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QA Time!

Posted in FFR News on June 20th, 202017 Comments »

Good evening, morning, afternoon, brunch, coleslaw, bubble wrap, or whatever time it is where you live.

First and probably most importantly, I want to thank every person that has taken the time to chat with me over the FFR Discord Server this past week or so. It’s been an absolute pleasure telling old stories, meeting new players and just reconnecting with the FFR community in general. I will maintain in my conversations that I may have started FFR but the community is why it’s still here. YOU are FFR. Because of this, I want to make sure that the community has a say in the direction that we take things and that everyone is aware of our ideas on how to move forward. What do you hate? What do you love? What does FFR need for a new generation of players? What questions do you want to ask me? The developers? The admins? The mods? We are at a point right now where we have so many people selflessly contributing their time and nearly unlimited infrastructure potential. The only thing missing is your voice.

After thinking about it for a bit, we decided the best way to host this will be through a QA session on the FFR Discord server. We are just starting to pull together the details but it’s looking like we will be hosting it next Saturday evening. A few of us will be chatting live, taking pre-submitted questions and live questions as time permits. I wouldn’t be surprised if the session runs late into the night.

We will be finalizing everything early this upcoming week and will let everyone know over both the FFR front page and through Discord. To start this off, please feel free to leave as many questions as you would like in the comments. We will start collecting and organizing them for the live session. Nothing is off-limits and no question is too small. At the same time, I am looking forward to sharing a few stories from FFR’s past.

P.S. Omg… So busy with FFR infrastructure over the past few weeks. All of us have been working hard behind the scenes. I will be updating you guys on that front with a different front page post.


New/Updated Site Rules Announcement

Posted in FFR News on September 17th, 20166 Comments »

Hello everybody, we’ve created a new and updated Sitewide Rules sticky in the forum announcements. Our hopes with this new version is to make it a lot more transparent for users which behaviors are met with which penalties, and make it a lot easier for moderators to apply the rules fairly and consistently.

You can read the new thread here:



Tired of that boring, old profile chat color?

Posted in FFR News, Flash Flash Revolution on May 23rd, 201426 Comments »

UPDATE: Prices have now been cut by 60%!

Hey guys, Sprite- here,
You may now use your hard-earned credits to add a shiny, new color to your username and stand out from the rest!

*** You MUST post in this thread after credits have been sent to Sprite-, specifying which color you would like and for how long.

*PRICES* (Does not include Red or Green!!)
2,000 credits for 1 day
3,800 credits for 2 days
5,600 credits for 3 days
7,400 credits for 4 days
9,200 credits for 5 days
11,000 credits for 6 days

12,000 credits for 1 week
22,800 credits for 2 weeks
33,600 credits for 3 weeks

40,000 credits for 1 month
76,000 credits for 2 months
112,000 credits for 3 months

*BEST OFFER!!* 210,000 credits for 6 months!

Red & Green prices
30,000 credits for 1 day
Note: Red & Green color may only be purchased one day at a time.

This only applies to colors that prochat currently supports:
Red, Blue, Green, Orange, White, Purple, Pink, Black

Transfer the appropriate amount of credits to Sprite- and post in this thread when sent. Specify color wanted and for how long and amount of credits sent.
I will do my best to process your purchase as quickly as possible, but please remember my time zone is Eastern Time. If you are sending me a request at 4am my time, I will likely not process it for several hours.

*Time lost because of site downtime or any other reason will not be refunded*

Check out this thread for questions, comments, and purchases.

I hope to see a more colorful prochat soon :)


September Wrapup

Posted in FFR News, Flash Flash Revolution, SpinItUp on September 29th, 201120 Comments »

September is coming to an end and as we have said goodbye to summer, we have said hello to many new things on FFR – as well as welcome back to some old. From tier points, to songs of the week, here’s what’s happened in September:

Are you a follower? Keep up to date with all that’s happening at FFR on
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Thanks to the ~magical~ development team of FFR, you can now take a peek at who’s roaming in Profile Chat without having to take thirty precious seconds out of your day to step in the chat room. Pretty cool, eh? Take a look at the left sidebar while on a non-forum/non-profile page to see the user list, and what each member’s user-group is.

Tier points are changing here on FFR. Thanks to qqwref, 10+ tier points can now be added to all songs. There will also be new requirements that will include some more lower level user friendly songs. Keep up to date with the tier point changes by following this thread here.

What uses a mouse and spins? That’s right, Spin It Up is making a return to FFR. You can help beta test it by playing and reporting any bugs you find here.

Mannequin? Rat-burgers? That’s right – it’s back! The 5th Official Photo Hunt has been announced and will be starting Oct. 2nd. Get your cameras ready and keep your eyes on this thread for some good laughs!

As always, we’ve had our songs of the week. However, this month, we welcomed back veteran songs. Each week, one song has been exclusively available to veterans for two weeks before being released to the public. This month’s veteran songs were:

analyzed (Jimerax)
pain night grand tin (Silvuh)
Lives Without Meaning (MarioNintendo)
World Revolution (Niala)
Papyrus’s Adventure (Niala & bmah)

And here are your songs of the week for this month:

[Songs released on Sept. 1, 2011]
analyzed (Jimerax) – Rock / Very Challenging / 1:35
Counting Snow (0) – Classical / For Beginners / 0:36
Maintenance Bot (woker-X) – Dance / Tricky / 2:00
Ready to go (bmah) – Funk / Challenging / 1:31

[Songs released on Sept. 8, 2011]
Footsteps (cry4eternity) – Rock / Standard / 0:55
Radiant (Gundam-Dude) – Secret / Challenging / 1:28
Subconsciousness (leonid) – Dance / Difficult / 2:26
pain night grand tin (Silvuh) – Funk / Very Challenging / 1:50

[Songs released on Sept. 15, 2011]
Interlude (samurai7694 & qqwref) – Dance 2 / Challenging / 2:03
Shinryuu (Silvuh) – Classical / Tricky / 1:10
Until Tomorrow (bmah) – Dance / Standard / 1:40
Lives Without Meaning (MarioNintendo) – Misc / Very Challenging / 1:50

[Songs released on Sept. 22, 2011]
Happy Happy Shining Star!! [Light] (MrPopadopalis25) – Dance / Standard / 1:30
Space Entropy (cry4eternity) – Misc / Very Easy / 1:37
Wind Waker Unplugged (who_cares973) – Classical / Very Difficult / 2:17
World Revolution (Niala) – Rock / Very Challenging / 1:47

[Songs released on Sept. 29, 2011]
Kyomu no Kareha no Tsumugiuta (Silvuh) – Arcade / Difficult / 1:40
Papyrus’s Adventure (Niala & bmah) – Classical / For Masters only / 2:55
Town Theme 1 (WIP Edition) (Reshiram) – Classical / For Beginners / 1:00
Yukitsukiyashou (leonid) – Secret / Challenging / 2:06

[New Simfile Artists of This Month]


[New Song Artists of This Month]

Positively Dark
Attack Attack
Shirajira Sawa Kyou

And finally, we say goodbye to a long time staff member. Devonin has decided to resign his position as administrator, as he has become busy with other things in life. We wish him luck in the future, and thank him for all his contributions to the site.

Keep active in the community forums for many more updates to come!

- psychoangel691 and the FFR Staff

(For anyone wondering, Velocity banned himself for the time being.)

Maintenance Early Monday Morning

Posted in FFR News, Server Updates on July 11th, 201146 Comments »

So I am going to take a fourth shot and completely switching out hardware this Monday. We are transitioning into more space and more resources which will allow for our dev team to create true isolate dev environments and much more. To you, it means more features faster, less disruption and faster page performance through better caching.

We are aiming for 1 hour of downtime between 7am-8am Monday morning CST.


Faster Better Stronger

Posted in FFR News, Server Updates on February 5th, 201162 Comments »


While this should not affect your ability to play the game or browse the site in any way, we are experimenting this weekend with a multitude of different web servers to see just how much we can accelerate page loads for everyone. Let us know if you find any problem pages and we will address them asap. Personally I have seen an average improvement of around 0.4 seconds. Do things feel any faster for you?


In memorum, Stephen Van Ness (aka Jellygod) and Card

Posted in FFR News on December 19th, 201038 Comments »

Hello fellow FFR’ers.
As many of you may already know, our friend and old-time avid community member Jellygod (or Stephen Van Ness) had passed away only a few weeks ago. This has saddened us and brought to our attention just how close our community is. I just wanted to take a moment to remember Jelly and say that we shall all miss him dearly.

Furthermore, I have already begun passing around a card and sheet of paper, being mailed around to people that wanted to be involved, who are signing the card and writing how they remember Steve and how great a guy he was, then mailing it on to the next person. We only have about 8-10 people involved right now, but I would really like to see more people involved, as I find this would be a great thing to do to help support his friends and family in a time of need. The final delivery, once I make sure that everyone who wants to be involved is, will go to danceguy (or Peter), one of Steve’s closest friends, so that he, eurostud and ickalanda can give it to Steve’s parents. If you want to know more, please feel free to view this: and please, let’s all be respectful.

So, if you would like to be involved, please PM me with your mailing info. And phone number (for texting/update purposes) and I will make sure the card gets to each person and continued on.
Thanks for listening in,

- revolutionomega

November’s Most Popular Songs

Posted in FFR News, Game Announcements on December 5th, 201092 Comments »

November has come and gone, and with our first full month back, I thought I’d let you know the ten most popular levels of November!

1. Excite Bike
2. -Y
3. Guitar vs Piano
4. Policy in the Sky
5. Power
6. Zelda Stormy
7. Death Piano
8. Snowflakes
9. 300 This Is Sparta EXTENDED Mix
10. Chaoz Fantasy

Surprised?  Let us know what you think in the comments, and tell us what your favorite level is!


Bluenote/Synth Songs

For the uninformed: The bluenote/synth songs are a number of older songs from the earliest days of the site, where the files were actually made basically in notepad with some frame timings on them. As a result, they’re pretty wildly offsync, and as they predate the period where notes were coloured based on their timing, are blue noteskinned throughout.

What happened is that the list of synth/bluenote songs was moved from their various genres into the “Support” genre, which previously held only the three songs obtainable by buying the artist’s album in the FFR Shop.

The Bluenote/Synth songs, being in Support, are no longer public, which is why you’ll have lost public AAAs/FCs and the total public song count is down. Since they’re in the Support Genre right now, and nobody happens to own the tokens (since they don’t exist) the songs aren’t available for play, which is why you can’t find them.

Anybody who is a veteran, or still has subscriber benefits can see their ranks on the “Token level rank” page. Your scores still exist, the songs still exist, and you haven’t lost any AAAs or FCs.

The Support Genre is going to be renamed to “Legacy” containing all of the old songs that weren’t created under the new noteskinning/syncing system.

The Legacy Genre -will- be a public genre. The songs will be available to everybody, and once that is done, the songs will re-appear in the normal levelranks page, and the profile bars will re-update with the old number of songs, and your old AAA/FC counts.

Nobody has lost songs, nobody has lost AAAs, nobody has lost FCs, we’re just being careful with the databases as we get these moved over, taking it slowly, making backups, to ensure that no data is lost.