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Posted on: July 6, 2022, at 12:57:14pm   [3 comments]
D7 looks hilarious so far. So many players that are able to pull something out when you least expect it.

R1: The Lady is a Trump [91] AAA
I saw the round started, and several players went off to AAA as fast as possible. I just decided to sleep. Next day, got a blackflag in two attempts and then took a bit more to knock out the AAA. Also AAA'd RIP because it's definitely easier than a 98.

AAA'd all the round 1 files before the round ended. I sleep.

R2: safe_state [91] 2-0-0-0 AAA
After a few tries I got a pretty comfy low sdg, I'll probably push it to AAA in not too long. File feels slightly harder than a 91 considering how those jacks could trip you up.

Ok, took me like 15~20 minutes to AAA. I'll see you guys next round.

R3: Apocaliptix [93] 3-0-0-1 AAA

It's not a storn file.

I hit my caps lock key on a blackflag run and the popup made me lose focus and get 2 goods, rip.

Turned on 0.2 rg restart, and just played until I hit the 24th streams. Another quick-ish AAA and no need to worry for a whole week.

R4: Boxel Adventure [99] 7-0-2-1 7-0-1-1 2-0-0-2 1-0-0-1 AAA

Ohh shit, time for me to trill. Jack/oht skills don't fail me now.

Sleepy start with a flubbed score that coulda been SDG. Definitely a file I could AAA, but also it doesn't feel like a 99.

Going to sleep with a 2-0-0-2, gamer girl needs her nap.

On day 3, the gamer girl rises from her tomb and drops an AAA. Comment from gamer girl:

"my fingers are feeling dumb right now"

R5: Comatose State [101] 7-0-0-0 2-0-0-2

My first push for SDG has yielded me a flat 7g score. Can definitely improve it if I'm not dumb on various patterns.

And then I get a 2-0-0-2, which should be overall safe as a score. The file feels like a 100 so I'll pretend this score gives me 99 equiv.

R6: Real Ultimate Power [104] 22-4-5-5 13-0-2-3

A starting score while I have a headache. Took some medicine and waiting for it to calm down before resuming on the file.

Headache is gone and Marcus lent me his power. going from ~45 goods to under 20 goods is a hilarious improvement on a 104.

R7: F.F.R ~FINAL FRONTIER RESOLUTION~ [106] 35-1-13-9 20-1-9-8

I, uh, I did this to myself. I'll try to get a score on this tomorrow and I'll see how much it takes for me to be a finalist.

My hands aren't feeling in good condition to play the file right now, but it should come soon if I let them relax and train on easier stuff. Either way, eyy 69 rg (+ 0.8)

On the final day, I knocked my score down to ~45 rg, putting me into the top 3. This is a goal accomplished, and with this it's definitely my final OT I participate in.

R8: PEACE BREAKER [105] 31-2-6-5 3RD PLACE

And here it is. I'm in the finalists for D7, on a deservingly climactic song. I am definitely going to play it *after* I sleep.

Decided to play in VC to see if that would orient my brain to the right zone. First notable score of 50 rg exact, I think I could get a great score if playing in zen.

So, that zen couldn't arrive and I just had brainfog for the rest of the week. I can't be mad, though, I'm actually really proud of myself for making it to final three for the second time in playing FFR. The finale file is no joke either, so 50g is a satisfying score to sit at until I have the chance to do something more.

Very good job to Nikita for the upset in tournament predictions by nabbing the 1st Place title. And of course, shoutout to UnityBoi for being the fiercest player outside of the final standings.
Posted on: June 22, 2016, at 05:29:02pm   [13 comments]
Derby is Dead. After several years and a 2-0-0-0 sitting on the file, I finally AAA'd You Time to unlock OWA Raged At Home Run Derby.

It feels even more rewarding now, since I no longer need to manip some patterns in the file that I otherwise struggled with.

Also yeah this is the place to comment.