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FFR Grandtotal:1,025,142,905
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awein999 writes at 2:25:45am on 10/1/22
ooof lost that number 1 ranking. guess it's time to play more
Terra_GTX writes at 11:09:44am on 8/31/22
Gravity Kitten writes at 6:44:25pm on 8/4/22
Mikachu_ writes at 2:50:10pm on 7/31/22
shaulin writes at 7:23:57am on 7/31/22
silicosis et
lonelyweeb writes at 2:27:18pm on 7/29/22
benny58624 writes at 4:03:05pm on 7/26/22
You're skill level 113, and I've just calculated that the theoretical highest possible skill level currently is level 113 (with 92.6% extra xp). I never thought someone would ever reach the maximum possible level... Very impressive :D
Jaquan writes at 6:51:39am on 7/16/22
I should use your name as advice.
Zenith007 writes at 12:36:00am on 7/15/22
It's kane!!
Skayles writes at 9:33:15pm on 7/13/22
jesus fucking christ