credits. If you complete a full row of challenges, you win a profile badge, and completing three rows will earn you an event token! Check out the thread for all of the details!

-Velocity, the OT Committee, Game Management Team, and the Community Managers

Spring Showdown Round 8 (The Final)

Here We Go for the final round of the tournament, with your song picks for the 8th round:

D2: Credits [Standard]
D5: For UltraPlayers
D6: Stress Free Style
D7: Critical.Error
D8: LWVIIX (Lawn Wake 69)

With this round we have 2 brand new ones, with a new musician to go with it:

Musician: MajesticPeriod
Step Artist: Velocity
Song Length: 2:10
Song Style: Drum’n Bass
Note Count: 1149
Difficulty: 68

MajesticPeriodSoundCloud | Twitter

Musician: LeaF
Step Artist: Velocity
Song Length: 2:44
Song Style: Imaginary Flower
Note Count: 1596
Difficulty: 81

For other news, a few files had their difficulty changed recently. They are as follows:

Grocery Escape Plan: 71 > 75
E-Lectixilent: 79 > 75
Define v2: 86 > 84

As an FYI, we will be returning to our regular Songs of the Week release schedule on Saturday, April 29th.

Enjoy, and thanks for all the fish.

-Velocity, the Game Management Team, and the Community Managers

Spring Showdown Round 7 + Bonus

Quick reminder that the 16th Official Tournament batch closes on April 30th! Get your submissions in while you can!

Nearing the end of the tournament now, so here’s your round 7 songs:
D3: New World Disorder (23′s Orchestra Dubstyle Extravaganza)
D4: Queen of Bootlegs
D5: Panic! Pop’n! Picnic!
D6: Red Sheets, White Lies
D7: Finding Her Not
D8: Undici

We have one new song from the tournament:

Panic! Pop’n! Picnic!
Musician: Umeboshi Chazuke
Step Artist: Velocity
Song Length: 2:14
Song Style: Picnic!
Note Count: 1798
Difficulty: 88

As well as one bonus song:

Hopeful Frontier!!!
Musician: cosMo@BousouP
Step Artist: bmah
Song Length: 2:01
Song Style: Progressive
Note Count: 1850
Difficulty: 97


-Velocity, the Game Management Team, and the Community Managers

Spring Showdown Round 6 + New Release!

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Another day, another round. Time for the round 6 songs:
D3: Time 4 Your Medicine
D4: Redraw the Colorless World
D6: OTENAMI Hurricane
D7: This Is The End of Everything
D8: Gamma Stop Sending Me High Quality Rips

This round includes one new song for D6:

OTENAMI Hurricane
Musician: t+pazolite
Step Artist: bmah
Song Length: 1:59
Song Style: Pop Breakcore
Note Count: 1642
Difficulty: 95

And one bonus song:
Pwntendo [Full Version]
Musician: Venetian Snares
Step Artist: ositzxz369
Song Length: 4:19
Song Style: 8-bit Breakcore
Note Count: 3380
Difficulty: 90


-Velocity, the Game Management Team, and the Community Managers

Spring Showdown Round 5 + New Release!

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution, Tournament on April 10th, 20233 Comments »

The 5th round of the Spring Showdown Tournament is upon us, with the following songs for the round:
D2: Mindreader
D3: Debut
D4: Random
D5: Fluff Master
D6: Daraku no Sono
D7: Extratone Pirates (Drunk Optimus Remix)

In addition, we have one bonus song being released as well:

Plastic Mind
Musician: dBu
Step Artist: Shadow_God_10 & XelNya
Song Length: 3:59
Song Style: Progressive Metal
Note Count: 3306
Difficulty: 87


-Velocity, the Game Management Team, and the Community Managers

Seasonal Graph, Spring Showdown Round 4 + New Releases!

For those who missed the update posted on our Discord server a few days back, we released a new Seasons feature for everyone!
Seasonal Graph
If you go under your seasonal dashboard you should now see a graph that tracks your daily progress with your skill rating throughout the season. Hovering over each marker provides the skill rating and date, and these graphs have also been applied to previous seasons. Huge thanks to PrawnSkunk for making this happen!

Round 4:
D2: My Suit & Tie Life (D.licious Live Edit)
D3: Colors of the Wind
D4: Manhattan Lover
D5: E-Lectixilent
D6: Lawn Wake III
D7: Lyrith -Labyrinth Lilith-
D8: Mishnu

New Songs:

Burning Me Up
Musician: Nu-Prophet
Step Artist: DarkZtar
Song Length: 1:39
Song Style: Dance Pop
Note Count: 1199
Difficulty: 71

The Oneodaxelagnia
Musician: odaxelagnia
Step Artist: M0nkeyz & Psychotik
Song Length: 2:17
Song Style: Orchestral Breakcore
Note Count: 1219
Difficulty: 75

odaxelagniaMain | SoundCloud | Bandcamp | YouTube | Twitter | Facebook


-Velocity, the Game Management Team, and the Community Managers

Spring Showdown Round 3 + New Songs

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution, Tournament on April 2nd, 20238 Comments »

Hope everyone is enjoying the songs released yesterday for April Fools’ Day! For those that haven’t figured it out, unfortunately all of those releases are only temporary and will be removed on April 8th. Play them while you can!

Round 3 Songs:
D2: Carissa
D3: Unpause the Heat
D4: ecstatic ghost party as Nightmare
D6: Dawn [Culprate]
D7: Delirium v2
D8: Adcar

New Songs:

Delirium v2
Musician: Smiley
Step Artist: Wiosna
Song Length: 2:12
Song Style: Happy
Note Count: 2102
Difficulty: 95

Terra Liberty
Musician: Freedom Call
Step Artist: storn42
Song Length: 2:29
Song Style: Power Metal
Note Count: 1407
Difficulty: 65


-Velocity, the Game Management Team, and the Community Managers

Spring Showdown Round 2 + New Releases!

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution, Tournament on March 29th, 20235 Comments »

Another round of the Spring Showdown tournament has begun, with the following songs for this round:

D2: Come With Me [Virtual Riot]
D3: Glorious Morning
D4: Creative Happy
D5: Heavenly Spores
D6: Fast Fissure (Atomhead RMX)
D7: Deadman DJ
D8: You Show

In addition, we have two new songs with one new musician being released:

Jack of SpadesMrMinisterMaster
Musician: MrMinisterMaster
Step Artist: M0nkeyz
Song Length: 1:08
Song Style: Game Music
Note Count: 392
Difficulty: 50

MrMinisterMasterBattle of the Bits | SoundCloud | YouTube

Polar 240
Musician: Paragonx9
Step Artist: DarkZtar
Song Length: 1:42
Song Style: Speed Instrumental
Note Count: 910
Difficulty: 56


-Velocity, the Game Management Team, and the Community Managers

Songs of the Week and Weekly Update 3/11/2023

Welcome to the second SOTW release of March!

Shortly after last week’s post, we added another member to our Event Staff. Please welcome diddleysquin to the team!

Speaking of the Event Staff, they have a new event for everyone…

Spring Showdown Tournament

Sign-ups are now open for the Spring Showdown Tournament! This cumulative scoring tournament will be utilizing the official dashboard where you can access the round status, player scores, rules and sign-up info. Make sure to take a look at all of the details and prize info within the thread!

Sign-ups will be open until Friday, March 24th, 11:59PM server time, and the tournament will start on Saturday, March 25th, 12:00 AM server time.

The Voiceless
Musician: Fire From The Gods
Step Artist: storn42
Song Length: 3:10
Song Style: Metalcore
Note Count: 1555
Difficulty: 65

Musician: SGX feat. Sekhret Hush
Step Artist: Tru
Song Length: 3:25
Song Style: Truthful Breakbeats
Note Count: 2148
Difficulty: 67

Musician: Loli Ripe
Step Artist: Elite Ninja
Song Length: 1:26
Song Style: Carnival
Note Count: 760
Difficulty: 70


-DossarLX ODI, the Game Management Team, and the Community Managers