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Just play for fun, pretty much play every song once and rarely play again (anti AAA gang)
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Throw whatever at me and I’ll probably like it, I have zero preference in any specific genre
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Don’t really watch movies but B O L L Y W O O D
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Posted on: August 20, 2022, at 12:50:44pm   [1 comment]
Round 1:- Decadence: 0-0-0-1
Was a surprisingly nice file to start off the tourney, not very difficult, just mild. Purposefully got a boo because I didn't want an AAA. I was also rusty for a month due to loss of interest and starting to play Osu!Std a lot more, but nevertheless, a very good file.

Round 2:- Dummy: 4-0-0-0

This is where I realised I couldn't just play once or twice and leave the song if I wanted to win the tournament. This file was surprisingly hard to even sdg for me, and after my 4rg run I was mindblocked beyond repair. The song and chart was still good, but awkward in a way. It was also a slap in the face for me to begin playing more and improving my consistency.

Round 3:- Rumours Of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated: 1-0-0-1

This was probably the best blend of music and chart for D3 for most of the tournament, good job storn. Have started playing more again, some of the key rust had been fading off by this time and I was back at the accuracy I would be, consistency was still an issue though. Nevertheless, an easy chart but accidently getting a good when I was getting the boo [anti AAA gang]

Round 4:- NULCTRL: 4-0-0-0

This was stupidly hard to not dump goods on, even a month later and I can't do better than this score. Worried me slightly, since now D3 was out of its play or die phase and came to a point where you actually needed to submit good scores to advance. Luckily, all the rust was off and a lucky attempt got me through.

Round 5:- Starrise Midnight: 1-0-0-0

This file threw me off entirely, stream maps were the maps I mindblocked on the most, and it clearly showed when this was a lot easier than for its initial 61 rating. Got quite scared for myself when it became blackflag or die since my skill was on an exponential increase now and I didn't want to be eliminated due to my mindblock and lack of consistency. Thankfully, only a tiebreaker happened.

Tiebreaker:- Color The Inorganic World: 18-0-0-0

This is where I finally hit my stride, the difficulty was alot higher than previous maps and it benefitted me greatly due to my background being Osu!Mania[rank 45k when tiebreaker started, rank 39k as of writing this]. Loved the file and the song, and gave me a good idea of who to be aware off when seeing the tiebreaker scores.

Round 6:- Hopscotch: 7-0-0-0

Right, the massive difficulty increase is where I began to assert dominance. Within 2 tries I got this score, and I never needed to play again. Seeing most of the top 8 unable to sdg this boosted my confidence to a whole new level, and my consistency training was showing off too since at the start of the tournament I would have probably gotten above 20rg. Was feeling really good after this, especially with the shocking result of umbreon being eliminated[she's a consistency GOD]

Round 7:- Chapter II(Then): 8-0-0-0

Here I could see a skill gap beginning to emerge between me and the others, not to undermine anyone. This song definitely was annoying, and didn't click for me until the 3rd try, and from the 4th this score emerged. I pretty much think I'm going to win the tournament, though desired competition, especially with Dolletta though. Unfortunately she got eliminated by an insane clutch from Mystic, props to him.

Final Round:- CENSORED!!: 9-0-0-0[as of posting]

This felt easier for me than Chapter II, though clearly not since as of writing this 2nd place has 74rg with the same number of tries as me. I think I've won already, though you can never be too sure, selly and Mystic have a whole week to improve, so I expect below 20rg from at least one of them. Still, I feel exhilarated to be in this position, let's just hope it lasts!
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kmay writes at 6:54:41am on 8/19/22
Nice D5 get!